Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extortion, sex, and murder = BABI and US Foreign Policy!

      If the jet belongs to this man(in yellow shirt) he must make it clear in statement in the main stream media like the NST or The Star, that he loaned his "jet".  Otherwise book-him Danno!

Confession of an Economic-Hitman is actually an old  book written by John Perkins,  an ex-CIA man, and it was scribbled by him as early as the 80's, quite relevant now though.  
I am happy that the true meaning of the book intended to be is now understood by at least one local blogger Apanama who wrote it well about the intention of the Hitman...read here
Perkins job specs was simple, to convince ruling leaders, opposition or otherwise, of the Third World to borrow money from World Bank and when the said country could not make good on its debt the country would be "taken" over by the great USA.
The tactic is well described by Perkins who was quoted as saying: "Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization."  (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim - BABI -  should be familiar with such "tools" used to grab power, eh!)

The tools that  Perkins described above is the main ingredients of especially aggressive US foreign policy vis-a-vis to the rest of the world.  It maxim is simple : "If we can't cajole you, well we have to do our best to force you to resign and failing that we will kill you."
No, no, is not a case of watching too much movie, its real.
Again, I ask you to ask for BABI subscribes and prescribes to that very "tools" while trying to come to power.
He has so far subscribed to fraudulent financial reports for his income tax return for we now know he lives lavishly owned a luxury bus and a private jet registered in the US, bit of course not under his name, travels first class if not with his jet.  For now we know he has some RM3billions stashed, we even know the banks, and not to mention financial helps he received from his foreign handlers!
If this man comes to power this country will be ruined and peace shattered!!!
If it is true as reported that one businessman Taufik Omar owns the jet and loaned it to BABI than the owner must make it very clear and the NST must make him say it and report it in the MSM, and also LHDN or Income-Tax Department must also open this Sabah's datuk file and check his tax return and his business financial background.  If found shady book him for questioning!


Anonymous said...

Corruption is only corruption when abuse of public funds are involved. Othereise who cares if a friend want to give me a present.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt thinking!

Anonymous said...

anonn9.27 pm

Either you are so ignorant or one of them pernah rasa tapi tidak pernah tertangkap kind?

when you are a political figure yes the rakyat cares where and how you got your *present*.

Anonymous said...

couldnt care less if he was a businessman of his own accord but when you have political aspirations and ambitions to be the PM of the country YES sir, we would like to know who are your GENEROUS FRIENDS.

Anonymous said...

You missed the point. Lending a jet to the de facto leader of a party which leads the government of one of the richest states in Malaysia, and a man who is so obsessed with his ambition to become the next PM. No sign of corruption??? C'mon man!

Anonymous said...

BABI's face is laced with thick pigskin which enabled him to lie over and over.
......he lied when he said it wasn't him screwing the chinadoll.
......he lied when he said he had back injury.
......he lied when he said we'll march to Putrajaya last Sept 200?.
......he lied when he said..........

No point to list all..........my pray to those who enjoyed being ridiculed by him be shown the right path and save this loving country we called MALAYSIA from being doomed by this insane fella.

Anonymous said...

So, what's the problem he took a ride in a private jet?

Expect him to ride a bicycle or row a boat to Labuan?

With such a big group of opposition leaders on the trip to celebrate Malaysia Day in East Malaysia, for safety reasons, perhaps it was wise.

Who knows what BN is capabe of doing?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.45om,
Dunno abt bicycle or boat to Labuan but lots of commercial flights, also got business class. Can also take economy. Aiyo, now worry abt safety ah.

Private jet ok but rakyat who pays income tax thru their nose like me wants to know who which may lead to the question WHY and so forth. We know what he is capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

The Bourgeois of the Communist roader, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

We, of the poorest Malays have always been victimized by the Communist's propaganda. The methods of brainwashing were often used systematically to unethically persuade and control us to conform to the wishes of the Communist manipulators.

