Friday, June 29, 2012

Petronas to buy Canada’s Progress Energy for $5.5-billion!!

Global player!

Malaysia’s state-owned energy company has struck a $5.5-billion takeover deal with Canada’s Progress Energy Resources Corp., a mid-sized natural gas company.
So it appears now without a doubt that, besides Felda's business ventures and involvement in Canada, Petronas is now also becoming another one of our global players!
In this borderless business world we can go anywhere any buy and acquire if it suits our interests, well done Petronas! Read here....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The opposition has been lying all along.... almost got away with it!

This woman was brutally murdered but definitely not by Najib, or by his wife!

I read Rocky's latest piece without so much trouble uderstanding it, because what he wrote is true, Altantuya could not speak French so how could she be an interpreter. Plus the fact that this dead woman never set foot in France, this will be made public by the French authority, just wait and see! Read here.....
Rocky is right, it was all a lie and they will spinand spin a yarn for ever and ever and we know and they know they are lying. But the fact of the matter is a beautiful foreign daughter of some parents is now brutally dead and I suggest all the friendly foreign intelligence agencies, if ours cannot be trusted to do the job, to come out and shed some lights over the fact.
The death of this unfortunate young woman was planned and ececuted by none others than the opposition, just ask BABI, and how much money he spent to tell a lie and to tell a big ones and hoping people will believe...well as it is now the people are not that gullible is it!
For the record we do know BABI ordered the killing of his wife's driver whom he sodomised!
Unfortunately this driver survived the planned accident near Rawang but his pregnant wife died!
The time is now for the police and the government to close the chapter on this evil man with so much evil intention for this country, once and for all!

Monday, June 25, 2012

What's in a name? A lot!!! Such as Whistleblower Protection Act!!!!!

Burden of guilt!??! But, at least give it a good and better name!

It makes you feel dirty and guilty, or just not noble enough for doing it because if you did do it, you are not sure whether you are doing it for the right reasons!
In a big country country like North America, it is called a Witness Protection Program, where you are willing to spill your guts to put someone like Al Capone, or John Dillinger, corrupt presidents, or CEOs to be found guilty and then if your lives are in danger after spilling your guts you are whisked away with a new identity.
In Malaysia I wouldn't want to be a whistelblower or a snitch or a tattle-tale, if by doing the right thing I would be branded as a whistleblower or a snitch or a tattle-tale!!
Why can't the government come out with a much less negative names for the Act and to replace the word "whistleblower"!
Just try to give a better description of what the rakyat will do to make our system a better system...but definitely not by being a whistleblower!
Those people who do the right thing and blow the whistle on misdeeds need to be protected. How about "A Witness Protection Act 2012?!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Am I the only one with this nagging feeling!!?

I am referring to all the lewd news regarding the leader of the opposition Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and his late night "soiree" that came complete with raunchy videos, and now his possible squandering the country's largess while finance minister and deputy prime minister to the tune of RM3 billions.
Yet he came out of all these unscathed!
And now a credible whistle blower in a form of a bank CEO, Abdul Murad Khalid, who come forward to attest to this fact (about RM3 billion in many master accounts) in BABI's accounts!
Then when I read the news further I saw a line that says ACA could not establish the origin of the RM 3 billions?!!
Now, is he going to come out of this allegatioon still unscathed!
What kind of an agency is this ACA, if it cannot do the job of investigating such serious crimes being committed and a credible witness to go with it......and in that case as a country, its might as well close shop and wither for all I care!
On my other worries, I think I fear for the life of the witness in this new RM3 billion probe.
This bank CEO who told ACA that BABI instructed him to channel millions into unknown accounts must be protected and to be protected by government people that can be trusted.
When the late Jalil Ibrahim was sent to Hongkong to investigate the BMF scandal man many years ago he was murdered for he had surely stumbled on something incriminating that is so serious that he had to be killed.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Islam is really not a complicated religion, but Wahabbism must be checked!!

Children from poor family being indoctrinated with Militant Islam! Many left and joined the Taliban!

We have the same problem here, due to our flawed education system!

According to Wikipedia, Wahabbism is: "Indeed, it is an Islamic doctrine which is based on the historical alliance between the political and financial power represented by Ibn Saud and the religious authority represented by Abd Al-Wahhab; the doctrine continues to exist to this day thanks to this alliance, the financing of several religious channels and the formation of several sheikhs.[8]" read more here!

It does not matter in what language it was told but the sermons -- be it in many madrassah or mosques in Peshawar, Lahore or Islamabad in Pakistan, Narathiwat or in Pattani in Southern Thailand, or in a Kompong Cham in Cambodia,or in a madrassah at Cox Bazaar between Bangladesh and Myanmar, Memali or Ceruk Tokun or in Pasir Mas or Ampang Jaya mosques in Malaysia, or in the villages situated in any valley Afghanistan - are all the same!
There is always one thing in common here: the sermons are always sponsored by the widely spread Wabbahism movement.
While we were basking under the sun and relaxing due to the demise of Communism, little do we realise that another scourge of humanity came alive in the form of the misinterpretation of Islam via Wahhabism.
Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) took advantage of the Wahhabist fund, in which we were made to understand billions of ringgit have been spent to make the people more robotically militant and to be more easily manipulated, and to go against the already working political system in the country!!
Wahabbism is not about sincerely spreading a good message of Islam but it appears that the movement is about turning law abiding Muslim citizens into Jihadist Militant. It is also about pandering to the perennial human weakness, that is money.
As I write this the blaring of the Wahabbist sermon is so bad that after listening to the wisdom of Doomsday and giving up the worldly accumulation of wealth and to think of only the hereafter, is so bad that listening to it from my balcony I wish I could do something to shut up these charlatans.
This is what Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin in the book they co-authored titled "Three Cups of Tea" on page 243 about Wahhabist financial involvement in Pakistan. "Many of their schools and mosques are doing good work to help the Pakistan's poor. But some of them seem to exist only to teach militant jihad".

