Monday, November 05, 2012

Nazri Aziz the bad boy....saying it as it is...well it's good!!

Nazri and his son Nedim
 I saw this interview in Sabahkini between reporters and Nazri Aziz regarding allegations that his son Nedim is involved with a businessman Michael Chia, that also involves the later alleging giving Nazri's  son a very expensive Hummer.  I am more interested in how Nazri extrapolating on sexual tryst of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim involving a Chinese prostitute.  To me this is the first time, may be, that a Cabinet minister actually said it, but in not so many words about sexual video involving Brother Anwar and a Chinese prostitute.  Below is the excerpt of the interview, a classic Nazri Aziz's repartee and rejoinder!

(Reporter asked) : "I know you don't care about gutter politics and that this is not even a mosquito bite to you. But do you think this issue would harm BN in the election?

(Nazri's asnwer): Why harm BN? Why BN? What about (an opposition figure's) picture screwing (a) Chinese prostitute and all that? That one don't harm... is what is happening to me worse than that? Huh? Is it worse ah? Is it worse? (We all know he meant Brother Anwar ha ha!)

If (the opposition figure) is not worried, why should I be worried about this? Your picture all over town, in the cyber world, f***ing this prostitute from China. He's not worried, why should I worry about this. You can quote me on this.

You ask me if I'm worried, on whether it will harm BN. What I'm saying is that this picture of (the opposition figure) screwing this Chinese prostitute going all over the cyberworld, he's not worried. My question is: should I be worried?"  Read more here if you want


Anonymous said...

Typical f***ed up brain punya argument... memalukan, loyar burok punya mentality... two wrongs don't make a right la... Najib will pay a heavy price for having deadwood & sh*thead like Nazri & Son associated with BN.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Nazri is an obstacle to Najib, he was rude to Tun Mahathr, he will bite Najib later when Najib's era has passed.I wont be surprised he will be Minister Dg under PM Lim Guan Eng.

Even the Communist in Cs of their politburo have the gangster attitude of Nazri's son.

Anonymous said...

Ya lah why worry about an ant's bite if others were bitten by AIDS virus??

Anonymous said...

anak muka betul cam samseng!! Bapak bongkak sewel - macam ni pon bole jadi Menteri. Kesian Msia! Jib, kenapa lah ko simpan org2 yg rakyat benci??

Anonymous said...

While this kepala batu may have some valid points,especially about the Rear Admiral, his son should learn to be more careful about showing off.

RPK too had some problems with his son.

Lim senior also had to deal with a playboy son.

But some how, only the children of BN seem to be crucified to the max.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous06-11-2012 10:28 pm

Lim senior is no different. Also involved with his secretary.

Mummy Foo