Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wake up Singaporeans!

[A blog by Melissa Low, author and a film maker. Warning: this blog write-up contains obscene words. Readers be advised.]
My final standpoint is that Singapore is a great place to go on holiday to – sunshine, beaches, great food. But it is one of the worst places to work in (and thus live in, since you need to work to sustain yourself, duh) in the world.
I’ve had enough of this fucking parade of egos, moral righteous asses and self justified fucks.
I’ve had enough of job interviews.
Yes, I’ve been lucky. Yes I’ve aced almost every interview I’ve been to and been offered a fuck load of jobs. But no, I’m not happy about it. After this past fortnight of nightmarish interviews, I am now convinced the only reason I am here is because my family is here. Read more here!!


Anonymous said...

(Just in case my comments thereat are censored by the SIngaporeans...heheheh)

Know what I think? I think this is nothing more than a sheer case of sour grapes, where in this case, the grapes really ARE sour. Here you have a B-grade, less-than-mediocre aspiring Steven Spielbergette who probably thinks that making good quality films is as easy as the downside spiral of the Sentosa roller coasters, and when her talent (or lack of) goes down the trashcans of oblivion whenever she pitches to Hollywood magnates, she naturally turns to the next obvious victim: Singapork! You see, the Ang Lee or John Woo rags-to-riches, HongKong-to-Hollywood success stories are not meant for any Tom-Dick-HackenLee slit-eyed aspirants. They need an extra phenomenon: it’s called talent. And without any, you can fuck all the LKY’s and LHL’s and PAP’s all you want but fact remains that one has to call a spade a spade. I wonder if she has ever tried Bollywood instead.

Oh there goes the thumb-downs.

But be that as it may, and in an effort to be more neutral, what can you expect from a country whose founder-leaders think that the nation is his/theirs to do as he/they please? Perhaps we are inspired by the words of the great Orson Welles, when he said, he said …..
….well, he said a lot of things, you know. (Pssst don’t look now but are the thumbs coming up again?)

Anonymous said...


Yet they are still dumb-ass Malaysians that believe Singapore is better than this beloved country called MALAYsia!

My advice to these dimwits who think highly of Singapore is to pack up your bag and just migrate there!

Berani x?!

Anonymous said...

anon @ December 31, 2012 1:32 PM

those cinapek sepet sengkelet tak berani lah, sana big brother on every wall - cannot do this cannot do that, also cannot chew gum leh, coz wait mrt doors stuck

but then got Malaysian-born CEO (chinese woman) also mrt breakdowns occur frequently

strangely no sign of chewing gum lor!!

Anonymous said...

hullo hullo

vinnan the sing-a-luvva, are you still out there?

wanna comment or not??

Anonymous said...

I believe Melissa is telling the truth and from what I read she is not a sourgrape. I have also been treated like non-human by these Singaporean when I applied for a job, they patronised and condacsenced as thou8gh we from Malaysia are really stupid..BTW how are they treating HAssan Marican former Petronas chairman? Just wondering!

Segamat ex-DAP boy!

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of 2013, Malaysia is a runaway success in human terms and Singapore a runaway failure after more than 50 years of rule by one man, Lee Kuan Yew. The world famous Gallup Poll stated that Singapore is the most emotionless country in the world and to top it off, it was also reported that Singapore is second most unhappy in Asia next to Japan.
Only 32 Singaporeans out of 100 smile every day !

Anonymous said...

Man proposes God disposes !

Matt said...

I don't what is wrong with Singaporeans. They're very sarcastic bunch of people.

Anyway, sometimes it's good also to rule with an iron fist. At least their taxi drivers use meter, compared to ours Malaysians.

Well, I think they can come to live in JB. Got spin off economy for Malaysians already. Why fight if we can live harmoniously?

Anonymous said...

still there are stupid Malaysian who are the fan of PAP which called DAP. They behave like gangster to their grassroots member which didn't have any post in the party.

Anonymous said...

Please read the Star. Seah Chiang Nee Column, 'The divisive, intolerant and quarrelsome phase'. Slowly, slowly, slowly the Singaporean will wake up from the Lee Kuan Yew Dream !

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans and Malaysians. Read Professor Jared Diamond. 'Collapse - the Success or Failure of Nations'. 2005 !

Anonymous said...

yeah the red dot has achieved 1st world status but still have communist blood in their veins

forever SUEing concerned citizens who are sharp enough to criticise their wrongdoings

tokong plaster lim is following suit