Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a heart-rending story for me....

 Idora and her husband Rizal and two children

Let us begin our truly Malaysian reconciliation journey by helping this young couple!

I saw a news article in the Streets Central section of the New Straits Times today 21st Sept 2012, about a loving wife, Idora Baharudin,  donating one of her kidneys to her husband, Rizal Razak Abdul Razak, who needs one.  Now this is a personification of a true love.
Let me cut to the chase, if I have RM50,000 to spare right now I will give it to her ASAP for the cost of the operation, unfortunately I can't.
Indeed a heart-rending story of love that knows no bound, and if I could I would just like to hug them all.
Okay, listen up!  Lets not wait for RM50,000 to be collected for the operation but for the Daims, the rich tycoons, businessmen, the Al-Bukharis, the rich politicians to just write a cheque and pass it on to Idora.
To these rich people mentioned, all the millions that you have acquired, will not do you good once you have passed away.  Have a conscience, help Idora...please!! 
To you Idora may God give you the strength and for your family a full and happy life.  I am sorry I   
have no money to give you and this is all that I can do!

Salam Bahagia dari saya dan isteri!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah all those filthy rich people should come forth and help!

Not rich.