Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Once bitten twice shy......!

Once bitten twice shy, twice bitten never try.....thrice bitten? Well, if that happens to all the Malays that will vote and fall for a songkok wearing chauvinist opposition leaders again...thern we all can die!

I am posting part of Syed Akhbar Ali's Outste the Box,below, and I think it is a brilliant piece read more here...  digest it for it makes sense for us to understand on how the opposition parties think:-

All kinds of wild coffee shop talk is floating around, imagining a post-BN Malaysia. Here is some of the coffee shop talk. I call it wild coffee shop talk because all this will never happen in Malaysia.  Our country will burn down first in irreparable racial and religious conflict before these wild ideas ever see the light of day in this country. 

I am not debating the merits or demerits of these ideas. Some of these ideas are perhaps worth pondering. But in today's scenario these are just too explosive. This is playing with fire. Here is what I heard about a post-BN Malaysia :   

  1. Christianity shall also be recognised as one of the official religions in Malaysia
  2. Good Friday and Easter shall become public holidays
  3. The azan (call to prayer) can be heard inside the mosque only
  4. Majlis Agama Islam will be disbanded
  5. There will be a Menteri Gereja (?) in Cabinet to oversee christian issues 
  6. Religion will not be allowed in political parties so PAS will  be deregistered  
  7. Children's religion can only be determined after they are 18 years old
  8. Malaysia will become a republic - the Republic of Malaysia.
  9. The Negaraku will be changed
  10. Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak can have non-Muslim Governors
  11. The IGP and Chief of Armed Forces can be non-Muslim
  12. The Royal Malay Regiment will be disbanded 
  13. The Civil Service will be reduced by 40%
  14. English and Mandarin shall also be official languages
  15. Chin Peng will be welcomed back and made a "Tun".
  16. MARA will be disbanded
  17. Kemas, BTN, MKN will be shut down
  18. Pekida, Perkasa, Gabungan Graduan Melayu will be labelled 'terrorist organisations'
1 to 5 are just not feasible. 6 should have been done decades ago. The Indonesians have done it. 10 and 11 are nothing new. We have had an Indian who was Chief of Navy. We have Indian Vice Admirals now - in Maritim Malaysia.  (There is also a very sick Tamil who is a Rear Admiral and leader of the Pakatan). A 'mamak' was Prime Minister for 22 years. Big deal. 

15 is stupid. 

From a practical angle, these things are not feasible in Malaysia. This is just wild coffee shop talk. So why talk about things like these? Simple : to incite peoples' emotions. To get the angry vote. This is playing with fire. 

But coming to the DAP and the church, who is the 'flinger' and who is the 'flingee'? Leopards dont change spots. They can change their initials.


Anonymous said...

Wow! BN is really lost of ideas... can go this low.

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like ghost stories to frighten children.

Whoever talks about such things obviously do not live in reality and the brain still belongs back 50 years ago to frighten voters during elections.

Good try. Welcome to the 21st century.


Anonymous said...

lee kuan yu looks like a dork in that songkok...

Lets see how kiat siang or guan eng in a kopiah....

Double dork... come on la still use stupid tricks like that...

Bodoh punyaa party

Anonymous said...

hmm.. something like that wolf in sheep's gear thingy yeah.