Sunday, October 28, 2012

Confirmed, Taiping Malays will not vote DAP again....ever!

The Taiping Malays are not that stupid after all! Your time is up mo!

We spent three days going around Taiping we spoke to village headmen, religious leaders and generally Malays at coffee shops and anywhere we can find talking to them about the coming general elections.
Well, our finding is this, the Malays almost 40% of voters in Taiping will not vote for DAP, which they considered now to be anti-Malays, anti-Monarchy, anto-Sultan and they are still sore that under previous PKR Mentri Besar, many Chinese, not Malays, were given a TOL lease land for 999 years!!!!!
"Kita tak tahu macam mana ini boleh jadi," said Pak Wahab, not his real name of course.  Basically he said how could this happened.
Malays villagers said in the absence of Umno candidate, they will most definitely vote for other BN candidate, but never, and never said Pak Wahab the Malays will vote for the opposition DAP.
"Termasuk lak calun pembangkang lain (Including other opposition candidates)," he said.
Well, unlike previous visit to Taiping during the last general elections when half Chinese, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, a short-lived mentri besarof Perak in 2008, the people of Taiping are more accommodating now when talking about Najib Razak and the BN government.
"Memang China DAP Perak ni memang biadap dan kurang ajar (Its true these DAP Chinese from Perak are both uncouth and not well brought up).  Undi kita kali ni akan lain sikit (our voting will be slightly different this time, tengok lah," said Pak Wahab.
It appears as compared to previous elections, Malays will now come out in droves this time to kicked out Nga Kor Ming, I have no problem with that!


Revoke TOL said...

Melayu mesti undi Melayu. TOL yang berikan oleh PKR MB must be revoked as land matter ada hak Sultan dan Kerajaan Negeri.

Bermakna kalau Nizar tak dapat perkenan Sultan, TOL adalah haram.

IT.Sheiss said...

Thanks, Barking Magpie.

This tends to confirm my gut feeling that after all the insensitive talk and actions by DAP and its supporters, especially the rural and lower income Malays will have moved away from them.

Please also do a similar poll in Penang, on both the island and mainland parts of the state.

My gut feeling is that with property prices rising to unaffordable levels for most, and the lack of low cost housing being built, the lower income group, especially lower income Malaysia and Indians will move away from the DAP.

Anonymous said...

Vote MCA, they love islam.

ayah said...

Then again, DAP "love" Islam too, right? And they simply "love" PAS and the Malays, right again? So Ostad Nga Kor Ming will not have to worry, right?

Anonymous said...

you can bullshit us once only. after this no more. Perpatah Melayu ada berkata, sebusuk busuk daging di basuh di rencah di makan juga. sorry DAp/Keadilan/ your time is up.

Syed Akbar Ali said...

Who would have heard of Lu Go Burn or YB Bogel? Yet these are the sorts who have been elected. 2008 was an aberration. The country was just mad about the corrupt Slumberjack and his corrupt SIL. Not only did we get rid of Slumberjack but we have also seen for ourselves what the Pakatan will be like. They are more corrupt than the BN. Come PRU13 they are going to get their butts kicked out again. Just wait and see.

Syed Akbar Ali

Pasquale said...

Ditto, Syed Akbar Ali!!!