Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dangerous power struggle in Malaysia between the Malay and the Chinese....

Lets us keep it that way!

Call it by any other name but it will still be a very intense power struggle between the economically strong and united Chinese and what appears to be the fragmented Malays.!
If the Malays lost it, it will spell the end to everything that institutionalised everything Malay from the rules of law, to which some was derived from the ancient Malay kingdom and to great extent the British rules of law.  Not Chinese, French or Arabic.
I am more concerned, to my observation, about the Chinese, especially under the DAP, that has somewhat managed a relentless efforts to de-mystify everything that is Islam, and Malays in this country.
Take for example the use of the word Allah, while even the conservative Malays know the word in Arabic means God-Almighty even used by Lebanese-Arab christian, but NOW it has been twisted around by the organised Chinese led by the DAP to manipulate the "true" meaning of the word.
The word Allah, to the Muslim-led Malay country is to tell everyone that this Malay-majority country is indeed being ruled by the Malay, led by the Malay-sultanate system and with Islam as its official religion.
Just like why the system uses "bin" and "anak lelaki, or A/L" just to tell the difference between the "original" inhabitants and to those who came later to make the Federation of Malaya as it was called then, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, their home.  Seriously for this one there was never really an issue until DAP rules Penang.
Just so to remind everyone those with  the A/L category, that they are no less loyal to the constitution and  to the King as those with BIN.
If Malaysians think they are having a hard life under BN rules they have to think again, for Malaysia is blessed with the successive governments that have been able to maintain a very strong economies, equal distribution of income, just sit at BSC, in Bangsar, on your free day and watch how many non-Malays being chauffeured driven by their Malay drivers, then cone to me and tell me they are being persecuted...hogwash!
Back to non-issue issue such as the meaning of the world Allah, I think the opposition must stop behaving as though the rest of peace loving Malaysians are stupid, we do know why in East Malaysia the non-Muslim there are allowed to use the word Allah for their Bible, because there are 0.022 percent chauvinist Chinese that live there to create confusion over the use of the word Allah, as there are many chauvinist Chinese led by the DAP living here in the peninsular.
As for the fragmented Malays, I don't think the government is bothered by other Malays who want to turned this country into another failed and doomed Muslim country.
And fortunately for us Malays, much more of them are now beginning to be aware that they will not be IDLE NO MORE! They want to maintain the status quo and bring back Malaysia to the original path...without Taliban like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz, and snake oil seller Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI),   pro-Kuomintang chauvinist like Lim Guan Eng and his very old father Lim Kit Siang!
Recent survey have shown Malaysians are all aware the kind of shenanigans the opposition are pulling and the good news is the majority want to live in peace in this country called Malaysia, a truly Asia environment where everyone can make a decent living!


Anonymous said...

ALLAH means The ONE God.
No father, wife or son of god!
So to those Anglophile dapster and/or anybody else were willing to abandon your belief in the Holy Ghost and his family, you are more than welcome to use ALLAH as your chosen God!
Just say ,"There is no other God but Allah, and the Prophet Mohammed is his messenger" and you are home free, Allah willing!

Anonymous said...

Ver very unfortunate Goebels is long dead and no one believe him anymore go ask the Germans. UMNO psychological warfare better try some new tricks then emulate the Nazis. Wakakakakaka.

Masa Bertindak said...

Masaalahnya adalah kelemahan pemikiran pemimpin UMNO sendiri. Ditambah dengan pembelitan oleh Mahahtir a/l Iskandar Kutty @ Mohamed, Melayu telah tertipu selama 30 tahun.

Dalam masa keghairan Mahathir Presiden UMNO dan ahli Majlis Tertinggi mengutip harta, keintelekual Melayu telah tertinggal.

Sehingga kan anak India itu sanggup mengatakan Melayu tidak sesuai untuk Sains dan Matematik.

Barulah orang Melayu mula sedar.
Dengan adanya pendedahan Forbes bagaimana orang Cina dan India mengaut berpuluh bilion dibawah kepimpanan Mahathir, barulah pemimpin UMNO disedari sebagai musuh Melayu.

Kemudian pendedahan Melayu PAS juga telah dibeli oleh Cina DAP menambah keperitan Melayu tetapi kini masa untuk bertindak telah tiba.

Makin ramai NGO bangun. Guru-guru Melayu telah menuntut gaji tinggi hak mereka. Apalah sangat jika dibandingkan dengan tunai ratusan juta yang diperolehi oleh anak-anak dan adik-adik dan bini Presiden UMNO walhal gurulah pemangkin UMNO.

Begitu juga berpuluh bilion diberi oleh UMNO subsidi disel kepada orang Cina sudah diketahui.

Orang Melayu Felda adalah asas melayu baru sebagai petani moden. Mereka akan menentukan keadilan supaya harga komoditi di kawal bukan di hancukan oleh kapitalis seperti yusu basiron.

Anonymous said...

Stop Pakatan Rejects!

Save Malaysia!

Vote for BN!

Stop once and for all the bullshits by the Pakatan Rejects!

Anonymous said...

anon @ December 29, 2012 10:54 PM

tak payah lah nak susah susah jual minyak auta cinapek ataupun keling

duit asing yg kamu terima utk beri makan anak isteri tu tak halal, maka tak selamat dimasa depan

Anonymous said...

If kim guan eng still insists on being the spoilt brat that he is

there will come a time when all christians in semenanjung will convert to Islam after repeating the kalimah "Allah" umpteen times

Insyallah .......

vinnan said...

