Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Under Pakatan Rakyat rule Malaysia will be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!

"JERANTUT - Seorang pemimpin kanan sebuah parti dan anak lelakinya ditahan bagi membantu siasatan berhubung satu kes sumbang mahram. Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Jerantut DSP Zakaria Kasim berkata, pemimpin bersama anak lelakinya yang berusia 14 tahun ditahan reman pada 22 Ogos lalu bagi membantu siasatan apabila anak perempuannya yang berumur 15 tahun melahirkan seorang bayi lelaki.
Read more at"

I am sure this 14 year old boy will be let off for good behavioure and also due to the fact that he has a whole lot of future ahead of him, and his sister will be rehabilitated for allowing herself to her brother and her father. The father also will be allowed to go free for being an important politician member of the opposition. Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) will see to it and will use his influence to buy justice to be allowed to be seen according to him.

This news, if it is true, is the most disturbing news I have ever heard since BABI was caught in video doing it to "anyone". Under PKR Malaysia under BABI will be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah, may God have mercy on us!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Met this Sabah bitch in Siena, Tuscany, she destroyed my holiday with her political rantings!

I will not dignify this column with a clear picture and beautiful shot of Siena grand plaza!

I am compelled to write about this and I am tempted to mention her name, but no, and she has a very loose tongue when she has more than one glass of any type of liquor.
This is almost a very typical story of any Sabahan that I have met, so full of anger against the Federal government and Umno, and against those from the Semenanjung, who they perceived as working for the government.
I was in Siena, Tuscany, recently to help celebrate my good friend's birthday.
We had a good dinner at this quaint little restaurant at one of the medieval cobblestone streets in Siena, I went outside with another friend for a breath of fresh air and then this half drunk woman from Sabah came to join us and started a frontal attack on me ,(e.g. telling me that I am a spy), on the Federal government, Umno, the prime minsiter and his wife and I told her to pipe it down since she was more than a bit tipsy with wine.
She went on the attack again and I said what has she got against the prime minister's wife amd I asked her did she know her personally or have she met her personally, on both counts the answers were "nyet", she has neve met the PM 's wife. So I told her she was out of line and I am on holiday with my wife and I did not want to spoil it.
She bragged about her relative is one of Malaysia's dynamic foreign minister, and also claimed her uncle, one of the country's top law enforcement officer Gani Patail for "toeing" the line.
She is nasty in that sense and I am now downsizing from her from my list of my fake and dishonest friends.
So under this beautiful Tuscan moonlit night with a group of people this person from Sabah spoilt it for me!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am saying it again: Malays are politically clueless, always be and will always be! Unless they seriously get their shit together!

I have to re-produe, with out permission, an article appeared in The Mole about Chauvinist Chinese (CC) controlling Penang. First of all what do the PKR Malays expect from CC under DAP.
A good article. It appears stupid Malays from PKR are complaining about the island state chief minister, Lim Guan Eng, being dictatorial?? Not sympathetic to plight of the poor and pathetic Malays!! What do you expect from them, they have always harbour the wish to rule Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. I believe they will if the Malays are still insisting they want to be stupid and not united.
First Singapura gone to CC and now Penang, next who knows, and why is this possible? Because stupid and moronic Malays are under the spell of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and they still do, unless theyu snap out of it.
The Malays with PKR are still blurr and clueless with the real politics of this country: The Chinese want to take over, get it??! They have Penang because of your idiotic amok syndrome by abandoning UMNO and to support PKR led by a snake oil seller BABI.
UMNO is still the only Malay party, not perfect, which has brought the country to what it is today: Political, economical and social success for over five decades!
Then you idiots got fooled by BABI and now you must get out of the rut! Then we have Malays under PAS who believe they are the descendants of the Prophet, well what can I say.
But I can say that if the enemies of the Malays have been trying to break up Malay unity in order to rule well it appears they have succeeded.
The Malays are now hopelessly divided and the only way to stop the rot borne by the CC syndrome and BABI's lies is to unite or we will regret it for the rest of our lives!

