Monday, September 17, 2012

Tony Pua also echoes Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Guan Eng's "plea" for the Malays to support them and you know the rest.!

Budak Cina handsome ni pandai pakai baju cantik tapi hati tak bersih dan ikhlas!

GE-13: At Stake is the Survival of the Malays, says Prime Minister Najib, and I agree with the PM, infact all Malays should and must agree with the PM!! PJ Utara DAP member of parliament Tony Pua who said Prime Minister Najib Razak said that “the 13th general election is not an ordinary election. Instead, it will determine the survival of the Malays.” He said Najib used this as a threat of “the survival of the Malays” to threaten Malays into supporting Barisan Nasional.

Not true Tony Pua, Najib is telling it as it is, and the Malays now know this.

Pua went further twisting Najib calls for One Malaysia concept as a fake call when he accused Najib, like Muhyiddin Yassin, who purportedly said he was "Malay First then Malaysian".

It's funny though to see chauvinist Chinese like Tony Pua while at the same breath saying Malays are not stupid to listen to Najib, who said the 13th general elections will determine the Malay survival, actually believes that the Malays are stupid to believe what he is saying is true.

Honourable Tony Pua, you guys are using the same book used by the PAP when LKY took over and tricked the Malays into supporting the PAP, like the Penang Malays being duped into voting the DAP in as a government, and we can see what has happened to these Malays are they do in S'pore and now Penang?!

Survival of the Malays simply mean the country under Pakatan Rakyat (PR) under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will see the demise of the Malay institutions, under PR this Malay dominated country will be turned Republic.

The news for you is Mr Tony Pua that the Malays are now beginning to see, or mata dah celek, some may have been fooled by PR but so many have return to the fold.

I predict you yourself will lose your PJ Utara seat come this 13th GE sir! Read more here!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you Mr BM (BarkingMagpie)!

We can see now how the malays, indians and even mamaks retaliate when they realize that they have been tricked, deceit and conned 'hidup-hidup' by the deceitful,arrogant, bloody chauvinist racist, big fat liar and hypocrite pretender DAPig!

We believe strongly that Tony Pukimak and others DAPig hypocrite pretenders political career will ended this coming GE!

We must unite and show these pretenders and hypocrite politicians of the DAPig the way out!

Enough have been said, and it is now time for us to show these hypocrites the end line!

Stop these bloody shameless chauvinist racists from steeping on our head anymore!

Anonymous said...

this one is red dot agent to topple UMNO

Anonymous said...

Najib kata misquoted, lah.

Sepatutnya "Survival of myself, UMNO and BN"

PAS , PKR dan rakyat biasa ramai Melayu, tau tak?

Orang Melayu kat UMNO pun tak lebih 3 juta sahaja. Beban menanggung 3 juta orang ni goyang kaki, senang lenang, ambik projek selama berpuloh-puloh tahun akan bankrupt negara, le.

Mungkin rakyat harus tau PRU kali ni ialah "Survival of Malaysians" kalau masih berterusan macam ni.

tebing tinggi said...

Mata Melayu dah celik,

I may agree with you,and I may not agree with you that mata Melayu dah celik.To what I see it's true that mata Melayu is not sepet,'half open'as mata Cina but seems the Chinese can see better what lies ahead then the Melayu,and the Chinese knows this very well ,that why Tony Pua can goes around and fools them.
As Tun M put it,'Melayu mudah lupa' is actually was the best description of a Malay ,and not only mudah lupa ,also they cant see very well.

Anonymous said...

"Orang Melayu kat UMNO pun tak lebih 3 juta sahaja. Beban menanggung 3 juta orang ni goyang kaki, senang lenang, ambik projek selama berpuloh-puloh tahun akan bankrupt negara, le."

Apalah anon @ September 17, 2012 3:05 PM

Kau ni nak pakatan jadi kerajaan ke? Nanti tanah dirampas macam kat singapork dimana orang Melayu terpaksa kerja sampai mati pun tak boleh hidup senang

asyik bayar hutang tak habis habis, tanah lesap dapat sangkar 3 bilik hakmilik utk 99 tahun saja

tak boleh nak turun kan kat anak cucu

yang kaya cinapek

Captain Kirk said...

Oh, Pasquale - ye of little faith.

It's interesting, but not unexpected, that you have chosen to mention the supposed "travails" of the Malay community in Singapore.

Are these "travails" supported by hard data like, say, life expectancies, infant mortality rates, per capita incomes and the percentage of Singaporean Malays in each student cohort pursuing and completing post-secondary education in ITEs, polytechnics and public universities in Singapore.

Or even something more basic such as the number of Singaporean Malay families moving into the middle class and upper middle class categories or the number of Singaporean Malay students scoring top grades in the PSLE, O- and A-level examinations.

Heck, even the Singaporean Malays who form the bulk of the Singapore Lions and Lions XII national football teams have absolutely no qualms or reservations of fighting tooth and nail against Malaysian state and national sides in the MSL, Malaysia Cup, AFF Suzuki Cup and the SEA Games.

So, exactly, what bill of goods are you trying to sell?

And have you addressed it to the hundreds of Malaysian Malays who work in Singapore as skilled and unskilled labour and as executives and professionals?

Anonymous said...

Malays should be prepare not to be cheated by people like the Mamak Mahathir again, we lost our dignity in that darkest 22 years.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47 pm

I rather be friend to the mamaks who share the same religion, faith and belief as i am than be friend to the bloody racist kafir DAPig, who clearly hate the Malays, Islam and the Malay Rulers!

Anonymous said...

I support what PM said and team wth the Bangla people and India Indian people and who work 2 years only here and know to speak Malay RATHER than chinese stayed here for upteen years and refuse to speak the language

Anonymous said...

after what mahathir had done for the chinese community, help them during the financial crisis, built vernacular school, made thousand of them millionaire including pig form singapore doing business in malaysia.

the best word they describe of him is `darkest 22 years'?

should not grant them citizenship post merdeka.

ungrateful pendatang, spewing such hatred and at the same time deny what the old man had contribute.

Anonymous said...

yes the chinese have shown their true colours via DAP

Bumis beware, if you vote them you will be forced to learn mandarin especially in job application

this is their racist method of marginalising other races

they justify "liase with chinese clients"

obvious blatant RACISM

Anonymous said...

Granting full citizenship to the racists Chinese was the biggest terrible mistake committed by Malays esp that Tunku abdul Rahaman. may he rot in hell for what he did to the Malays and this country.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47

What bullshit are you writing about?