Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Now PKR can now promote bacon and free sex.....!

After conversion eat bacon and have free sex eh Nurul!
Approved also by PKR...memang dunia nak kiamat da Sudin!
I listen to Nurul Izah Anuar saying religious  freedom of expression must encompass all races including Malays....She asked why couldn't Malays change their religion if they want to.  Basically she sending a signal saying Malay-Muslims can have the rights to convert to other religion...she and her political party must now promote bacon and free sex, while shes is at it!  Because bacon and free sex are liked by the West?


Anonymous said...

Correct me if i am wrong , isnt that the way should be .

Anonymous said...

Who says it better....Nurul or Quran?

Anonymous said...

For a thousand years, the "muslims", well most of them, had been following the wrong religion...its a scary thought!