Friday, December 21, 2012

A polished con-man and possibly the devil himself...

Another attempt to trick the frail Malay minds into trying to make this rabble rouser fella  into being just another regular man does not work for me!

 Another attempt to trick the frail Malay minds into trying to make this rabble rouser fella  into being just another ordinary man also does not work for me!

Do not let this devil deceive you into thinking he is just a regular Joe!!  He has the abiluity to make his followers to get into a frenzy and kill people like he did  in Memali!

Only the simple minded Malays that can fall to the trickery and chicanery of a snake oil seller.
Those days when I was young I walked from Maxwell School to my house in Kampung Bar, but on the way I would stop at the ABC (Air Batu Campur) stall at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
Apart from having my ABC whenever I could afford it, I would stop at the toddy shop behind a post office there to watch Indian men drinking toddy and they were rowdy and totally drunk.  Most of them mainly wore loin cloth holding their tin cups, rambling.
Then I would proceed to watch a snake oil man selling his product, namely snake oil, to mostly majority Malays who were hypnotised by the the seller's sale pitch.
Funny thing was these spectators were only buying coconut oil mixed with garlic in small bottle but what interesting was the ability of these snake oil men to trick and mesmerised men into buying nothing else but ordinary coconut oil mixed with garlic to make it smell medicinal.
The moral is if you can talk you can even sell ice to the Eskimos, or sand to the Arabs!
The only other men making money out of these snake oil men were the Chinese coffee shop fella, who would sell their kopitiam and roti bakar, every day, seven days a week.
The simple minded Malays would lose twice, one to the snake oil men and two spending money at Ah Kows' coffee shop drinking "regurgitated" or recycled  coffee or tea.  I have seen how tea and coffee being recycled to be re-sold!  Only those days hope!
Well, today things are no better for these simple minded Malays, they are easily taken in by a different version of the snake-oil seller.
Some even have the ability to incite riot and to go against the security forces only by their sheer rabble rousing ability, and got away with his crime.
Case in point is this fella Hadi Awang, the so called president of a Malay Islamic party.
The home affairs should have been after him right after the Memali incident in which many people died after being "prompted" by this man to kill "evil" government of the day under Mahathir Mohamed.
But this man is good, as the saying goes the hands the trwow the stones are seldom seen.

Another invisible stone throwing hands fella is BABI, that stupid and idiotic narcoleptic fifth sleeping prime minister (another con-man) should not have released him from prison.

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