Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Palestinians of Jordan Valley, the West Bank, told to leave their homes!

Palestinians of this beautiful and fertile Jordan Valley were told to move from their home "temporarily", we heard that before!
The Israeli soldiers were told to be brutal when sacking Palestinians from their homes!


News update

Gaza strip where a very small land areas occupied by millions of defeated Palestinians is now being bombarded by the Israelis and thousands have been killed including children.  All the UN can say to Israelis is to stop it shelling and yeah right!  The world cannot act againsts the Israelis simply because this country is exercising it's nuclear deterrent attack me I will blow up the whole world!  Good luck world!

Typical story of the vanquished!  I am talking about Palestinian villagers around Jordan Valley in the West Bank who were told to move out of their homes "temporarily" by the Israeli government due to Israeli military exercises.   Read here...
I am interested about this simply because the last time the Israelis told them to leave they were never allowed to return.  This is what happens to a defeated, now disorganised and vanquished race, where their lives are  uncertain and that they are mercilessly being treated cruelly by the victors.
Closer to home we can look at Singapore when it fell to the PAP Chinese because the Malays were in a state of disunity and disarray and out of sync with the rest of the world.  When PAP swept Singapore the Malays there were totally oblivious of their status, soon to be classified as a "downtrodden" people.
Penang DAP (read PAP) is doing the same to the Muslims and Malays there!
Like the Palestinians, they were so oblivious to the encroachment of the overseas Chinese  movement who had planned to take over the island as early as the 1800 and have succeeded.
The European Jews came in droves and bought Arab lands in Palestine and brought their scientific know how on how to transform Palestine into a Jewish land and they succeeded, and hurrah to them for being smart and united.
The Arab world only reacted to the "invasion" and the "exodus" of Jews from Europe, and from around the world, the occupation of Palestine, only after the fact.
When Jews were occupying Arab lands in the Palestinian area, the Arab world was in a state of total chaos, killing and assassinating each other and engaged in political infighting.
Perhaps for the Malays, there must surely be some lesson to the learnt from the state of being of these poor Palestinians who have been occupying Palestine and the Jordan Valley, since time immemorial! 
Yet when they were invaded and eventually defeated by the Israelis, and their olive orchards chopped down, simply to break the Palestinians spirit, and their oases taken away and home destroyed and then told to leave, they were totally helpless to fight back.
We can say Malays in Singapore living in flats may have a better lives, but better according to whom?!
Like the disunited Arabs, the Malays must learn from history of the defeated peoples of Palestine, for if they don't they will suffer the same fate, Insyallah!  If the chauvinist Chinese succeed to take over this country, with the help of stupid Malays, I will say hurrah to them as well!


Tanduk Dua said...

The end time is coming, soon we will see unimagined man-made disaster occur in the middle east as the epicentre of world wide conflicts. Most nations on this planet will get involve directly or indirectly. This war when it started, it looks WW1 & WW2 like peanuts.
The antichrist is coming, his appointed soul controlled leader in this country still got strong support among PR's leaders & supporters. Once they loose PRU13, they would ignite chaos as to blame present government not Bersih enough for their defeated.
Beware everyone. What happen in the middle east currently could occur in this beloved country if most of us be fooled ourselves to the PR's putrajaya agenda as they carry together the evangelical christian agenda to substitute Islam as official religion & malay as constitutional race.

PAS has now become tools for them to achieve their ambitions and use them to distract malay to making sure win substantial malay voting in PRU13.
Your previous article 'Malay easily tricks' is timely.

Anonymous said...

Tanduk Dua:

I agree with your post. If we Malays are not careful, we will end up like the Palestinians....hounded and driven away from their homeland.

I had the opportunity to visit Jerusalem early this year and our Palestinian tour guide told us that the Israeli authorities would bulldoze villages where Palestinians had lived for hundreds of years w/o any compensation.

Ingatlah bangsa ku....memang Melayu mudah lupa!

Anonymous said...

i agree that we should be careful but are we in this position because we have let ourselves be led by people, who while claiming to have our interests at heart, stole fromus and actually made our lot worse....

if so what do we do???

nshinah said...


Saya cadang se ramai-ramai lelaki Islam turun padang, terutama sekali yang cakap banyak, yang pandai ber-ceramah ke hulu ke hilir- dan berjuang atas nama PASUKAN TENTERA ISLAM ANTRABANGSA sans Frontier.

Bacalah idea saya ini:

Anonymous said...

how truthful bro..perhaps the meleis are the most easily tricked people in the world..a case of eating too much makanan 'haram' and 'syubahat' ?