Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Saw What Misconstrued Freedom Of Speech and Expression Can Spark in Libya..

Like these peace loving Libyans, may be peace loving Malaysians must also get to the streets to show displeasure against those out to desstroy our peace and harmony!

Peace loving Libyans protesting against the violence....

Violence expression begets another!

American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by protesters and what many considered to be also by armed terrorists killing American ambassador Christopher Stevens and two of his security personnel.

They died unnecessarily because some riresponsible American video maker or European cartoonists thought depicting someone else's prophets and religion in a disparaging way is fair game and as an act of the freedom of the speech and expression. Obviously they are wrong.

However, in the aftermath of the killing, the people of Benghazi reacted to the violence by showing their disgust and anger over such act by going to the streets protesting against the killing.

This is what happens when there are people misinterpreting the freedom of expression and freedom of speech. If Malaysians cannot learn from such an incident well we have only ourselves to be blamed if this country is burning because some people prefer to use gun and destroying public property to express their misplaced frustration.

Bottom line is we have to respect each other there are no two ways about it!

Our condolence to the family of the ambassador and his security people killed during the attack.


Anonymous said...

dare to stepon my religion? we will look for you.

Anonymous said...

Are you justifying the killing?

Pasquale said...

"Are you justifying the killing?
September 13, 2012 12:11 PM"

My answer is NEVER, no senseless killing is justifiable, but6 those who incite violence must be punished!

Anonymous said...

anon 12:11 --- what do you expect? a rap on the knuckles? this is religion we are talking about. not a tea party.

CaptainKirk said...

Anon 4:18 PM


The end justifies the means?

So, let me get this straight. One can openly mock and denigrate Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism etc and fear no "retribution", but Islam is off-limits?

What kind of double standards is that?

tebing tinggi said...

The bullet that supply by American to bring the downfall of Gadafi ,that same bullet killed his own .
It's was reported that the same ambassador who sneak into Libya via cargo ship to help the rebel's.

Anonymous said...

What's so *religious* about killing someone because you think your religion is being threatened? This God must be so helpless ( and pathetic) bcos one of his creation has to die in turn so that he can be defended? Where is the logic? Sounds like cave-men spirituality - an eye for an eye based on someone being overly sensitive and knows zilch about being spiritual. what a harsh view of life and this world!

Anonymous said...

Arab mentality - or better stupidity.Always defensive, doesnt know and lacks intellectual capacity to *fight back* using the brain. Highly unstable emotionally, always kneejerk and trigger-happy reaction.Given the opportunity all want to immigrate to the US bringing with them their goat- herd mentality and habits and enjoying free ride on Western welfare . Bloody hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

One celebrates Freedom of Speech, the other celebrates Freedom to violence?

You get both in Malaysia land.

Anonymous said...

CaptainKirk. openly mock and denigrate.....? examples please.

Anonymous said...


If I say your mum is a whore and your dad is a pimp which means you are a ba****d

would you smile and say, "Hallelujah freedom of speech".