PULAU PINANG - DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, along with other party comrades, have never failed to drum up hatred against Gerakan, MCA and the MIC, by constantly telling non-Malays that the parties had sold them out by being subservient to Umno.
Lim in particular has mastered the art of whipping up such racist sentiments amongst the Chinese by harping on issues which had angered the electorate in the run up to the 2008 general election campaign in Penang.
However, in just four years of ruling Penang, the DAP has shown its true colours and is fast turning into the exact monster it has all this while accused Umno of being.
While the track record of an equal partnership between Gerakan, MCA, MIC and Umno in the Barisan Nasional (BN) is there for all to see, the alliance between DAP, PKR and Pas is fast turning out to be nothing but a big joke.
The Chinese dominated party has emerged as the `big brother` in Pakatan while PKR and Pas leaders are fast realising how they are being bullied by the DAP.
Recent developments concerning core issues like the implementation of hudud if Pakatan gains federal power is but one example of how the DAP has tried to portray itself as the dominant party in the alliance.
In other words PKR and Pas have become to the DAP what Gerakan and MCA have been accused of being to Umno.
Just recently two state PKR leaders lent their voices to a growing chorus of people condemning Lim's administration for bulldozing massive development projects with little or no consultation with local communities.
Penang PKR vice-chairman Datuk Abdul Halim Hussein and Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusof hit out at the DAP-led state government for unanimously converting whatever was left of agriculture land into upmarket housing projects.
While Yusmadi has been complaining of being left in the dark about what was going on in his constituency since 2009, Abdul Halim - who is also the state legislative assembly speaker, has only now woken up to what is going on.
However, the real evidence of the actual discord going on between the DAP and PKR has only now emerged following leaked minutes of a Penang PKR strategic meeting which was held just before Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on Sunday.
The minutes, clearly show what PKR leaders like Penang deputy chief minister I Datuk Dr Mansor Othman actually think of Lim and the DAP itself.
In excerpts of the minutes, Mansor is recorded as calling his boss as not only a cocky and arrogant leader but also a person who has successfuly endeared himself as a "Tokong" (God) to the Chinese.
"He (Guan Eng) is very arrogant, I tell you...cocky and arrogant. It is not easy. Now more arrogant."
"They ( the DAP) are sure of winning 19 (seats) and they want more. Because with two more (seats) they can form their own government and they can take from us (PKR reps) to be on their side and (then) abandon us (PKR)," he warned.
The latest revelation of Mansor's thoughts about Lim is sure to ignite his boss' fury and it remains to be seen how the Pakatan's supreme leader Anwar Ibrahim reacts to the storm that is set to follow.
Over on Pas' side, the so-called Islamic party's leaders have also been accused of swaying from their original struggles just to appease the DAP.
A group of grassroot members from various Pas divisions in Penang recently gathered to voice their frustrations of how their party had become so engrossed in its relationship with the DAP that it was willing to sideline its principles.
Mansor's opening remarks at the PKR meeting perhaps sum it up best when he said that "DAP adalah dictator dalam pentadbiran negeri Pulau Pinang."
It is time PKR and Pas leaders explained just who is being subservient to whom now.

Hush Hush is our MOLE in Penang.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All Chinese Political Parties (CPM) in Malaysia must accept the fact the country is inhabited by majority Malays!

Previous Malay leaders of Malaysia!

The current Malay prime minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak!

I saw Lim Kit Siang lying through his teeth on video showing this man, a Kuomintang sympathiser, with a "solemn" face describing his non-involvement with events leading to May 13th 1969, below I have to reprint, without permission from a blogger AYAH, whose comment appears in Hantu Laut, Ayah could not have said it any better, here goes:

I hope people who comment and make conjectures about May 13, 1969 were in KL, Petaling Jaya and the surrounding areas to witness the campaign by Lim Kit Siang and gang. There was Goh Hock Guan who spoke imitating the mannerisms of Lee Kuan Yew to a predominantly Chinese audience; there are other examples and there will be witnesses to testify to this.

The provocation was intense although there were no similar responses from the Alliance. I can tell you that the way the 'victors' behaved was uncivilised and it burned many a Malay heart as mine was. It made me want to do something to counter them!

Follow closely the events prior to May 13 and you will begin to understand. For those who were not born yet, you will not feel the sadness and then the anger and you will not understand, and of course you will erroneously blame Tun Razak and Dato Harun Idris. Blame if you must but do so with an understanding of the full facts that support your position; don't just pretend to think you know from accounts by the people who are inclined to twist the facts to suit their own agenda.

If Kit Siang says he was not around but instead was in East Malaysia, then let's ask him to prove that he is right. He stirred up the hornets' and then ran away (so he said) so that no one could hold anything against him.

