Monday, April 30, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim: Evil is and evil does!

Once I labelled him as makhlok perosak or like a plague of locusts, that destroys everything that comes along his way, and that there is nothing that we can do to stop his carnage of plague.
Seeing BABI giving his cue to his boyfriend Azmin to go onwards and to break police barricade and to destroy anything along its way is like watching these locusts devouring anything along its way and that there is nothing that we can do??!
Why are we allowing these plague to spread, and this is one answer I want to know! The people are tired of BABI and his destructive tendency and capability and he must be stopped, at all cost!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He is tri-sexual - he will try anything that moves!


Trisexual \ˈtrī-sek-sh(ə-)wəl \ A person who has absolutely no sexual preference and readily partakes in all forms of sexual perversion. The "tri" of course is the fact that a trisexual's attraction (although gender blind) ranges from human, animal, or inanimate object. Live, dead, or grotesquely disfigured/unattractive --it doesn't matter in the eyes of a trisexual. They have an "If it feels good --do it" philosophy when it comes to fulfilling their sexual needs.


We know it's him, we saw him on U-tube, allegations against him are countless and now found to be true.

A wife of his close associate bore him his child, and a once close associate of him presented a video clipping to the police of this woman giving a bl@w job to this notorious man who wants to be king, and this man's son refused to acknowledge him as a father. This son had some serious nervous breakdown and residing in a foreign country where he lives incognito.

His entire family, including his political daughter is in serious denial......and yet there are still people supporting this trisexual of a man who will have sex with anything moves and that he feels like doingit with!

My other issue is not that this man is immoral and a trisexual who wants to lead the country, but for Malays who still are blind enough to support him!

I can see the non=Malays, especially the DAPs and the DRAFs, supporting him even though he may be fuck#%g animals, but as long as he destroys Malay unity and to take over governing the country...but the Malays?? These Malay supporters must be morons! Open your eyes!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A drama is further unfolding in Norway, one of the racist Scandinavian countries!!

He said he will do it again just to keep Norway white and free from immigrants!

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik (R) gestures as he arrives for his terrorism and murder trial in a courtroom in Oslo April 16, 2012. Breivik, who massacred 77 people last summer, arrived under heavy armed guard at an Oslo courthouse on Monday, lifting his arm in what he has called a rightist salute as his trial began. Breivik, 33, has admitted setting off a car bomb that killed eight people at government headquarters in Oslo last July, then massacring 69 in a shooting spree at an island summer camp for Labour Party youths. AFP Pictures and Caption.

He said he will do it again..Read here!
And majority of these massacred youths were of a non-white descent whose parents were probably a first or a second generations non-white Norwegian citizens.
There may even be some descendants from a third generations Norwegian whose descendants were probably Assyrians expelled from Turkey as early as the 1800 and as late as 1900. These Assyrians were successfully assimilated into the Scandinavian societies, but they were definitely not white.
On July 22nd 2011 I woke up in Canada only to hear on BBC, 77 Norwegian youths were massacred by a 33-year old blonde, white, good looking, a rightist and definitely a Neo-Nazi type Norwegian man.
His said his reason for killing was the same why the United States of America dropped nuclear bombs over Japan, to stop further escalation of Japanese expansion in Asia.
The thing that bothers me is that this Breivik will get supports from other closet racist Norwegians, including some judges who will be judging him. LIke Breivik, citizens of the Scandinavian countries are feeling the crunch of Middle-eastern and Asian, and African immigrants.
To people like Breivik, they cannot come to term with the new names of citizens of the Scandinavian countries with names like instead of Leif Ericcson or Bo Svenson or Bjorn Borg to names like Leif Papadopulous, or Bjorn Aagha, or Dagmar Abdulmoin, or Astrid Ramamurthy!!?
Racism has come a full circle and yet we in Asia are emulating or aping the West! Good luck!!!

P.S. Remember a fella by the name of Adolf Hitler?! He was supported by his people, he was responsible for the death of over Six Million Jews. When he started the campaign against the Jews the world could not imagine Six Million human can be wiped out! Ergo, people like this Breivik guy must be put to sleep, period!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Vagina is Too Brown therefore you are not wanted!??

