Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Baling Con-Job of 1974 "commemorated"?

These  jobless "student activist" Hishamuddin Rais then, who is now a well to do rabblerouser raving and ranting and BABI, on his left, at the Baling incident of 1974, and the beginning BABI on his journey a sthe country top con-man.  To BABI and Hishamuddin, Baling was the the beginning of the biggest Sting job that this country has ever known.
The Baling Incident of 1974 commemorated and I read how a Malaysiakini spin doctor,Terrence Netto, tries to equate Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) with Martin Luther King, the American civil right movement leader who was later killed. 
Well, the comparison was pale and way off, because Martin Luther King was a real bona fide human rights movement activist whose fight for his oppressed black American was real, while BABI was just another con man, like the previous prime minister Tido-llah hmad Badawi who conned all the Malays in Umno that he was indeed the next nationalistic and good Malay leader, but instead others to rule Malaysia.
He even tricked and con me into believing that he could have made a big difference as a Malay leader.
The Baling Incident of 1974 is just another Pakatan or Pakatan supporter's weak attempt to a final futile putsch towards the general elections, when there was no other "issue" to play with.

My question to all the desperate Pakatan people is this: For a "leader" like BABI where did he gets his RM 3billion and how did he amassed it!  Where did this dear leader get his money to ruin the country?!
Like Tidor-llah Badawi, BABI also executed his con-job via his sheer demagoguery capability tricked the Malays and Malaysians to do what he is good at doing, from way back when he was a student activist:  Telling lies!!   Malaysians you decide!


Anonymous said...

Whatever you say and write about Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat do not matter. WE JUST WANT CHANGE after 5 half a century under UMNO and Alliance/BN.

We simply had enough. We are indeed vomiting sheet.

Anwar and Pakatan give us, me and many millions, an alternative that deserve to be given a chance

ayah said...

I was a schoolteacher in Baling in 1974. Admittedly there were poor people there; there were also hardworking people who tapped rubber for a living.

The wet weather then brought untold misery to the mostly Malay rubber tappers. As far as I can recall, nobody died of hunger. People who ate "ubi gadong" definitely knew how to process it so that it was safe for human consumption. Nobody was poisoned eating ubi gadong.

Most of those who marched from Kupang to Baling were either the unemployed, those who had "pajak" their land to the Chinese who made better use of the land by planting tobacco, and those who had gambled away money earned from renting out their land. I even saw one of the marchers wearing Clarks desert suede boots! PAS members were also in their element, raising hell.

We knew Anwar Ibrahim lied, Rais lied, even Ibrahim Ali lied. But who would listen to us then? Was Terrence Netto even born then? Was he in Baling to offer help to those in need then? Those who were really in need then weren't those who marched and demonstrated.

Do not bring up the lies again; do not give them a life they don't deserve. And for those ignorant ones like Netto, stop the nonsense la lest you lose your credibility altogether.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who is fed up with after 5 century with Alliance/BN, are you noiw starving inthis country?
You are talking cock, change for change sake is not good enough do not play with fire!

Anonymous said...

Anwar was Finance Minister for 8 years. The dirtiest minister in malaysian history. He started massive corruption and cronyism. He stabbed so many of his old friends after he found new rich ones and made them richer. No surprise he can go round the country talking about corruption because he was knee and elbow deep in it. Only stupid ones will believe him.

He never said a word about cronyism
when he was in UMNO. But just a day after he was kicked out he toured the country saying how corrupt UMNO is. He did not resign. He was kicked out. Otherwise he would have kept quite and still be the most corrupted politician.

Anonymous said...


Have your brain examined.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9 26 -- Give anwar a chance? You dont know him, do you?

Anonymous said...

First anon 9.26

Still not enough? Look around you. What more do you want? This country not good enough for you? You must be an idiot. After all these years of peace and prosperity you want change? Are you sure it will be better? But BN will win. So you should consider migrating.

Anonymous said...

What singh is this? First you ask anwar to repent. Now you are asking him to be the pm. Stupid singh. Even more stupid supporters.

Anonymous said...

This bastard could not travel on a sampan in Sabah. He has back problem. So he had to take a private jet. But he had no problem screwing a prostitute in various positions. Back pain? And you are voting for this blatant liar?

Pok Stopa said...

Anon 9.26,

There is a very good English idiom which goes like this: " Don't fix, if it is not broken".

Is the country so in bad shape like Egypt,Syria and the likes that you want it changed?

Malaysia is recognised by the international authorities as one of the country's that is doing very well despite the current economic crisis in Europe and USA.

What more do you want? Create chaos like those failed states.

It is better that the people change the state government of Kelantan, for donkey years they have governed Kelantan, yet the state is the most economically backward state in Malaysia without any economic plans to provide jobs for the people of Kelantan. Now that's a failed state that depended other states to provide employment for its people, that need to be changed.

Anonymous said...

Those who want change can just change their countries and nationalities. How about Bangladesh or Papua for a change...? Kindly take your idol Anwar and his gang along, we have too many liars around

Anonymous said...


I think Timbuktoo or Zimbabwe would bring these guys to their senses. Over there if you talk bad about the gomen or the leaders you'll be fed to the crocs. But they can choose. Lunch or dinner. At least they have a choice. Just like here. BN or PKR.

Anonymous said...

Apa hishamudin rais rasa sekarang? dulu dia lebih hebat dari anwar tp lari, penakut, taada teloq. sekarang dia cuma rabble rouser je...kdg2 org cuma tgk dia sebagai pak lawak dalam PKR je. dah tu selalu kutuk melayu depan org cina, mungkin utk nak please dia org kut supaya accepted. but definitely dia ni badut atau clown dlm bahasa inggeris utk DAP.

dia pernah kata melayuni malas dan penipu dalam press conference yang dihadiri oleh orang cina. memang village clown.

Anonymous said...

Hishamudin is not even a funny clown- he really is a thick-skinned, loud-mouth, village idiot. Bila nak mamp**s, menyebok je.