From the forties to the sixties, the Communists offered us biscuits and foods as bribes to our stricken poor and hungry situation. The Communists persuaded us that Communism welcomed and sympathetic toward Islam. The Communists said you could be Communists as well as being Muslim. The Communists enlightened us that the dual-joined identities sealed our joined forces to fight against the British Imperialist for our freedom and independent.

This was a convincing Communist tagged line in propagating communist ideologies by portraying that Communism was friendly to Islam. Besides, Communists' leadership and comradeship guaranteed that poverty will be going to be eradicated, there be no more poverty among us, Malays, under the Communist rule. Communism promised us that foods would had always be on our tables. Shelters for everyone of us would be provided free from all charges.

However, the present Communists no longer look like they used to look before. Before these Communists wore three red stars logo patched on their caps. They wore kaki combative outfits. They were armed with rifles strapped bullets to their suspenders. Their subversive operations were mainly underground. They seemed to look alike, enormously inherited the horrid shark-fin faces but seriously looking mobs. Obliviously, we did not know why they love to give away free biscuits to us.

At present, all forms of Communist political parties are outlawed. But Communist mentality in persons are most obvious and flourish. They are under-covers who hide themselves behind the new colored of yellow curtains. They have always been visibly walking the streets with printed pictures of their heroic Communist comrades bolded on the back drop of their distinct red colored TShirts.

In time of street demonstration they prepared to arm themselves with dangerous utensils kept hidden underneath their clothing. They are ready to use them if they were challenged. Arrogantly, splashing their anti establishment picketed cards, they walked toward their designated location, yelling at the top of their lungs over their grievances and demands against the democratic Establishment. Their representation are shaded to inclination for action because of their Communist ideological stance. And walked the street they did in their antagonized behaviors and claimed that it was a peaceful group walkabout. They justified it by their own constructed interpretation of freedom and democracy of lawlessness, in which the maintenance is accounted by the Establishment. Continue..........

Anonymous said...


These homegrown Communists are more suspicious minded than the Communists halfway around the world. Others want to know why ?. They are not only gangsters but they are also the urban bandits who bear shamelessly Communist mentality who instill the banned Communist ideology concealed behind the so-called less pinkish socialist ideology. By the same token, they represent Chauvinism , coveted liberal Conservative and religious fanatics with erratic ideology.

They are actually the enemies of freedom and democracy . They inflate themselves with in the association of so-called the new-liberal Conservative ravager who are ever readiness to act and called themselves activist and religious leaders . Isn't that so !.

Whatever their religions and the color of their skins, urban bandits are still bandits. They initiate fear among the majority of democratic loving people. They also instill fear to the younger generation. They make them fear of their own identities. From that fear they fabricate grown hatred and hope to magnify this fear and become all-consuming. The bandits become the mass provocateur with a motive for instigating the minds of peace. As far as they are concerned, their actions have noble objective in which they are the preserver, the martyr, be it to save their politics, bigotry and constructed religion or ideology.

Until today, we are still finding it difficult to adopt them as the fabric that holds our society together. And as we have embraced the righteous of acceptance and tolerance, we often find ourselves faced by their challenges bearing their greed for power since they stepped foot in our environment of peace and harmony.

Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim is a classic example of the cohort, a Bourgeois of the Communist roader, the one of acquired personalities and mentalities who has been easily brainwashed by Chauvinist DAP, the Communist sympathizer. Now he who thinks that he is in command by designation of a Malay commander of DAP is going to make mistakes. I honestly and personally believe he should be locked in cage for an advanced schooling and mental rehabilitation. Meanwhile, we have been waiting for this Communist roader's response to the 2013 Budget unveiled this morning.

Lolong G Mali

Anonymous said...

Penyakit kronik antara kita - orang dah biasa senang makan tak reti bandingkan antara present dgn suap. Dia ingat org tak tahu dan tak nampak. Tak ada maruah langsung. Juga tak peduli maruah anak bini sendiri sebab tiap kali org tengok anak bini depa teringat bapak punya pekhel.Bangsa bangsat. Tak ada iman prinsip dlm hidup.

Anonymous said...

Lets LHDN check on all Minister laaa