Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yes! Stop the DAP-sponsored Taliban from dominating our parliament!

DAP Finally Declares Support for Hudud ala PAS!

Malaysians will have to decide whether they want to be deceived by the chauvinist Chinese-dominated DAP urging Chinese-Malaysians to vote for PAS in an areas where the Malays do not have clear majority.
This the DAP did knowing if PAS dominates the parliament for sure hudud  will become the law of the land and Chinese girls will have to wear baju kurung and hijab otherwise they will be raped as encouraged by PAS Nik Aziz.  Read here....

Stop the lies in its latest blog said the cat is finally out of the bag when it was indicated Lim Kit Siang and gang, except for Karpal Singh who said over my dead  body over hudud, encourages Malaysians to vote for PAS knowing if in power this Malaysian Taliban political party will implement I repeating myself? I think I did, but Malaysians need to be reminded again and again for they easily forget that they had better not compromise with what we have cherish till now, peace and prosperity! Read more here...


Anonymous said...

'It is our fault because we are attacked by greed and the race to gain positions,' Dr M tells the Malay Economic Congress, reports theSun.

Anonymous said...


Stop the racist chauvinists biaDAP and the taliban PASesat from stepping even an inch in Putrajaya!

Vote the PRicks out in the next GE!

Wipe the PRicks entirely from Malaysia political landscape!

MahathiralIskandarKutty said...

Mahathir father is an Indian from Kerala.

Mahathir gives monopolies licenses to Hindu Ananda KRishnan.

Mahathir gives free planes to Tony Fernandes,

Mahathir gives license Vincent Tan

Mahathir gives IPP to YTL and his sons

and so on and so on.

Kongress Ekonomi Melayu pasti gagal dan tak memberi kesan kerana tak faham mainan Mahahtir.

Melayu telah dikhianati oleh Mahahtir.

Keling ni masih hendak menipu Melayu dengan mengatakan Melayu hanya berhak kepada 30 peratus ekonomi Melaysia.

Itupun pada 2020.\\

Hanya melayu kampung dan bongok je yang percaya.

Sebab itu Keling ni di tendang dari UMNO.