'we do know why in East Malaysia the non-Muslim there are allowed to use the word Allah for their Bible, because there are 0.022 percent chauvinist Chinese that live there to create confusion over the use of the word Allah, as there are many chauvinist Chinese led by the DAP living here in the peninsular.'

Hei asshole 'Ketuanan' shit the Christians were using the Malay Bible long before 1965. They do not need the permission of you 'Ketuanan' rubbish to do so. What the fuck has their right to use the word Allah got to do with the DAP.

As for the Chinese Towkays, I can assure you that 95% of the Chinese in Malaysia do not even have 1% of what these UMNO-linked Towkays have. Do not try to scare us with your racial riot shit. Go ahead start your riots this time we will take you UMNO luxury car assholes and your Chinese Towkays along with us. Let's see who the rakyat will turn upon when the country is nothing but a burning shell. Tere is simple solution to keeping your UMNO wealth. Share. If not prepare for oblivion at the polls.

lufang said...

Hello Vinnan,

Dont be like that lah, dont talk like that lah, Ai..yoo so scared !!!! .

Anonymous said...

Well the rakyat will go for the keling vinnan FIRST even though they see a snake too.

The kalimah "Allah" was introduce by the christian missionaries to confuse the christians in East Malaysia.

But the cocky arrogant tokong kim guan eng is sneakily exploiting waht was a semantic ERROR to gain political mileage.

Simply because the PAS Muslims reject him, enlightened Malays realised his communistic DAP RACISM and the majority rakyat LOVES Najib with JANJI DITEPATI.

ooii keling vinnan,

நீங்கள் மகிழ்ச்சியாக இல்லையென்றால் நீங்கள் இழந்த பெற முடியும்

Anonymous said...

khas utk keling vinnan pencinta singapore

Wake the f**k up, Singapore!

abe ja said...

masa bertindak,

so are you saying that BABI "rear admiral",the eastern taliban (hadi awe dan N.Ajis) and the slit-eyed communist kim guan eng are the true malay savior?

that only under their reign shall malays regain superiority in maths&science?

that only under BABI's premiership shall malays "mengaut berpuluh bilion ringgit"?

that BABI never practice cronyism?

that only under the old farts' reign shall guru2 semalaysia enjoy higher salary?

do me a favor.go fly kite.while you're at it, please kill yourself too,so that you'll be awaken from that prallel world of yours.

ataupun ko tak paham?maybe ko adalah saki baki melayu bodoh yang tak ambik peluang belajar masa era tun mahathir?

gunakan google translate kalau tak paham

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the whole world - better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World. Yet they run around the streets of Kuala Lumpur with full stomachs and clean shirts and do the Long March for the causes of others which do not concern them. China never practised democracy and human rights for 5000 years up to 2013 ! To protect their interests, the Malaysian Chinese should vote BN as led by the UMNO which is rock solid !

Anonymous said...

Read http//www.futurefastforward.Nile Bowie.'Regime Change in Malaysia- True or False'. Vote BN as led by the UMNO. Do not be misled by the PR which has the same policies as the BN and govern us with the proposed Lee Kuan Yew type of Government which has failed after a one man rule of over 50 years. Only one of the 6 distinguished PR leaders is below the age of 62.

Anonymous said...

Read http// Nile Bowie 'Regime Change in Malaysia - True or False'. The extent of foreign instigation in the forthcoming General Elections is beyond belief.
Vote BN as led by the UMNO to maintain our unique Malaysian life-style for now and the future.

Ask Elton John said...

The reason why the Germans, Dutch, French missionaries in Borneo used allah as God because the principal language of Borneo is Malay. The Brunei Sultanate owned Sabah and part of Phillipines are Muslims. Thus to ease the understanding, these europeans used allah to attract the natives that what they are teaching is the same what the Sultan or Malays are believing. The Christian missionaries have used these assimilation tactics in Japan and China, wearing Chinese style clothes for example, but with less success.
Thats the only reason. As long as they can convert the illiterate natives they dont care about semantics. Beside those in europe wouldnt know about allah as the Christian God until now. By this time however the europeans dont care anymore about Christ hehe..

So the best way is to continue exposing Christianity as a fraud, a religion no longer believed by Elton John or Brad Pitt or the majority of modern western people literally. Santa Claus a fat benign figure is a better role model for the kids.

We can appeal to the secular western world in the fight against Catholics as they had fought the fight before or even now.

A Hindu woman only last month was allowed to die rather than allowed abortion. Birth control is not allowed in Phillipines leading to over population and poverty. etc.

Anonymous said...

How can Chinese-centric DAP fight when they do not know how to count honestly ? A person with strong beliefs should not be upset by semantics.

Anonymous said...

Only in Kuala Lumpur, the Chinamen run around the hot streets in clean shirts and full stomachs and in Hong Kong after the British master left. Obviously, something must have happened or instigated somehow. China never practised democracy and human rights for 5000years up to 2013.

Anonymous said...

Ask Elton Jphn, why so one sided in your view? Only Catholics are bad?? What about Islam and Muslims - What about the Pakistani polio workers who were murdered? What about the Pakistani 14 year old girl who was shot? What about the ridiculous rules against women in places like Aceh and Saudi Arabia? What about all the suicide bombers (Muslims killing Muslims)? What about the numerous Muslims who run away from their Muslim countries to live in the Christian West?

Let's be frank all religions are CRAP.