Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dr Mansor and other stupid and clueless bodoh-sombong Malays (Melayu)!

Cina macam ini kurang ajar dan tak berterima kasih dapat hidup di Malaysia, dan kat bawah pulak gambar orang Melayu yang sokong Cina macam di atas!  Orang Cina macam ni bukan bodoh sombong, mereka SOMBONG dan BONGKAK dan KURANG AJAR, mereka ni semua keturun Cina Bintang Tiga yang memerintah selama 14 hari salepas Jepun kalah dulu dan percaya lah mereka banyak bunuh orang Melayu terutama di Perak!
Muka Orang Melayu bodoh-sombong dan yang bersekongkol dengan Cina chauvinis dari DAP

*News update*
Dr  Mansor and the like of you gang Melayu  bodoh sombong, do not expect the Chauvinist Chinese to be sympathetic to the Malays' plight and aspiration if and when they are in total control of this country.  Kalu hang pikiaq hang boleh berunding dengan Cina macam Lim Guan Eng ni, you must be reallyout of your depth and stupid dan bengap!

Over the years growing up as a proud Malay well I am not anymore, why, because I am still surrounded by many many stupid Malays like Dr Mansor of Penang and many, many more of them.
Who are these stupid Malays you might ask, well let us start with Penang deputy chief Chinese mascot minister 1, Dr Mansor.  A Malay with a doctorate or medical doctor prefix I don't know.
He is an example of a Malay who suffers from a Bodoh-Sombong (Stupid-Arrogant) syndrome.
First of if you are stupid and refuse to admit you are one thus you are arrogant (not to be confused with Lim Guan End's arrogant, he is entitles to it because this chauvinist Chinese is ruling Penang that was once a Malay island).
If you are stupid and arrogant therefore you learn any lesson simply because you are being stupid and arrogant.
But, if you are stupid and admitted that you are one and not arrogant over the fact then your chances of survival are great.
Like many stupid but not arrogant Malays who supported Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who want to learn, left Pakatan Rakyat and now the chances of survival of them and their race are far greater than if they were to languish with the opposition with their strange, racist, and weird leaders and sex starved like BABI, LGE, Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu and many serial monogamist leaders among them.

Back to Dr Mansor, to begin with, anyone of the chauvinist Chinese who attended the meeting chaired with him must have leaked the video.  For him to trust these kind of Chinese is beyond my comprehension.
If Dr Mansor, a stupid and arrogant Malays, thought these Chinese are his friends well he deserved to be treated like a real moron (not use this word for a long time now).
Akhir kata saya seru bangsa Melayu yang maseh bodoh dan sombong dan tak sedar diri  supaya balik lah ke pangkal jalan.  Kita bukan benci mereka dan juga orang bukan Melayu yanf bodoh cuma kita tahu jika chauvinis Cina memerintah maka Melayu akan hapus dan akan ketinggalan zaman, saperti Melayu di Singapura! (Siapa nanti yang komen Melayu Singapura kaya raya dan sebagai nya yang baik bagi orang Melayu di sana saya akan buang kan komen komen ini ye!)
Dr Mansor boleh memohon ampun dan meminta untuk masuk kedalam Umno untuk memperjuangkan hak hak asasi Bangsa Melayu and Bangsa Malaysia yang menganuti fahaman Malaysia negara Melayu yang berbilang kaum dan yang di terajui oleh majoriti Bangsa Melayu sendir yang sudah memerintah dengan adil dan saksama untuk semua!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Extortion, sex, and murder = BABI and US Foreign Policy!

      If the jet belongs to this man(in yellow shirt) he must make it clear in statement in the main stream media like the NST or The Star, that he loaned his "jet".  Otherwise book-him Danno!

Confession of an Economic-Hitman is actually an old  book written by John Perkins,  an ex-CIA man, and it was scribbled by him as early as the 80's, quite relevant now though.  
I am happy that the true meaning of the book intended to be is now understood by at least one local blogger Apanama who wrote it well about the intention of the here
Perkins job specs was simple, to convince ruling leaders, opposition or otherwise, of the Third World to borrow money from World Bank and when the said country could not make good on its debt the country would be "taken" over by the great USA.
The tactic is well described by Perkins who was quoted as saying: "Their tools included fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization."  (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim - BABI -  should be familiar with such "tools" used to grab power, eh!)

