Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dangerous power struggle in Malaysia between the Malay and the Chinese....

Lets us keep it that way!

Call it by any other name but it will still be a very intense power struggle between the economically strong and united Chinese and what appears to be the fragmented Malays.!
If the Malays lost it, it will spell the end to everything that institutionalised everything Malay from the rules of law, to which some was derived from the ancient Malay kingdom and to great extent the British rules of law.  Not Chinese, French or Arabic.
I am more concerned, to my observation, about the Chinese, especially under the DAP, that has somewhat managed a relentless efforts to de-mystify everything that is Islam, and Malays in this country.
Take for example the use of the word Allah, while even the conservative Malays know the word in Arabic means God-Almighty even used by Lebanese-Arab christian, but NOW it has been twisted around by the organised Chinese led by the DAP to manipulate the "true" meaning of the word.
The word Allah, to the Muslim-led Malay country is to tell everyone that this Malay-majority country is indeed being ruled by the Malay, led by the Malay-sultanate system and with Islam as its official religion.
Just like why the system uses "bin" and "anak lelaki, or A/L" just to tell the difference between the "original" inhabitants and to those who came later to make the Federation of Malaya as it was called then, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, their home.  Seriously for this one there was never really an issue until DAP rules Penang.
Just so to remind everyone those with  the A/L category, that they are no less loyal to the constitution and  to the King as those with BIN.
If Malaysians think they are having a hard life under BN rules they have to think again, for Malaysia is blessed with the successive governments that have been able to maintain a very strong economies, equal distribution of income, just sit at BSC, in Bangsar, on your free day and watch how many non-Malays being chauffeured driven by their Malay drivers, then cone to me and tell me they are being persecuted...hogwash!
Back to non-issue issue such as the meaning of the world Allah, I think the opposition must stop behaving as though the rest of peace loving Malaysians are stupid, we do know why in East Malaysia the non-Muslim there are allowed to use the word Allah for their Bible, because there are 0.022 percent chauvinist Chinese that live there to create confusion over the use of the word Allah, as there are many chauvinist Chinese led by the DAP living here in the peninsular.
As for the fragmented Malays, I don't think the government is bothered by other Malays who want to turned this country into another failed and doomed Muslim country.
And fortunately for us Malays, much more of them are now beginning to be aware that they will not be IDLE NO MORE! They want to maintain the status quo and bring back Malaysia to the original path...without Taliban like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz, and snake oil seller Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI),   pro-Kuomintang chauvinist like Lim Guan Eng and his very old father Lim Kit Siang!
Recent survey have shown Malaysians are all aware the kind of shenanigans the opposition are pulling and the good news is the majority want to live in peace in this country called Malaysia, a truly Asia environment where everyone can make a decent living!

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