Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kelantan PAS husbands infect their wives with HIV+!!

This is what will happen to the Kelantanese women infected with HIV Positive in times to come, and no God will  ever get involved with any human stupidity and folly since God gave human, including PAS members,  the brain to think!
State Health, Family and Women Development Committee chairperson Wan Ubaidah Omar
Victim of AIDS, thought his God was going to protect him, now I am sure he's saying to himself it was God's will for him to be HIV Positive....sigh!  A simple Malay mind!!
While Malays are devastated by disunity and running a big risk of losing their political power over control over their destiny, up north in the Islamic state of Kelantan, Malay women are infected by HIV positive by their mainly pious, religious and hypocritical PAS husbands.
While PAS raison d'etre for the country is just to control women's bodies, it also promotes infecting HIV positive to their women, and they think that even of they are having unsafe sex with prostitutes in Golok, for example, that their God  will protect them.
Hurrah for an Islamist party which aspire to rule the country and then clearly showing that it is steering the people back into darkness!  News report below.....
KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan government is concerned over the rise of HIV cases in the state, particularly among housewives.
State Health, Family and Women Development Committee chairperson Wan Ubaidah Omar said there were 616 new HIV cases in 2009, which was the highest recorded in the country. Sixteen per cent of the 616 were women, of whom 40 per cent were housewives.
"These women are innocent and were surely infected by their husbands," she said during a break of the Kelantan state assembly session Thursday.
Wan Ubaidah advised men, especially husbands, not to frequent prostitutes and for young married men to refrain from sex out of wedlock.
Concluding her speech during the debate later, Wan Ubaidah urged all assembly members to assist the government in educating their constituents on the dangers of drug abuse and promiscuous sex.
Media reports on September 16 stated that Kelantan had the highest number of HIV and AIDS cases in the country last year.
Health Ministry statistics revealed that 28.8 out of every 100,000 Kelantanese have been infected by the incurable disease. -- Bernama

Read here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Palestinians of Jordan Valley, the West Bank, told to leave their homes!

Palestinians of this beautiful and fertile Jordan Valley were told to move from their home "temporarily", we heard that before!
The Israeli soldiers were told to be brutal when sacking Palestinians from their homes!


News update

Gaza strip where a very small land areas occupied by millions of defeated Palestinians is now being bombarded by the Israelis and thousands have been killed including children.  All the UN can say to Israelis is to stop it shelling and yeah right!  The world cannot act againsts the Israelis simply because this country is exercising it's nuclear deterrent attack me I will blow up the whole world!  Good luck world!

Typical story of the vanquished!  I am talking about Palestinian villagers around Jordan Valley in the West Bank who were told to move out of their homes "temporarily" by the Israeli government due to Israeli military exercises.   Read here...
I am interested about this simply because the last time the Israelis told them to leave they were never allowed to return.  This is what happens to a defeated, now disorganised and vanquished race, where their lives are  uncertain and that they are mercilessly being treated cruelly by the victors.
Closer to home we can look at Singapore when it fell to the PAP Chinese because the Malays were in a state of disunity and disarray and out of sync with the rest of the world.  When PAP swept Singapore the Malays there were totally oblivious of their status, soon to be classified as a "downtrodden" people.
Penang DAP (read PAP) is doing the same to the Muslims and Malays there!
Like the Palestinians, they were so oblivious to the encroachment of the overseas Chinese  movement who had planned to take over the island as early as the 1800 and have succeeded.
The European Jews came in droves and bought Arab lands in Palestine and brought their scientific know how on how to transform Palestine into a Jewish land and they succeeded, and hurrah to them for being smart and united.
The Arab world only reacted to the "invasion" and the "exodus" of Jews from Europe, and from around the world, the occupation of Palestine, only after the fact.
When Jews were occupying Arab lands in the Palestinian area, the Arab world was in a state of total chaos, killing and assassinating each other and engaged in political infighting.
Perhaps for the Malays, there must surely be some lesson to the learnt from the state of being of these poor Palestinians who have been occupying Palestine and the Jordan Valley, since time immemorial! 
Yet when they were invaded and eventually defeated by the Israelis, and their olive orchards chopped down, simply to break the Palestinians spirit, and their oases taken away and home destroyed and then told to leave, they were totally helpless to fight back.
We can say Malays in Singapore living in flats may have a better lives, but better according to whom?!
Like the disunited Arabs, the Malays must learn from history of the defeated peoples of Palestine, for if they don't they will suffer the same fate, Insyallah!  If the chauvinist Chinese succeed to take over this country, with the help of stupid Malays, I will say hurrah to them as well!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I have come to the conclusion Malays are easily tricked!