I hope there are still records in the government's possession to show that Lim Kit Siang was never anywhere near Kuala Lumpur! I saw him parading one night in Jalan Sentul with Tan Chee Khoon as a continuation of the parades held by the opposition in Kuala Lumpur. So he cannot be in two places at one can he?

Lim Kit Siang knows what he did then and many many people know he was the leading instigator that led to the troubles.

August 20, 2012 7:19 PM

I personally believe we, Bangsa Melayu, will now have to take stock of our long time relationship, one sided as always, with Malaysian-Chinese who have always been ambivalent over their co-existence with us (Melayu). They have never been fully happy with the present political scheme of things.
They are never happy if they are not in full control. They can do it with Taiwan, when the Kuomintang went there and took over the island by force after Mao sack them from the mainland. They tried to take over Malaya in 1945 after Japanese surrendered, but failed.
The Malays on the other hand must rise to the occassion and wake up from their political slumber and demand the Chinese to find ways to show they are committed with non-chauvinism behaviour and live with us in peace. They must have realise by now we are very accomodating but not insensitive to rejections.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Daniel Dravot: The man who would or could have been king?....Naah! A whole lot of crap if he did!!

Daniel Dravot...a character from Rudyard Kipling's " The Man who Would be King" but instead in the end this character fell down into a deep chasm!

This is one of his quotes: "In any place where they fight, a man who knows how to drill men can always be a King. We shall go to those parts and say to any King we find - "D'you want to vanquish your foes?' and we will show him how to drill men; for that we know better than anything else. Then we will subvert that King and seize his Throne and establish a Dynasty. "

Well, he did try to drill and to subvert and failed. Daniel Dravot thought he could form and establish a Dynasty, but he failed and later fell into a deep valley chasm to his death after being chased by a bunch of angry people!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua Bangsa Malaysia!!

Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas dan Kaseh Sayang saya dan sakeluarga menguchapkan selamat berbahgia kepada semua, terutama kepada Bangsa Melayu!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bangsa Melayu: Let us not allow remnants of Kuomintang-Bintang Tiga-(DAP) to try seize power again!

Yes Chauvinist-Chinese via the Kuomintang Party have been trying to control this neck of the woods since time immemorial. A book "The Kuomintang Movement In British Malaya 1912-1949". Probably a good book to read and probably have some information on how the Chinese planned and tried to seize control of Malaya!

Chin Peng wanted to be the Supreme Leader of Malaya, a pipe dream indeed!

Wonder how many Malays they have killed!

Also bear in mind when you read this that they have already got Penang and Selangor! In September last year I posted this, and I am re-posting it again, in case you morons out there forget! (I mean to the Melayu bodoh yang paling mudah lupa dan senang di tipu).

The bloody and outrageous history involving the majority-Chinese chauvinist-cum-racist led
Bintang Tiga group (in real fact they were the Kuomintang stragglers that were left behind to do their bidding) were intentionally or unintentionally left blurred to Malaysians.
Especially to the chagrin of the Malays who seek the truth on why there are still so many chauvinist Malaysian-Chinese subscribing to an equally chauvinist anti-Malay party pretending to be a liberal one.
The darkest period, darker than the Japanese occupation it was said, was when the Japanese had surrendered and the British were late in coming to fill in the 14 days vacuum. It took British Military Administration 14 days, and for 14 days the Bintang Tiga, which disguised themselves as the Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, or Malayan Communist Party (CPM)led by Chin Peng and his anti-British and anti-Malay marauders, went on rampage killing thousands of Malays.
My own uncle was placed in a gunny sack and hung and about ready to be skewered with sharp bamboo shaft and not until my late mother had to sell some land to pay for his life.
The Bintang Tiga Chinese officer who dragged my uncle into the gunny sack to be killed was his old child hood friend from the same village, so go figure on this one, eh!
Meanwhile, the Bintang Tiga wanted to take over the country to destroy the monarchy by killing them, and to take over but were not successful, thank God!.
The late Sultan of Pahang was saved in a nick of time from being ambushed by the Bintang Tiga, and the Bintang Tiga also went into the Istana Seri Menanti looking for the father of the present ruler to be executed.
When the British came to resume power the Malays were prevented from taking revenge against the Bintang Tiga stragglers who have innocently assimilated into the rest of the Chinese population on Ipoh, Batu Pahat, in Grik and just pick any Chinese town and rest assured the murderous Bintang Tiga members were there, trying to go legit.
Today, as far as I am concerned, the Bintang Tiga has taken a different form they have regroup and they have managed to form a country down south, and controled Penang where, like how the Malays were told when Bintang Tiga was in power for 14 days that they cannot pray loudly.
Meanwhile the Malays led by power-hungry Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who is doing anything and everything in his power to stupid-fy the Malays and fragmenting the Malays, and while the ugly looking sarong clad PAS leaders who think they are Arabs, are trying to convince the Malays that they are in fact Arabs.
In the final analysis, the onus is on the Malays themselves to decide and to understand why they must be united and to be still supporting Umno, or they have no chance in hell to call this country their own again ever!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In defense of Myanmar and its people...