The book also wrote by 2001, a World Bank study estimated that at least 20,000 madrassas were teaching as many as two millions of Pakistan's students an Islamic-based curriculum. It also says out of the two millions, 80,000 of theseyoung madrassas students became Taliban recruits. So there is a definite link between Wahabbist-funded madrasas education and the rise of extremist Islam!
While there is no statistics here to indicate otherwise, but one can always assume youth under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim have been fed with Wahabbist militant teaching and money. The money is said to be delivered in suitcases or through the untraceable hawala money-transfer system!!!!
BTW, ABIM and World Assembly of Islamic Youth (WAMY) all have received funding from the Wahabbist movement, and BABI is closely linked with these two Islamic movement.
In the final analysis it is all about money, billions of ringgit of them, and not about Islam eh! Now they want power to rule so they can have all the orgies that they can think of!!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Actually, by all definitions Malaysians, Malays especially, are running amok over nothing!!

Trisha man of Jogja! Despite of being surrounded by beautiful ancient monuments life is harsh there!

I was in Jogjakarta recently and what I saw really made me feel lucky to be living in Malaysia. People there have a hard time to eke a living. A trishaman in his early 40s rained praises on me being a Malaysian and telling me how lucky I was to be from here!
This article is not about praising or being political, but rather comparing what I have now, in terms of living in a safe and an "un-harsh"socio-politico-economic environment, to what others will do to come here.
A small boat carrying economic-immigrants went belly up drowning everyone.
According to an Indonesian enforcement officer that there was nothing anyone can do to stop desperate people trying to sneak in for a better life.
I just hope Malaysians are making a conscious efforts to be totally aware of what they have here instead of hoping for something much better.
The truth of the matter is we are way much better than compared to the rest of the region.
While in a five stars hotel in Indonesia I brush my teeth using bottle mineral water, why? Because there is a sign by the tap saying water is not safe to drink. While having dinner in another hotel the power went off, and driving along the highway the potholes were so bad that we have to stop frequently to pee becasue our kidneys were harshly pounded everytime we hit a crater in the roads.
Nothing like that here we have to agree!
Economically we are still strong and still not losing our edge compared to the here!
Just let us not be fooled by anyone saying otherwise!!
Have a nice day everyday!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Yes where are the damning proof or evidence, bring them out now opposition or you are just an empty drum?!!

Another badly done composite picture produced by the opposition!

This is a badly done composite picture of Razak Baginda, the late Altantuya and Najib, produced by the opposition thinking to actually tricked Malaysians!

A respected blogsite Stop the Lies saya "If we are to believe the Pakatan Rakyat-linked Suaram group, they would be releasing serious expose with details of what they termed as “damning evidence.” That’s the words, they chose, or maybe it’s the words of Malaysiakini, another Pakatan Rakyat outfit." Read more here!

When the opposition accused the wife of the prime minister being at the scene of a murder and supervising it when in fact she was, at the very moment attending a function at Tabun Haji with proof, the opposition did not want to know and did not want to apologise.
Their accusations were and still are baseless!!
When the opposition accused the prime minister of being involved in a billions ringgit Scorpene submarine deal, it was just that no concrete proof but instead of making a lame ones as they the opposition goes along through their lies.
This is what I as a citizen believe! What if the brutal murder of a foreign woman here, which the opposition tries implicate the prime minister, is being perpetrated by the opposition by using his supporters in the police force, possibly a high ranking officers even in the opposition Special Task Force Unit (UTK) and from those serving or those who have resigned.
Innuendos and suppositions are what make Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) thrived in his quest to wrest control of the country, well he can just dreams on!
I just wish our Malaysians to come out of their zombie-trance like conditions and be rational and think of the future of the country before believing all the lies spread, by the Opposition.
In a high stake game the opposition can now stop assuming Malaysians are easily duped and taken in by charm and sweet talking snake oil salesman anymore.
And in a high stake game the opposition is so desperate enough to hurl accusations but without proof.
So stop treating us like a little child to be easily controlled with your lies!

Friday, June 01, 2012

We have been de-sensitised and (de-synthesised) by sex scandals... and corruptions!!??

Sad days ahead for this great and beautiful country!

Yes we have indeed been de-sensitised!! And perhap to certain degrees also de-synthesised (becoming a fake human being or just robotic)!!!
You read it almost scandals and corruptions committed by politicians that are now appearing to be a normal behaviour in this country, which prides itself for being a good country with sound and good religious values, and norms and constraints!
For example I am still perplexed as to why no further actions taken against three men who exposed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim alleged sexual soirees in cheap and dubious apartments, frequented by sex slaves of all kinds.
Now Azmin Ali's loot of over RM30 millions amassed while he was only earning RM2,004 as a private secretary to the then deputy prime minister cum finance minister BABI.
Now we are made aware that a former anti corruption chief decided to closed Azmin'x corruption file at the behest of the then former deputy prime minister cum finance minister, as documents produced to the public have shown!?
Now the MAAC is mulling over Azmin's case when the public need the answer in light of what appears to be a genuine documents being produced online for us to see and scrutinise!
We have also been subjected to many videos depicting certain politicians in sexual romp, but yet no serious actions were taken to question the acts by these politicians if they were to be considered a credible leaders to take over managing the country!
Yet days in and days out we have these stories of Chinese and Indian and Malay politicians getting caught in a uncompromising acts as though the country is now saying " is now normal in this country for all these..."
If this our stance over such behaviours than I can say this country will have no chance in hell to live a normal life.