Saturday, December 22, 2012

Others have excelled and we are still in a shit hole!

They died because they believe in lies churned by Hadi Awang!
After the edict by Hadi the followers became agitated  and run amok killing!

Others have excelled to the point of conquering space, and have placed robot doing its walkabout on Mars.
Others have created more new frontiers to be explored, and have also on the verge of finding cure for HIV Positive and cancer, to name a few just to save mankind.
Others have gone beyond splitting atom and discover new matter to be studied and I can go on and on!
Back to us Malaysians, we have perfected only one thing that we can be proud of, and one thing only....telling convincing lies!
Yes, convincing lies,  because there is a market for it....the Malaysians, Malays especially!
Just take the most exclusive and most expensive restaurant in the world that serves thousands of dollars for a bowl of soup, and thousands dollars more for its main course and tell the world the wife of the prime minister was there to eat while plotting anything.....Malaysians will believe it!
Tell the world the daughter of the prime minister was in Australia and we all know there is a famous jewellery store there and tell the whole world the she bought expensive jewellery that cost a lot of money and Malaysian will believe without thinking....even though the prime minister's daughter was not even there.
Again write a story with a lot of suppositions and print a write up and picture of Paris most exclusive and expensive fine dining restaurant, Le Meurice, and tell the whole world Rosmah Mansor was there.....and the whole Malaysians, Malays especially, will believe.
While others have been to Mars, split atom many times over, discover the cure for HIV positive, and free jumping from the edge of space to earth....meanwhile we Malaysians we have become a nation of convincing liars!   We have to be better than that!
When Ustaz Hadi Awang lied 31 or so years ago in Memali that saw may death from that lies, it is still relevant today for discussion, even now if we want action can and should be taken on him.
Never for once should we accept his edict that made his followers went on a killing frenzy, killing people and then killed by the security forces, as not relevant for today's discussion.  He must be made accountable for his lies that saw may death after that!
Like the Nazi of 52 years ago, they are still being hunted where ever they are still today and like the rabble rousing Al Qaeda religious leaders of London who incite riots than led and can lead to death of many, what Hadi Awang said then that we now know is wrong, he must be made accountable for his action...for he is one of the most convincing liars that this country has ever seen....apart from Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).  Their action can cause serious political instability for Malaysia!

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