Rakhine province is full of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas, they actually have similiar ethnic identities, the Rakhine province, where the people are mainly Buddhist, is more naturally closer to Bangladesh that it is to Yangon!

The true ethnic Rakhine of Burma, they look different from the Bangladeshi or "Rohingyas"...These are displaced wthinic Rakhine people due to sectarian strife recently!

These are Bangladeshis from Bangladesh who are now squatting in the Rakhine province of Burma, a syndicate are bringing them down toneighbouring the difference!?

These are the "Rohingyas" who may or may not have live in Rakhine province of Burma for a long the difference!?

When I was in school Geography (Ilmu Alam) is one of my other favourite subjects, the other is History (Tawarikh).
I remember learning about a treacherous mountain range called Arakan Yoma. It is an anglicised name for the Rakhine mountain (Rakhineyoma) range that separates the isolated Rakhine province from the rest of Burma, or Myanmar as they call it now.
I have read about religious and sectarian violence in that province leaving many dead.
Okay now, looking at the map of Burma is just like looking at the map of Pakistan.
It is all fine and dandy and the map of Pakistan is always green in colour, with well defined boundaries.
Unfortunately, it is nothing like that at all in real life since the notorious North West Frontier or provinces are out of legitimate Pakistani government control. The North West frontier of provinces like Baluchistan and others haved trecherous terrain and are ungovernable. That's why Osama Ben Ladin loved it there since no one can actually have any reason to go there.
Back to Burma, in a map it is aso well a defined country with international boundaries.
But the fact of the matter is Rakhine province is a lot, lot closer to Bangladesh than it is to Yangoon or Nypitdaw, the new capital city of Myanmar
The Rakhine Burmese have tolerated the influx of Bangladeshis and those now labelled as "Rohingyas" for eons.
There are too many of them now. Together with the Indian like inhabitants of Rakhine who profess Islam as their "ethnic identity", there are also many thousands of Bangladeshis who disguised themselves as Rohingyas trying to sneak into neighbouring countries like Malaysia.
Especially Malaysia, and they do pose economic and cosial problems. The Rakhine and the illegals Bangladeshi or Rohingyas have to compete to live. To competer for space and sharing other resources in theis hurricane and typhon prone province of Myanmar is is tough, where life for everyone is hard done by.
The Rakhine-Burmese, who are mainly a Buddhist majority, is a peace loving people but not when their backyards are constantly being invaded by people who have no respect for laws. So the Rakhine snapped en masse.
Most of the time the Rakhine-Burmese are left to their own devices by the ruling Burmese junta, in the past sectarian and religious strife were contained, but in such conditions all it takes is a small thing for hell to break loose, usually during rainy season.
We must not condemned the Burmese government for "not helping", but even if they did no one knows and plus the fact the country is in a sort of a political mess.
One thing is for sure though, the Bangladeshis disguising as stateless Rohingyas are very much to blame for not respecting the norms and constraints of the Burmese-Rakhine, the host of the country.
We must get our facts right before we jump onto the bandwagon of list of armchairs political commentators. By now I am sure NGOs pretending to help the "stateless Rohingyas" are mushrooming, now that Saudi's millions are coming in to help the "downtrodden stateless people" of Burma.
I have this fear of how the persecuted Biafrans of Africa in the 60s and early 70s, and the Rwandans being economically exploited by bodies claiming to be helping with the rights of these downtrodden people such as the "Rohingyas".
BTW, I tried to get to the Rakhine province twice by road and it was nigh to impossible to do, too treacherous!