Darker skinned people are made even more insecure by this stupid Indian (from India) television commercial for fairer skin! We in the non-white world are entering a new world of mental and pschologial white COLONIALISM!!! And we are allowing it!? And where the concept of white is beautiful is being reinforced even by us! The weak will succumb for sure!! I want my baju kurung, sarees and cheongsam girls back please??!!!See here please!

See the video above and the folllowing write-up was sent to me: "Good news, ladies! Society has discovered another new thing that's wrong with you, which means another opportunity for you to make yourself more attractive for your man. Score! Turns out, the color of your vagina is gross and everyone hates it. So bleach that motherfucker. Bleach it right now! In this commercial for an Indian product called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash, a (very light-skinned) couple sits down for what would have been a peaceful cup of morning coffee—if the woman's disgusting brown vagina hadn't ruined everything! The dude can't even bring himself look at her. He can't look at his coffee either, because it only reminds him of his wife's dripping, coffee-brown hole! Fortunately, the quick-thinking woman takes a shower, scrubbing her swarthy snatch with Clean and Dry Intimate Wash ("Freshness + Fairness"). And poof! Her vadge comes out blinding white like a downy baby lamb (and NOT THE GROSS BLACK KIND) and her husband—whose penis, I can only assume, is literally a light saber—is all, "Hey, lady! Cancel them divorce papers and LET'S BONE."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A severe deterrent sentence for a duo, if found guilty, is a must!

We have enough arrogant, smug and smirking guilty anti-social behaviour in this country, enough is enough teach them a lesson!!

I have great respect for our boys in blue. They have to work under abnormal situations and to operate under duress, and sometimes and maybe most of the time misunderstood.
Granted there are a few bad apples in the wholecart but in general our policemen are professional and disciplined. One visiting officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) equates our boys in blue as a great legacy of the British colonialism, like the RCMP.
Both our boys in blue and the RCMP try to "always get their men".
In Canada if you are found abusing policemen you will get the whole works, severe sentences meted by the law, to act as a deterrent.
These two were caught in photos beating up our boys in blue and today (11thApril2012) in the NST the picture of them at the court, smirking and one spotting a Mohawk hairdo with their devil may care attitude. They must be taught a lesson so the incident will not be repeated.
If, by chance, these two belong to powerful persons sons and are found guilty but get away scott free with a slap on a wrist...then this government and the whole system will not get my support or deserve my respect!!
If these two are found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt then book 'em! And book 'em really hard!!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stand by Me! Or your land will be taken by DAP...Including Tanah Wakaf!!

A nice montage just to remind the Malays especially that if they think the Chauvinist-Chinese DAP and its cohorts in the Pakatan can rule the country fairly, well think again! Already in Penang land designated for mosques have been appropriated by Guan Eng's government, Malays in Penang, especially in Balik Pulau also have their land grabbed by crude Chinese!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Dong Jiao Zong: The Real Danger? Or Malays should be equally chauvinist?

Muka barua setan ni sabelum kena belasah!!

Setan salepas kena belasah!Tak ada bedza nya Dong Zong ni dengan Gee Hin dan Hai San!

By: Azuardi Alias

When the British brought in the Chinese to work in the mines in Perak, they have also brought in the culture of gangsterism and secret societies to Malaysia . For over a decade, the Ghee Hin and Hai San societies had been fighting and avenging each other’s death over control of watercourse, gambling and personal matters.

As the stories were told, at one time, the Ghee Hin imported 4,000 professional fighting men from mainland China via Penang to attack the Hai Sans and for the first time, the Hai Sans were driven out of Larut. About 10,000 Hai San men sought refuge in Penang.

And time passed, these two clans grew bigger and roamed all over the country.

These secret societies may have ‘faded’ away, but their mentality remains a threat to this multi-racial country. Like a time-bomb, it keeps ticking, provoking our patience by displaying arrogance and intolerance. Read More Here!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Our very own Yuna live on Conan!

Our very own Yuna live on Conan. Yuna will be making her first live national television debut on Conan this Monday, performing “Live Your Life”. Tune into Conan on Monday at 11/10PM central on TBS!

I was "introduced" to her by my daughter who said one day that this cute Malay girl will make an impact. Sadly, to my reckoning, she will only be known outside of Malaysia, and appearing on Conan talk show is BIG!
Well done girl!