Sunday, December 09, 2012

Malaysian Taliban...we must stop them!

My archetypal beautiful Malay girl then!
My possibly Malay girls of the future!  Forced to be covered!!!
If we don't make serious efforts to stop our own Taliban from going on rampage in this country with their confused brand religious doctrine, our women will ended up like these in 20 years, or even earlier!

When I was young I remember a religious sect based in Gombak 8th mile where the women were covered from head to toe, in black.  They belong to some kind of a religious cult other wise known as the follower of the teaching of Tarikat, a deviant Muslim sect as I was told.
Whenever they board the Len Seng bus to town they were frowned upon by others, through the mental hounding of these sect they, after many years later, disappeared.
I was so happy, and we Malays were en route to progress where Malay movie were making good movies the female movie stars were beautiful women wearing kebaya and baju kurung.  Saloma, Zaiton, Rahmah Rahmat, Rosnani (she is still beautiful until now) Latifah Omar, and many more beautiful Malay women who were not wearing tight head scarf.
P. Ramlee  and his two stooges were even poking fun at religious deviant, and his movies acted as a social glue that bonded the different races together
I also remember how beautiful Malay women competing in beauty contest, I was so proud.
Today after the Gombak religious cult, Malays again are appearing to be regressing they are again being forced by the unseen Malaysian Taliban to "behave".
They have their head covered again, when knowing the hair is not your aurat to be covered.
It appears the Malaysian Taliban have deviated from the true path of Islam, and their raison detre is only  to control woman's body (menguasi anggota wanita) .
But Muslim women in this country, even though they are the majority, are too weak to resist these Malaysian Taliban.  They are too weak to even trying to find out what is a true Islam and what is Islam concocted by these Malaysian Taliban.
If PAS rules, it will impose all of the insecure Malay male behaviour and passing it as Islamic. If PAS rule Malay women in the whole country will be forced to be covered from head to toe.

As it is now, my weak Malay women just succumbed to a strange order of instruction given out by Malay Taliban maleswho  laced their instruction with some Koranic verses, to legitimise it, and told the women to cover their head.
Even these insecure Malay Male religious zealots cannot define what is aurat.
Meanwhile my beautiful Malay women will waste their God-given beauty by covering themselves, why because our insecure Malay religious men are not all that well versed in their own religion, as to what is true teaching of Islam!
To the Malay women, I say to wake up and not allow these Malaysian Talibans to control your mind, body and a Woman!!
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Anonymous said... write well and dedicated to your course, hopefully Allah swt will give you the Hidayah that will lead you to the right path....amim..............

Anonymous said...

it is ameen lah. not amim. itu pun tak tahu. malulah. how can you doa be restu when you dont even know how to say ameen.

Anonymous said...

Pasal yang tulis amim tu orang China chauvinis pukimak...nak meng kinfuse kan Melayu....babi sial!

Melayu jati!

Anonymous said...

Who said the hair of the women is not Aurat? If you are not knowledgable about Islam, go seek knowledge and stop conveying misguided statements to people.

Anonymous said...

They've started wrapping their toddler daughters up berbungkus-bungkus these days. At their age they want to play and be active. Too bad they're so restricted. What kind of upbringing are the talibanized parents hoping to achieve with all the wrappings for their 3 year olds? And in this hot and humid weather some more. Someone call the child abuse hotline! That's almost torture

mohamad adel said...

kalau tak percaya dan yakin pada al quran dan hadith, tokyah mengaku, you are muslim.

juriah said...

there was a debate on Egypt tv long time is about aurat and head covering. The cleric lost during the debate because it is clear in Quran there is nothing about covering hair but just chest for women because in the debate it was said during one of the many Arab battle women bare their chests to encourage their men (really dunno iwat sort of encouragement was that:) :) This is when the surah came to cover but Not hair..just boobs. The egyptian cleric tho lost but was very angry because he said..covering hair is important as women are gerally attractive and men are generally sexually attracted to ladies need to hide their beauty! but the problem is God didn't say that ...Male chauvinist pigs want this.They need to control!

Anonymous said...

Mohamad adel, tak nak mengaku muslim pun korang tak bagi! Heboh dok semua protes! Sial semua!