For your information Yangon, or Rangoon, the former capital of Myanmar, or Burma, is inhabited and controlled by Muslim-Burmese and they have been living peacefully with the majority Burmese without problem. The Muslim Burmese controlled trading, commercial and other business sectors. My advise to Malaysians is to lay off Burma, unless if you know the real story here!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pas and Umno must unite against racial chauvinism! Or forever hold your peace!

Najib Razak and Nashrudin Mat Isa in Mekah!

The main fear of chauvinist non-Malay political parties in the Malaysia is to actually see unity between Umno and Pas. For a brief moment under Tun Razak Hussein, Pas was in the national coalition but due to discord and mischief spread by Malays and non-Malay members of the opposition, Pas withdrew into its perennial religious cocoon, until now and I hope this will change for the sake of country and national stability. Anwar, Mat Sabu and other chauvinist members of the opposition must get heart attack when they see this picture! Read here.....!
Pemimpin pemimpin Arab Saudi pula sedang mengalu alukan Malaysia di bawah kepimpinan Najib Tun Razak! Read here.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, like Osama Bin Ladin....a terrorist master mind, with money!

Call it by any other name, he is still an active terrorist!

An ex- terrorist!

George Habash of the PLFP. Another ex-terrorist..

When Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was head of the Umno Youth Wing he, and about half a dozen youth members, went to Libya to do some guerrilla warfare training in the desert.
I was informed the youth wings under his command were trained by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP), at that time were so actively involved fighting the state of Israel.
It was not known what was the real reason why handpicked members of the Umno Youth wing had to underwent such training.
Funny thing is not even our so-called security agencies, including the Reasearch Department if the Prime Minister's Department, MEIO, aware of such adventure or simply couldn't careless.
Way before the 9/11, Anwar and few prominent Malaysian personality went to Burma to meet Osama Ben Laden, why we do not know.
When I was reporting for Time Magazine then, I sent a note to Hong Kong asking whether the bureau was interested about Osama meeting Malaysians in Rangoon, but the answer was negative. Then life goes on as usual.
The the US was attacked and lo and behold the name Osama became a household word now.
Never mind about Osama he is now dead and buried 20,000 league under the sea.
I am now digging all that old memory especially on this one: Why Anwar took guerrilla warfare training in Libya and why he met with Osama and what was the connection.
Is the CIA aware of this? What was Anwar's role in that meeting with a known dangerous terrorist. Can anyone fill in the blanks for me please!
I can see what is happening in Malaysia is like a major sabotage of the system which is on-going, and what is our own intelligence and security agencies are doing about nipping all of what appear to be a random act of crime that is taking place right now at the bud, as it now the public is living under siege and in fear!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bangsa Melayu memang senang di tipu....Part Two!

Ini lah rupa orang Melayu bodoh yang senang di tipu oleh agen PAP!

Subliminal Christian messages for stupid Malay-Muslim in Malaysia!

Christian symbol of Christ copied by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim to cheat the easily cheated Malays!

Bangsa Melayu Islam, majoriti Melayu di Malaysia, memang lah bangsa yang paling senang di tipu! Mereka paling senang di Keristian-kan, mereka paling senang di-rogol, mereka paling senang di-silat mata kan, mereka paling senang di nyanyi nyanyikan, dengan halus dan mereka masih lagi tidak sedar bahawasa nya mereka in di sifatkan sebagai budak dudak yang chachat!
Datang pulak Pakatan Rakyat yang memperkenalkan logo sambutan hari Malaysia dengan mengunakan simbol burung merpati sebagai simbol baru bagi menentang simbol yang di keluarkan oleh Ras Yatim, juga saorang Melayu bodoh pada hemah saya, yang paling kelang kabut di pandang dan untuk di tafsirkan. Read here...
Merpati ada lah simbol yang di guna kan untuk mengagungkan Jesus Christ dan saya tidak ada maasalah dengan kenyataan ini. Dan juga ikan melambangkan Jesus dan saya juga tidak ada maasalah dengan kenyataan ini.
Tetapi bila Pakatan cuba sekali lagi menipu Melayu Bangsat, juga termasuk angota Kabinet yang berbangsa Melayu Islam, dengan mengunakan simbol Kristian tidak ada pun sasiapa di dalam kerajaan, akhbar utama negara dan pakar ahli agama Islam yang menentang.
Maseh bodoh dan tertipu lagi bangsa aku! Read here!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Court of Appeal president is not serving the nation with his stupid and insensitive decision!