Mana ada chauvinis Cina DAP buka puasa dengan orang Islam kalau tak pancing undi!?

Pembohongan besar:  Mana pernah Cina buat macam ini dulu kalau tak pancing undi Melayu bodoh!

Melayu, bila chauvinis Cina macam Hannah Yeoh pakai tudung kebaya terus jatuh cinta

The Malays used to believe that Malay unity can never be broken if they maintain total unity via their strong language, culture and adhering to their strong religious belief.  They always subscribe to the adage "United we stand, Divided we fall" well they have appear to have fallen like rotten mangoes from the tree.
Now even their religion is being manipulated by their enemies, they will be so taken by chauvinist-Chinese politician visiting their mosques, they will be so impressed to know there are opposition-Chinese politicians in their mosques pretending to want to know about Islam when we know many of them are a bunch of born-again Christians who have no intention to convert to other religion let alone Islam.
Lee Kuan Yew wore a songkok when campaigning in Malays areas once upon a time, and Tian Chua was seen cutting korban mean at a mosque compound, and they the non-Muslim-opposition politicians are making their rounds of visiting muslim places for worship.
How can this happens?  Well as I said above the Malays are the most easily tricked and manipulated and conned into believing.
They believe Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim  (BABI) is a saint and that he did not do all the stuff shown on U-tube that he did.
They believe chauvinist-Chinese like LGE and LKS will be looking after their interest and now in Penang they are crying foul, but nobody is listening or care whether they are living on the street and do no have a house....because LGE only looks after the Chinese interest.  If you are angry at my statement don't because you all know I am telling the truth!
Meanwhile, if the Malays still insisted  on being gullible and easily taken they have no one else to blame but themselves.  Wake up please your time is seriously running out!

Friday, November 09, 2012

I was sympathetic to the whole family's suffering...until now!

She is now beginning to look like her father in drag, what happens to you girl!

Listening to PKR vice-president and MP for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar, saying the Malays have their right to convert to other religions, is their righs and it is totally baffling to me.
Now when ever I see her speaking on video  I just see Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) in drag, Nurul is not as "pretty" looking anymore.  She is bitter, she is not thinking, and she is beginning to look like her father wearing woman's clothing, full of hatred and she had better think of how to raise her children in this world.
Before I proceed I have to point out that BABI's son has totally dis-acknowledged his father and no one wants to talk about it.
Ask yourself why a son refuses to acknowledge his own father!  Well there must be a really good reason.
Nurul Izzah is wrong to say Malays have been deprived of their right to convert to other religions.
I will now tell you a short story.  When I was in Israel many, many years ago I interviewed Israelis from all walks of life, from generals to a prostitutes!  My last question was a simple one.
I asked: "Do you eat pork?" 101 percent of the respondents said: "No!"
I asked why? The answer was simple: "Our religion. Our religious beliefs forbid us to so and we have to abide and follow our rules."
Malays born in this country once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu stipulated that they are Muslims.
So it has been that for eons.  Now we have a parvenu of a politician who now propagates that Malays can convert to other religions as it is their rights to do so.
Oh BTW Nurul should also sue Malaysiakini which carried her news about telling Malays can now convert to what ever religion they wish to, not just Utusan!!
So macam pepatah Melayu ia itu Bapa borek anak pun rintek! BABI pun pernah berkata itu ad lah had orang Melayu kalau nak masuk agama lain!  See Here!
Bapak penganut fahaman liwat anak pulak kata Melayu boleh tukar Agama.
Kalau Melayu kat negeri ni masih bodoh dan bangang lagi nak sokonng fahaman sesat gasak kau orang lah!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Big Bird has spoken!

