Friday, November 02, 2012

Malaysians are just a bunch of an uncivilised moving violators!

Mind boggling accident when a stupid driver hit a school bus!
This is really sad. This could only happen if you are speeding or drunk while driving!

"A definition of a moving violation, according to wikipedia: Is any violation of the law committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion. The term "motion" distinguishes it from other violations such as parking violations, equipment violations, or paperwork violations relating to insurance, registration, inspection, etc."

In a civilised society the citizens will follow the simple traffic rules, such as not to overtake when a school bus is stopping while its two hazard lights are flashing.  Why?  Because when a school bus stops with the hazard lights on it means children must be given the right of way to cross, and if a car does not follow this strict and simple rule a child might just be crossing the road to the other side and an overtaking car would have hit and killed this child.
This simple common sense can only apply to civilised society where the rule of law is respected.
The definition of the Rule of Law is that: Individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not arbitrary action by an individual or a group of individuals. 
In this country laws are not respected and the opposition lawmakers encouraged people to break the law, and this is simply just too mind boggling for my mind to process!
Take the case of the recent brouhaha over the implementation of the camera-based Automatic Enforcement System (AES), that has been opposed by the opposition parties and individual politicians from both the opposition and the government.  As a citizen I do not see why such a system to reduce accidents is seen as an infringement to civil liberty?  It is supposed to save lives!
Zainul Arifin Md Isa, in his column with the NST, wrote that this country has more than 400,000 traffic accidents recorded every year, with more than 6,000 deaths. He added: "These statistics should form the basis in all of our discourses, debates or protest of any system aimed at reducing it.  Unfortunately, we are obsessed with "cronies" leeching on our misdeeds."
Pokok Sena Pas MP Mahfuz Omar led a protest of 10 people in Kajang to protest against the use of AES, sadly yesterday a terrible accident in his constituency killed five people, who will remain a statistics, and the driver fled.  Chances are if the AES had been installed at this stretch of road the driver could have also been identified. Read here! And here!
How a car can plunge into the sea from the Penang bridge stumped my common  sense.  A car must have been speeding when it went out of control.  Another life wasted.  These is all because Malaysians are a bunch of moving violators and when a system is installed to curb or reduce accidents, it turns political.  It is just that something must not be politicised if we do, 6,000 or more people will die in road accidents.



Anonymous said...

Yes pasquale malaysian drivers are killers on the road!

For rule of law!

Anonymous said...

aes is a camera not a cctv, the lorry at Pokok Sena was not speeding laa, it went out of control.. so it won't trigger the AES or take th epicture of the driver running away. You drive within the speed limit but your car has limited safety feature and collide head on with a lorry for sure the result will be be catastrophic...

Anonymous said...

Msians fear most - is getting caught and have picture and plate number and radar to proof. How to lawan the saman :)