Roman Polanski also raped and sodomised a 13 year old girl, while being freed by the Swiss government on technicality and free from house arrest, outstanding warant of arrest is still on for Polanski in the US! He was a STAR and he thought he could get away with raping a minor! He was warned to "look over his shoulder" for he might get clubbed on the head or stabbed!

A Star, Noor Afizal Azizan. This is a benign face of a guy who had sex with a 13 year old girl...the law governing this act is serious, it is called Statutory Rape....a very serious crime indeed!

".. public interest would not be served if his client was given a custodial sentence when he had a bright future " - Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Raus Sharif

Yes, bright future as a serial statutory rapist. And you are out of order your honour, public interest is now condemned to hell with your stupid decision! Read more here, and read a Bizzare Decision by Just my Thoughts here!
And I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that this judge is working for the opposition, out to smear the government of the day under Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak..
No one is above the law even a superstar, and if he is a rapist found guilty he must be dealt with accordingly and to serve his day or days in jail. If a precedent has been set by this ruling rest assured there will be more statutory rapes in the country and lawyers, like Karpal Singh, will have problem defending their rapist clients!
Sex with a minor is adespicable act looked upon with disdain and horror by any civilised society and I supposed Malaysia has decided to back pedal to the dark ages, closing one eye, but no can do!
Najib, my prime minister, you must do something within your power to help overturn the decision made by the Court of Appeal president Raus Sharif I am sure he is not working for the interest of your government, and if you don't, well even I will vote for any other political party but BN, come the general elections.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Laws are created to protect the country and the citizens..!!

They are being cuffed and arrested and yet they are smirking, as if saying "jail me if you can". These two may think they are heroes but they broke the law big time and therefore they must pay for what they have done, or this government and its whole machinisation might just as well shut down and leave it to the dogs!

This short guy wants to play hardball, lets do it and wipe the smirk from his face once and for all, and let see if he can survive three years eating prison food!

In the case of Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategic director Rafizi Ramli and a bank employee Johari Mohamad being charged for violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 1989 (BAFIA), these two must be made to pay for breaking the law, if found guilty.
A deterrent is a must in this case when you think you are above the law and that you can do what you want, Prime Minister Najib Razak said if anyone has evidence to prove any corruption of or abuse of power it must be reported to the proper authorities, for action to be taken properly.
If found guilty, Rafizi and Johari must be given the stiffest sentences, if they are found guilty it is not because they are opposition members but because they broke the rules.
This is a simple case of if the public decided not to observe that simple rules of law then the country will break down into chaos!
BTW the person or persons or company that was revealed to have misused government funding must also be investigated and if corruption is indeed involved they must also be punished accordingly.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim: One man evil quest to rule......Part Two!

This man is evil reincarnated!

"Anwar Ibrahim does not trust Sabahans and think most are intellectually deficient."
This is a line I took from Hantu Laut to begin this posting. HL is stating what everyone in the know, knows about what Anwar Ibrahim thinks of East Malaysians!!! Read here...
Indeed, Anwar Ibrahim also wants Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, whom he describes as "kayu mati", when he was in Umno and the Government.
He once called S.SamyVellu "keling pukimak ni, melampau sangat nak mintak kuil lagi" , or in English and roughly translated "this bastard Indian he wants more Hindu temple to be built".
He once said, probably will not remember it for a person with split personality, Chinese can be easily told off and are able to be controlled "when I am the prime minister, Francis Yeoh (of YTL) dan Vincent Tan ( of Berjaya) dan Lim Goh Tong (from Genting Resort) ni kita ajar bila saya jadi perdana menteri" or loosely translated 'I will teach these Chinese bastards a lesson when I become the prime minister."
And said if given a chance Lim Kit Siang and the DAP should not be allowed even "to breath". The DAP, he said, would destroy the Malays and take over the country and would allow more pig rearing, and he said this when he was in power and when he was with Umno.
Well, Anwar there must be a good reason that you are what you are today, a man with forked tongue, a liar, a braggart, untrustworthy, a homosexual, a wife cheater, a bearer of a child out of wedlock (ask Azmin or Shamsidar) and an ex-con!
You do know your days are numbered and when that happens I would love to see the government of the day to confiscate all the money (in billions) you have squandered when you were in power! Then throw you back in where you jail!
Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua pejuang negara!