Thursday, December 27, 2012

This will happen to the Malays if they vote for DAP-Keadilan-PAS troika!

Native Canadian makeing noise after being a defeated nation, no one listens to them!

They will be dispersed by sundown

Futile effort of every defeated people or nation to talk to the victor!  Malays beware of the troika!

 There is this news about the defeated first nation people of Canada.  When the white men came they, the natives, were promised many things and now they only live in reservation, the poorest of all people living in Canada. Literacy rate is very low, mortality is high among them.  So once in a while they will make an attempt to bring out their problem to the open, the thing is no one cares, especially the Canadian government!  This is what will happen to the Malays in general in the country if they opted for DAP-Keadikan-PAS troika!  Malays will be reduced to nothing.  In Canada native demonstrators demand to speak with provincial, federal politicians, but that is all that they can do to their demand just to demand, but nobody gives two hoots about their problem!

"Since Wednesday, 14 protesters from the Nak'azdli Band have blocked Highway 27 at Necoslie Road over safety concerns with industrial traffic.

Highway 27 is the only highway through Fort St. James and the only route to logging sites and construction at the Mount Milligan mine.
Local vehicles are being allowed through, but RCMP Const. Leslie Smith said the situation has grown tense.
"Blocking down the entire highway is causing a lot of stress for that community," said Smith. "You know there have been heightened emotions from the drivers of these commercial trucks."
After late-night negotiations, the Nak'azdli protesters are now allowing two trucks through every hour. A three-hour detour around the blockade is in effect for other commercial vehicles."  Read more here!"

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