The tools that  Perkins described above is the main ingredients of especially aggressive US foreign policy vis-a-vis to the rest of the world.  It maxim is simple : "If we can't cajole you, well we have to do our best to force you to resign and failing that we will kill you."
No, no, is not a case of watching too much movie, its real.
Again, I ask you to ask for BABI subscribes and prescribes to that very "tools" while trying to come to power.
He has so far subscribed to fraudulent financial reports for his income tax return for we now know he lives lavishly owned a luxury bus and a private jet registered in the US, bit of course not under his name, travels first class if not with his jet.  For now we know he has some RM3billions stashed, we even know the banks, and not to mention financial helps he received from his foreign handlers!
If this man comes to power this country will be ruined and peace shattered!!!
If it is true as reported that one businessman Taufik Omar owns the jet and loaned it to BABI than the owner must make it very clear and the NST must make him say it and report it in the MSM, and also LHDN or Income-Tax Department must also open this Sabah's datuk file and check his tax return and his business financial background.  If found shady book him for questioning!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

PAS and DAP (and now PKR) are all racist political parties..

When a group of Malays break away from Umno to form Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP), which is now PAS, it was done out of anger for Umno hierarchy giving in so much to the Chinese and the Indians, such as allowing them to hold ministerial posts.
These Malays in PMIP were even totally against granting Malaysian Chinese and Indians citizenship.
So they left and form their own party and stuck on to their racist ideologue.
Today, PAS out of desperation had no choice but to co-operate with another chauvinist Chinese political party, DAP and another equally racist opposition party PKR, to overthrow the existing ruling party and government.
In the final analysis, racist-based (not to be confused with racially-based) parties like PMIP-PAS, DAP and PKR have to make this unholy alliance with each other although each knows each is as racist aberration.
Back to the formation of PMIP then, it was done out of not being able to accept non-Malays to be within the Alliance.  So today their superficial acceptance of each other races is just a play acting to fool the population into voting for them.
As the saying goes the leopard never changes it spots!  You decide!

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a heart-rending story for me....

 Idora and her husband Rizal and two children

Let us begin our truly Malaysian reconciliation journey by helping this young couple!

I saw a news article in the Streets Central section of the New Straits Times today 21st Sept 2012, about a loving wife, Idora Baharudin,  donating one of her kidneys to her husband, Rizal Razak Abdul Razak, who needs one.  Now this is a personification of a true love.
Let me cut to the chase, if I have RM50,000 to spare right now I will give it to her ASAP for the cost of the operation, unfortunately I can't.
Indeed a heart-rending story of love that knows no bound, and if I could I would just like to hug them all.
Okay, listen up!  Lets not wait for RM50,000 to be collected for the operation but for the Daims, the rich tycoons, businessmen, the Al-Bukharis, the rich politicians to just write a cheque and pass it on to Idora.
To these rich people mentioned, all the millions that you have acquired, will not do you good once you have passed away.  Have a conscience, help Idora...please!! 
To you Idora may God give you the strength and for your family a full and happy life.  I am sorry I   
have no money to give you and this is all that I can do!

Salam Bahagia dari saya dan isteri!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This happens when Malaysian-Chinese getting arrogant!

 A badly brought up Chinese-Malaysian!
(Pix courtesy of Helen Ang blogsite)

There is this picture of a young kurang ajar Malaysian-Chinese boy with his right foot on the picture of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. A despicable act indeed!
He appears to be so arrogant and smug and such behaviour is now so prevalent among young ingrates like him who was mostly raised by his equally kurang ajar parents, probably dream that he one day will be the king, or sultan or mentri besar of this country.
Why not, he probably said to himself, now that he has a good life and probably a good job and yet he cannot come to term with the fact that what he dreamt could not be realised and cursed himself that he is Malaysian of Chinese descent, but then if he was born in neighbouring countries right now he could not even speak his own mother tongue walking down the street!
But the truth of the matter is that life for him, like the rest of the "suppressed" members of the Malaysian minority of this country is so "bad" that many of them, while driving in their Mercs, Bentleys, Jaguar, Audis, Porsche, Lamborghini etc and living in expensive houses and condominiums in posh areas of town that they  will be cursing about how life for them is so miserable.
So they vented their frustration of being so badly "discriminated" upon by stepping on pictures of the prime minister and this will help their cases of being "badly treated" in this country and that this act will help their situation.
Well, you can try!?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tony Pua also echoes Lee Kuan Yew and Lim Guan Eng's "plea" for the Malays to support them and you know the rest.!