Now PKR can now promote bacon and free sex.....!

After conversion eat bacon and have free sex eh Nurul!
Approved also by PKR...memang dunia nak kiamat da Sudin!
I listen to Nurul Izah Anuar saying religious  freedom of expression must encompass all races including Malays....She asked why couldn't Malays change their religion if they want to.  Basically she sending a signal saying Malay-Muslims can have the rights to convert to other religion...she and her political party must now promote bacon and free sex, while shes is at it!  Because bacon and free sex are liked by the West?

Monday, November 05, 2012

Nazri Aziz the bad boy....saying it as it is...well it's good!!

Nazri and his son Nedim
 I saw this interview in Sabahkini between reporters and Nazri Aziz regarding allegations that his son Nedim is involved with a businessman Michael Chia, that also involves the later alleging giving Nazri's  son a very expensive Hummer.  I am more interested in how Nazri extrapolating on sexual tryst of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim involving a Chinese prostitute.  To me this is the first time, may be, that a Cabinet minister actually said it, but in not so many words about sexual video involving Brother Anwar and a Chinese prostitute.  Below is the excerpt of the interview, a classic Nazri Aziz's repartee and rejoinder!

(Reporter asked) : "I know you don't care about gutter politics and that this is not even a mosquito bite to you. But do you think this issue would harm BN in the election?

(Nazri's asnwer): Why harm BN? Why BN? What about (an opposition figure's) picture screwing (a) Chinese prostitute and all that? That one don't harm... is what is happening to me worse than that? Huh? Is it worse ah? Is it worse? (We all know he meant Brother Anwar ha ha!)

If (the opposition figure) is not worried, why should I be worried about this? Your picture all over town, in the cyber world, f***ing this prostitute from China. He's not worried, why should I worry about this. You can quote me on this.

You ask me if I'm worried, on whether it will harm BN. What I'm saying is that this picture of (the opposition figure) screwing this Chinese prostitute going all over the cyberworld, he's not worried. My question is: should I be worried?"  Read more here if you want

Saturday, November 03, 2012

If DAP rules Malaysia, the Malays will for sure Balik Kampung!

Melayu kena tipu of LKY kerana percaya dia sebab dia pakai songkok, Melayu memang Bangsa yang senang di tipu!
PAS Melayu memang bodoh, senang kena tipu dengan wang dan perempuan!

May 13th 1969 occurred when the opposition thought it might ruled Selangor and start to taunt the Malays, according to my uncle.  He said the Chinese and some Indians were chanting "Melayu balik kampung", or Malays go back to the villages!
Chauvinist Chinese is now ruling Penang and the Malays there have all gone "balik kampung" ,  mainly to the bigger Malay ghettos in the mainland.  Some Malays were offered a "good" prices for their houses by the Chinese.
In Penang, Malay land in Balik Pulau have been converted for easy access for Chinese developers to develop the land, well it goes without saying that if you (the Malays) are not in power no body give a shit about your fate.
Now in Selangor, if DAP completely rules Selangor, all PKNS flats meant for low income Malays will be destroyed to build a bigger and more expensive condominiums with prices not and never within the reach of ordinary Malays.
If  DAP rules, yes the many legislation to protect the Malays will be scrapped and the Sultan may have to move to Putrajaya for the DAP will find ways to take away the palace property.
All of the above!?  Well, if I am a chauvinist Chinese DAP member I will do the same for I will have no love lost between me and the stupid Malays, who are so easily tricked and conned and cajoled.
If I am a chauvinist Chinese DAP member I would like to see this rich state to be ruled by Chinese with the help of so many corrupt and weak Malay leaders, like Khalid Gagap.
The thing is, if the Malays persist on being weak and stupid and easily convinced by lies well they deserved the Chinese government they get!
Here is something scary to think about, even in the villages the Malays will not be safe, for if the Chauvinist Chinese rule the country even the Malay land will be converted into whatever shape and form that they want.
So my advise is for the Malays to choose whether to be drown by their Arabic-styled Islam or to be more nationalistic in their outlooks to protect their rights and country, but of course without compromising their religious belief.
Yo Melayu, you decide!!!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Malaysians are just a bunch of an uncivilised moving violators!

