Thursday, December 06, 2012

Anarchy reigns supreme under chauvinist Chinese-led opposition rule!

The de facto Mentri Besar of Selangor!

Reminiscent of Hitler Youth destroying no-Aryan property, 'cept these morons are from Selangor state enforcement agency, controlled by Mentri Besar Ronnie Liu aka Massage Parlour King!

Now Selangor Pakatan under Ronnie Liu wants to pull down the AES cameras and then withdrew the threat and now decided to cover the cameras.....what the fu%k is wrong with these puk% mak China dan Melayu gagap!!!! One day  I will tell you a story of how this gagap Melayu behaved at karaoke lounge hilarious...between being drunk and trying to grope GRO girl and stuttering!  We have video, let see how mean and piss off I am!

MIC Youth and several NGOs will protest in front of the Selangor State Secretariat building on Friday, tomorrow, 7.12.12, at 11am to stop the Selangor state government from demolishing more hindu temples ands altars.
They are asking for support from Malaysians of all walks of life to join demonstration to show to show the people are angry.
M. Muniandy, a taxi driver said today they destroy a Hindu altar and tomorrow we have no idea what they will do, but he is definitely not voting for the Pakatan under the rules of Ronnie Liu, the real Mentri Besar of Selangor, he said.
"Khalid tak ada kuasa semua DAP control...pelacur rumah urut pun sudah banyak ini negeri (Khalid has no power Selangor is controlled by DAP...under them more massage parlours and more prostitutes in the state now).
Muniandy is one of the many disgruntled and disillusioned voters from Selangor who will be voting for BN this coming elections.



Anonymous said...


Siapa yang tak tau balaci UMNO yang kerja kat MPS yang buat tanpa arahan atas.

Nak tipu siapa lagi?

Bolehlah ambil pariah MIC hangatkan suasana.


Anonymous said...

Now you know why DAP wants to make Anwar PM.
It's ali baba politicians all over.

Anonymous said...

melayu gagap ni memang bodoh dan tak tau sejarah. Bila dah kena baru nak reti tapi dah terlambat pulak nanti. Apek dah mainkan abis2 baru dia nak sedar. Nak marah pon tak guna besok- akhirnya hidup sampai akhir hayat dgn perasaan di perguna/ tipukan dik *kekasih*. Sifat org yg tidak pintar/bijak -senang digunakan.

Anonymous said...

Please post the video

Anonymous said...

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