Budak Cina handsome ni pandai pakai baju cantik tapi hati tak bersih dan ikhlas!

GE-13: At Stake is the Survival of the Malays, says Prime Minister Najib, and I agree with the PM, infact all Malays should and must agree with the PM!! PJ Utara DAP member of parliament Tony Pua who said Prime Minister Najib Razak said that “the 13th general election is not an ordinary election. Instead, it will determine the survival of the Malays.” He said Najib used this as a threat of “the survival of the Malays” to threaten Malays into supporting Barisan Nasional.

Not true Tony Pua, Najib is telling it as it is, and the Malays now know this.

Pua went further twisting Najib calls for One Malaysia concept as a fake call when he accused Najib, like Muhyiddin Yassin, who purportedly said he was "Malay First then Malaysian".

It's funny though to see chauvinist Chinese like Tony Pua while at the same breath saying Malays are not stupid to listen to Najib, who said the 13th general elections will determine the Malay survival, actually believes that the Malays are stupid to believe what he is saying is true.

Honourable Tony Pua, you guys are using the same book used by the PAP when LKY took over and tricked the Malays into supporting the PAP, like the Penang Malays being duped into voting the DAP in as a government, and we can see what has happened to these Malays are they do in S'pore and now Penang?!

Survival of the Malays simply mean the country under Pakatan Rakyat (PR) under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will see the demise of the Malay institutions, under PR this Malay dominated country will be turned Republic.

The news for you is Mr Tony Pua that the Malays are now beginning to see, or mata dah celek, some may have been fooled by PR but so many have return to the fold.

I predict you yourself will lose your PJ Utara seat come this 13th GE sir! Read more here!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Saw What Misconstrued Freedom Of Speech and Expression Can Spark in Libya..

Like these peace loving Libyans, may be peace loving Malaysians must also get to the streets to show displeasure against those out to desstroy our peace and harmony!

Peace loving Libyans protesting against the violence....

Violence expression begets another!

American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by protesters and what many considered to be also by armed terrorists killing American ambassador Christopher Stevens and two of his security personnel.

They died unnecessarily because some riresponsible American video maker or European cartoonists thought depicting someone else's prophets and religion in a disparaging way is fair game and as an act of the freedom of the speech and expression. Obviously they are wrong.

However, in the aftermath of the killing, the people of Benghazi reacted to the violence by showing their disgust and anger over such act by going to the streets protesting against the killing.

This is what happens when there are people misinterpreting the freedom of expression and freedom of speech. If Malaysians cannot learn from such an incident well we have only ourselves to be blamed if this country is burning because some people prefer to use gun and destroying public property to express their misplaced frustration.

Bottom line is we have to respect each other there are no two ways about it!

Our condolence to the family of the ambassador and his security people killed during the attack.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is introducing un-healthy and dangerous political culture...!

He thinks he is an action hero!? A no, no!

Our plainclothes men are good!

A very dangerous client, and must be avoided at all costs!

When I saw pictures of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) bodyguard drawing his gun to a crowd then I know this country is heading for a big political problem.
Tun Mahathir Mohamad, when he was the prime minister, was once asked what he foresaw would happened to the future of this country's political scenario, he just made a motion of pulling a trigger with his index and thumb like a gun.
Well, today BABI has introduced a very dangerous political practices, culture and campaign tactics such as bad-mouthing others and then drawing hand-guns to shoot if you resist.
It is true that I have been to many political campaigns and never once saw any politician's bodyguard drawing a hand gun, like in the Philippines or Southern Philippines, as though trying to kill tthe opponents!
My suggestion is the bodyguard in question, Zimbo, must be made to pay for his action in accordance to what is allowed by our laws and he should given the maximum as allowed by the book, and let his fate act as a deterrent to others who might want to try do the same!
Enough us enough! And no guns please we are Malaysians!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Neo-Colonialism and Neo-Imperalism are real, and a threat to our sovereignty!

