Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short of selling his soul to the Devil?......Or may be he did?

Hello, hello, calling moron!!? Ah! There you are! The chemical of the black dye you used for your hair is getting in your brain, thought may be I let you know!

"KUALA LUMPUR: Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today reiterated the party's stance of not recognising Israel, stressing that it is 'haram' (forbidden) to have any form of ties with the state. "Israel has been continuously attacking and killing Palestinians, thus it is haram for us to accept the existence of Israel," Nik Aziz said." Read more here!

Haram Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), haram, and yet refused to retract his support for the "importance of the collective defensible Israeli border " thus ignoring the plight of the Palestinians.
His political colleagues have condemned him for his stance on Israel and DAP is also showing its true colour by not condemning BABI and taking orders from the PAP hierarchy to shut up and to quietly support BABI.
We all know the relationships between the PAP and Israel, and PAP and the DAP.
We also know the real intention of the DAP towards Malaysia, that is to one day join Singapore!
Meanwhile BABI will do anything to satisfy his obsession on becoming the leader of the whole country and to govern his harem one day!! Ahhh! Fat chance on that BABI!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Azmin Helmi...remember him!

This was what being reported by the local papers and the Free Malaysia Today :

"The Indonesian authorities had arrested a person allegedly linked to PKR for immigration offences on Friday and is likely to be the ex-lover to a Selangor executive counsellor.

The man disappeared after the naked photographs of the counsellor were leaked.

The Malaysian, who was quoted by an Indonesian online news portal online as being “Azmin Helmi”, told Indonesian authorities upon his arrest that he was advised by PKR leaders to stay in the country as his “security was no longer guaranteed in Malaysia”.

“I chose to stay here (Indonesia) even though my visa had expired because the party (PKR) and my family told me to… there is a threat on me by the Malaysian government which may want to make me a political tool of those in power,” he was quoted as saying." Read more here!

Hmmm! If the report is true then I want to know what action is going to be taken by Khalid Ibrahim, the accidental mentri besar of Selangor, to clarify the matter instead of threatening the rakyat not "jump the gun" over the report, or!

The news about pictures of Elizabeth Wong in a not too ladylike and compromising positions were posted in the internet and went viral for a the ghost has reappeared to haunt her in the form of the boy "Azmin Helmi" her "lover" who was detained in Indonesia for having faked travelling papers!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Basically, if you have no gas to heat up your home you die!

Homeless man in Poland, the government can only supply ,and his homeless friends, with coal to burn so he and the rest of the homeless can live slightly longer, but by not much!

Without fossil fuel to heat up you home, in this part of the world, you simply froze and die!
In this warm sunny country we bitch a lot over nothing, like the colour of ang pow, and the rights to read Koran so loud as to rile up the non-Muslim neighbour, or to gripe and protest over illegally erected Hindu temple! Grow up Malaysians we are so lucky here!

Warsaw, the Ukraine, St Petersburg, Corsica, Slovakia and everywhere else in Europe or the Northern Hemisphere, people die from the coldest winter spell ever.

It was widely reported the coldest winter in decades have taken many lives, with at least 28 people froze to death because they have no home during the freezing spell.

In the very near future, warm places on this planet earth will be invaded by people from the winter prone countries to make their home. They have no choice but to invade any tropical countries so they can survive.

To understand why there is a need for the western power to control, invade and down right colonised any country with known fossil fuel reserve is because: For without it you will not be able to heat up your home, and if you cannot you simply froze and die.

In North America, many homeless died every winter but was never widely reported.

So just to warn you small disunited Third World countries with a lot of fossil fuel reserve to be prepared to be invaded and bullied into giving up your reserve so that that North American and the European can maintain their high standard of living! Read more on freezing to death here!

They know that with out fossil fuel they will frozen away and die!