Monday, October 08, 2012

Yes Iran's clandestine Quds Force, like Mossad, is operating in M'sia!

May the force be with us?
A while back  Barking Magpie wrote about how under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim when he was Umno Youth Chief sponsored a group of Umno Youth members to a Libyan desert for arms training and for what we have now idea, may be until now.
Yes, for sometime now we are also aware of Iranian Shia influence in Malaysia, some of the Arab Restaurants are even a good cover for covert activity of these Arab and Irianian political activities.
We also know for a long time now intelligence agencies like Israeli's Mossad are monitoring them.
Personally I believe these groups are in direct touch with many Pakatan and Pas leaders, BABI is well aware of these contacts.
The question is what is the government doing to curb such activity.  Again, personally the fact that this country, my beloved country, is getting too Arabic and Iranian is too much to be desired.  This must stop now!!
Yes the bits below is taken from Outsyed the Box that the relevant government agencies, such as the Research Department, Special Branch and other security agencies must read so they can improve on their thinking and brain power to deduce.operates in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Gaza (possibly Malaysia as well).........
  • the [Iranian] ambassador in Baghdad is a Quds Force member. 
  • carries out variety of clandestine activities beyond Iran’s borders. 
  • organize, train, equip, finance and direct Shi’ite, sometimes Sunni, Islamist networks,” 
  • trying to help Bashar Assad, Iran’s sole regional ally, survive.
  • “hundreds from Quds Force in Syria, including officers and soldiers,” 
  • in Lebanon provide Hezbollah training, tactical advice, logistics, bunker construction.
  • “very loyal to the Iranian supreme leader,” 
  • Ahmadinejad has lost control of Quds Force to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,” 
  • Quds Force experiencing a drop in its abilities.
  • high-profile failures in Thailand, Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • Iran’s chief instrument for wielding regional influence 
This is the clandestine arm of Iranian power projection overseas - like the US Green Berets (now also the SEALS) or the British SAS.  Well if they have left Syria last week that does not augur well for the longevity of Bashar Assad in Syria.

(There are an estimated 125,000 Iranians in Malaysia. There are also Malaysian Shias. Considering that it is Iranian State policy to support and promote the Shia religion all around the world, I will be most surprised if there are NO Qods Force members operating in Malaysia. Hisham wake up!!
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Anonymous said...

Hisham memang lembek! Dont know what he is doing. Can i say that Najib is also a weak leader?

FYI the country I am living now in Middle East has sanctioned and stopped (without public notice) all tourist visas from Iran, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, effective immediately after what happened in Middle East. They also did not renew residence visa of people coming from that countries who worked here. For those who went home for holidays are not allow for entry anymore. So they either stay here until visa expires or never return.

Such firm decision to curb all those political influence and Arab spring uprising.

And this country is an Arab country. Malaysia ada berani ka?

Pasquale said...

Najib bukan tak berani cuma bagi saja dia mandat 5 tahun tahu lah dia nak buat apa! Percaya lah!

tebing tinggi said...

I wounder is Hishamudin is kebal or Najib is just bingal . This Hishamudin character had cause back lashed to Najib but Najib doesn't take heat from it ,though it might cause Najib loosing support .

Gram Kong said...

Najib is a hard worker and I hope he wins the elections with bigger majority, Hisham is a dreamer, never got his act together.

I have on several occasions wrote in my blog for Najib to drop him as minister from the cabinet. Blood relation should not be a criteria to keep incompetents in office.

Gram Kong said...


I agree with you, it's dangerous to let too many of these Untas stay in the country.They bring their culture of violence with them and worse, the Iranians and Nigerians with their drug trafficking and peddling,using our poor gullible girls as drug mules.

The oppositions never complained about the social problem and vices caused by these people but keep harping on issues of illegal immigrants in Sabah, which many Sabahans really don't give a damn as they do contribute to the economy by providing cheap labour.Without them our construction and plantation industries would come to a grinding halt.

I personally think the RCI was a mistake, nothing will and can come out of it. The government should just naturalise those who have been here long and tell the oppositions to go fly kite.

Anonymous said...

change the minister of home affairs