BABI, the biggest recipient of foreign fund to be used in overthrowing the government, the Monarchy, and anything that does not suit his HIV infected brain!

In the 70's when I studied political science at my university, I remembered when Professor Alan Mills talking about neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism, state actors and non-state actors...yada yada yada... and I was bored to tears and almost always yawn at his class.
Among others he said in a country where no direct invasion could ever be performed for many obvious reasons, the super powers will always, never failed, employed the service of the "fifth column", opposition group, NGO's etc, that exist in every country.
In a country considered "belligerent", any super power or powerful nations that want to usurp power will use homegrown factions to do the bidding for them.
Take the case of Belgian Congo under Patrice Lumumba and Indonesia under Sukarno, two resources rich country had told the super power to take a hike. Lumumba was brutallykilled by his friend General Kasabuvu, Sukarno was branded communist and a traitor, but try to explain why such a man is now being revered and has his picture on the country's currency?
So both leaders were branded communist, a very powerful bogeyman catchword in the days of computer, internet, and digital less era, because they dared to go against the might of the superpower's powerful machinisation.
Both Lumumba and Sukarno who were ardent nationalists and were in a way of the super power greed for natural resources, had to be treated with extreme prejudice....yes they had to be made an example of.
You can pick and choose any example you like of leaders who went down for going against the force of neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism! Mossadegh of Iran was also branded communist and the US government emplaced him with a much more friendlier king, who was later overthrown..that is another story or is it!? The only difference is that the countries that suffered the fate are countries deemed to be politically "unstable" at that point in time.
We can say Iraq, Indonesia (at that point in time), Iran also at that point in time, Libya, now Syria, the then Belgian Congo, Grenada, many countries in South America, Zimbabwe, and many countries in Central Asia, have suffered the same fate.
The countries above have experienced the bad sides of neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism.
In Malaysia, such attempts have been made with the help of foreign money to "overthrow" the existing legitimate regime.
Many Malaysia's NGOs, news portals, political parties, individuals have been receiving funding from foreign government or governments to do the the political bidding's for them.
We now know Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), is now considered to be the main recipient of any foreign funding that this country has ever known.
He and a group of Umno Youth under his leadership has also been known to receive guerrillas warfare training in the desert of Libya.
Like how he seduced Umno under Tun M, into thinking that that he was a good man and should make a good leader, BABI has been successful in seducing the decision makers of a super power that Malaysia under the present government and political party is repressive and not doing enough for this multi-racial country and its people.
I urge Malaysians to think very, very carefully when choosing a life, do we want to live under a lying man or live in peace under the existing format. Know what they say: If it ain't broke don't fix it......!.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Kaum Chauvinis Pendatang Cina Makin Berani Hingga Memijak Gambar Perdana Menteri kita....Bangun!

Poor unfortunate ignorant behaving like monkeys!

Muka BABI terselit di antara dua muka keturunan Pendatang Chauvinis India! Guna sama guna!

Kalau tak ada BABI kaum chauvinsi pendatang Cina tak mungkin berani memaki Bangsa Tuan Rumah Melayu dan pijak gambar Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak, dan menghina institusi Raja Raja dan adat resam tata susila Bangsa Melayu!!
Perbuatan dan pengunaan BABI oleh chauvinis Cina DAP dan parti agama sesat PAS telah bloeh menyebabkab anasir anasir chauvinis berani "masuk bilik kita dan merogol isteri kita" dengan sewenang wenang nya dan justeru itu apa yang menyebabkan Bangsa Melayu masih tidak sedar sedar lagi yang mereka ini bangsa yang paling istimewa di dalam dunia tetapi maseh mahu mengadaikan harta dan maruah!?
Bangun, Bersatu dan Sedar lah Bangsa Ku!