Sunday, September 23, 2012

PAS and DAP (and now PKR) are all racist political parties..

When a group of Malays break away from Umno to form Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP), which is now PAS, it was done out of anger for Umno hierarchy giving in so much to the Chinese and the Indians, such as allowing them to hold ministerial posts.
These Malays in PMIP were even totally against granting Malaysian Chinese and Indians citizenship.
So they left and form their own party and stuck on to their racist ideologue.
Today, PAS out of desperation had no choice but to co-operate with another chauvinist Chinese political party, DAP and another equally racist opposition party PKR, to overthrow the existing ruling party and government.
In the final analysis, racist-based (not to be confused with racially-based) parties like PMIP-PAS, DAP and PKR have to make this unholy alliance with each other although each knows each is as racist aberration.
Back to the formation of PMIP then, it was done out of not being able to accept non-Malays to be within the Alliance.  So today their superficial acceptance of each other races is just a play acting to fool the population into voting for them.
As the saying goes the leopard never changes it spots!  You decide!


Anonymous said...

Yes Man!!!

We Decide that UMNO is the Racist Party and Not Opposition!!

Evil Black Bird is the Mother of all Racists whose Master Mahathir is the Head of Perkasa which is full of half Breeds Claiming to be Melayu!!!

Anonymous said...

Dulu lain, sekarang lain.

Dulu UMNO, lepas TDM, dah jadi UMNO BARU.

Dulu memperjuangkan ABN. Karang projek dan RM.

Dulu UMNO dikuasai Melayu tulen, sekarang dikuasai KIMMA, Indon dan Mamak.

Mana sama, dulu dan sekarang?

Anonymous said...

Alahai Melayu memang tak racist pun, Sesiapa yang beragama Islam, bertutur Bahasa Melayu, mengamal hidup secara Melayu akan diterima sebagai Melayu.

Tak macam cinapek sepet sengkelet. Nak terima bangsa lain pun masih berkeras desak ibu atau ayah mesti bangsa cinapek sepet sengkelet.

Anonymous said...

The No 1 racist party in Malaysia is UMNO and the No 1 racist person in Malaysia is that Mamak Dr M, the are in pole position and Ibrahim Ali is just behind.

Anonymous said...

ah.. nak tengok bila cibai hilang terus racistnya? Bila nak jadikan mamat melayu kaya raya (tapi lousy punya taste)jadi laki dia:)

Anonymous said...

anon @ September 24, 2012 9:01 PM has done an indepth research study based on factual data and valid analysis. Not sure if he had done a qualitative or quantitative methods.

But he's damn sure of his findings. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Pasquale some of these commentators for your blogsite are probably for some Chinese think-tank fronm proabably Singapore...they want to appear or to sound like Malays but they sonmetime gave clue otherwise some a dead give away non-Malays exhortions!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Malays are so that racists, non of the non Malays ever axist in Malaysia today, but if the Chinese were dominant, maybe no Malays ever axist today....