Thursday, November 01, 2012

If only you have seen what I have seen! Failing that take Xanax!

 The headline for this blog is a quote taken from a movie Bladerunner, in which an android who wanted to be human and about to be destroyed, told his nemesis that.
Yes I was at the sniper alley in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H), in the 90's during the senseless war there which saw hundreds of thousands killed; Muslims, Serbs, and Croats and other casualties such as the gypsies who got caught in the middle.
The sniper alley was filled with rotting cadavers and the only time both sides raised a white flag was when the smell was getting unbearable.  I saw the body of an old lady with her shopping bags on the road after being shot at by a sniper.  I remember what the Croatian army major who was minding me said, the body was there for four days.  Once a beautiful city Mostar, like Sarajevo, the capital of B-H, was completely destroyed by ethnic strife.
Was also in Cambodia immediately after the Khmer Rouge defeat and after they massacred close to 2 million of their own, and it made me wonder why people do such things to such extremes.
I was told by a psychologist that people, human beings, behave erratically due to many factors physiologically and psychologically.
Physiologically is when there was not enough to eat, this can cause chemical imbalances in your body that can lead to erratic behaviour.
"Hitler was probably a diabetic when he made an erratic decsion that saw the death of six millions Jews but diabetic or not his action was dead wrong," said this psychologist.  Agreed!
Rwanda also saw millions massacred for what? Well, now leaders from both sides have recorder their remorse over their heinous acts. Still after the fact!
Jews and Arabs, I am very sure if they want, can still find hope for peace but yet both are too stubborn to admit killing is wrong, in any religion.
At least the "ethnocentric" Germans under Angela Merkel have found it in their heart to built a remembrance square to the millions Gypsies massacred during Hitler's evil regime, even though it was 50 years too late.  But better than never, right!
In New York today the city, as seen on CNN and other television stations, and as I was told by a friend was a scene far worse that 9/11.
Hurricane Sandy unleashed one of Mother Nature's powerful forces that saw millions at the mercy of cold and wet.  The city is totally out of commission, subways flooded and airports shut down, and people are struggling to keep warm, or you die from hypothermia.  The thousands of homeless people in NY, we have no idea what happened to them.
I was in Rakhine,Myanmar, early this year and managed to see this racially-strife driven isolated part of this country.  People are living in an organised ghettos. Scarce and limited natural resources, human beings living like hundreds of rats in a small enclosure eventually led them to killing each other.
In Peshawar I saw two million people, this is in the 90's mind you, living in squalid refugee camps; they fled Afghanistan because they do not want to be killed.
Back to me, I had a back problem the other day went and saw my orthopaedic surgeon and he fixed me really well, only in Malaysia.
Just to make me have a good night sleep I was given Xanax and I slept well.  My country is so good.
How I wish I can give some Xanax to heads of the warring factions, and to the unfortunate people around the world, so at least they can lighten up and sort out their problems in a better way, rather than killing each other!
I was so happy this morning when I woke up this morning because I wasn't dreaming and that I was really in Malaysia!
This country is so blessed and yet there are still many who are bent on screwing it up!
To these people you might want to try Xanax for a change, eh!

Happy Deepavali!

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I admire many of your articles in this blog...
Both of us have exactly the same views about many stupid malays in this country. They want Malaysia to be really islamic country...islamic at the same time stupid. Not sure which one is their country of choice. Absolutely elek...