Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laws are there for a reason

Traffic automated enforcement system

A blogger muststopthis wrote: "How is it that once Malaysians cross the border into Singapore, and they become traffic abiding drivers but once the crossed back to Johor, they become instant road bullies?
 The problem lies with the way we go on about our day to day affairs. Some throw rubbish out knowing that unless they are caught, it is ok. That gradually grows into beating the lights, and driving way over the speed limit. It certainly does not help that there are VIP's out there setting bad examples.
So who is to fault then? With MPs like Ipoh Timur and Seri Gading making claims that a law imposing system like the AES is 'hurtful' for the taxpayers, then are they insinuating that we do away with the need to enforce laws altogether?

If systems such as these have proven to be successful in enforcing traffic laws, then I say go ahead, after all it is supposed to make our streets safer.
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Road fatalities are on the increase in this country, and in the capital especially.  Malaysians do not respect the laws, especially the traffic laws.  Is it because at the back of their minds they perhap thought they can kowtim with the traffic police or get a discount for a ticket?
The time is now and we must make Malaysians understand that if they do not respect the law it is not going to work.  I personally saw a car hit a  biker when squeezing the lemon, beating the amber light that is. The worse part is the car just sped off.  With any good system like this proven AES, this motorist could have been caught for his car would have been noted very clearly.
If Malaysians cannot seem to want to respect the law, well they have to be forced to do it for the sake of others.
As for Sri Gading BN six terms MP, Datuk Aziz, you are not worthy of a lawmaker since you are not able to see the wisdom of this new system meant to reduce pain and death.
BTW YB what have you done for your constituency lately or for the last six terms?
I can understand chauvinist DAP LGE for going against the system, but you. well as Rockybru said you are just a moron that the prime minister should just drop  from the list.


Anonymous said...

Aziz Sri Gading is void of ideas and is just rambling on showing his stupidity. He really should be axed together with Rais.

Anonymous said...

This nation has so many laws that no one heeds. So this one more law will not hurt. Malaysians must collectively commit to the rule of law no matter how minor it is. Daily we see young people parking their cars where they like and people throwing rubbish all over the place. There are laws against almost evey crime that is committed but we hear only of very selective action. I am afraid that we have become a nation where the powerful do not heed and those who heed are powerless.