Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Baling Con-Job of 1974 "commemorated"?

These  jobless "student activist" Hishamuddin Rais then, who is now a well to do rabblerouser raving and ranting and BABI, on his left, at the Baling incident of 1974, and the beginning BABI on his journey a sthe country top con-man.  To BABI and Hishamuddin, Baling was the the beginning of the biggest Sting job that this country has ever known.
The Baling Incident of 1974 commemorated and I read how a Malaysiakini spin doctor,Terrence Netto, tries to equate Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) with Martin Luther King, the American civil right movement leader who was later killed. 
Well, the comparison was pale and way off, because Martin Luther King was a real bona fide human rights movement activist whose fight for his oppressed black American was real, while BABI was just another con man, like the previous prime minister Tido-llah hmad Badawi who conned all the Malays in Umno that he was indeed the next nationalistic and good Malay leader, but instead others to rule Malaysia.
He even tricked and con me into believing that he could have made a big difference as a Malay leader.
The Baling Incident of 1974 is just another Pakatan or Pakatan supporter's weak attempt to a final futile putsch towards the general elections, when there was no other "issue" to play with.

My question to all the desperate Pakatan people is this: For a "leader" like BABI where did he gets his RM 3billion and how did he amassed it!  Where did this dear leader get his money to ruin the country?!
Like Tidor-llah Badawi, BABI also executed his con-job via his sheer demagoguery capability tricked the Malays and Malaysians to do what he is good at doing, from way back when he was a student activist:  Telling lies!!   Malaysians you decide!

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