Mind boggling accident when a stupid driver hit a school bus!
This is really sad. This could only happen if you are speeding or drunk while driving!

"A definition of a moving violation, according to wikipedia: Is any violation of the law committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion. The term "motion" distinguishes it from other violations such as parking violations, equipment violations, or paperwork violations relating to insurance, registration, inspection, etc."

In a civilised society the citizens will follow the simple traffic rules, such as not to overtake when a school bus is stopping while its two hazard lights are flashing.  Why?  Because when a school bus stops with the hazard lights on it means children must be given the right of way to cross, and if a car does not follow this strict and simple rule a child might just be crossing the road to the other side and an overtaking car would have hit and killed this child.
This simple common sense can only apply to civilised society where the rule of law is respected.
The definition of the Rule of Law is that: Individuals, persons and government shall submit to, obey and be regulated by law, and not arbitrary action by an individual or a group of individuals. 
In this country laws are not respected and the opposition lawmakers encouraged people to break the law, and this is simply just too mind boggling for my mind to process!
Take the case of the recent brouhaha over the implementation of the camera-based Automatic Enforcement System (AES), that has been opposed by the opposition parties and individual politicians from both the opposition and the government.  As a citizen I do not see why such a system to reduce accidents is seen as an infringement to civil liberty?  It is supposed to save lives!
Zainul Arifin Md Isa, in his column with the NST, wrote that this country has more than 400,000 traffic accidents recorded every year, with more than 6,000 deaths. He added: "These statistics should form the basis in all of our discourses, debates or protest of any system aimed at reducing it.  Unfortunately, we are obsessed with "cronies" leeching on our misdeeds."
Pokok Sena Pas MP Mahfuz Omar led a protest of 10 people in Kajang to protest against the use of AES, sadly yesterday a terrible accident in his constituency killed five people, who will remain a statistics, and the driver fled.  Chances are if the AES had been installed at this stretch of road the driver could have also been identified. Read here! And here!
How a car can plunge into the sea from the Penang bridge stumped my common  sense.  A car must have been speeding when it went out of control.  Another life wasted.  These is all because Malaysians are a bunch of moving violators and when a system is installed to curb or reduce accidents, it turns political.  It is just that something must not be politicised if we do, 6,000 or more people will die in road accidents.


Thursday, November 01, 2012

If only you have seen what I have seen! Failing that take Xanax!

 The headline for this blog is a quote taken from a movie Bladerunner, in which an android who wanted to be human and about to be destroyed, told his nemesis that.
Yes I was at the sniper alley in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H), in the 90's during the senseless war there which saw hundreds of thousands killed; Muslims, Serbs, and Croats and other casualties such as the gypsies who got caught in the middle.
The sniper alley was filled with rotting cadavers and the only time both sides raised a white flag was when the smell was getting unbearable.  I saw the body of an old lady with her shopping bags on the road after being shot at by a sniper.  I remember what the Croatian army major who was minding me said, the body was there for four days.  Once a beautiful city Mostar, like Sarajevo, the capital of B-H, was completely destroyed by ethnic strife.
Was also in Cambodia immediately after the Khmer Rouge defeat and after they massacred close to 2 million of their own, and it made me wonder why people do such things to such extremes.
I was told by a psychologist that people, human beings, behave erratically due to many factors physiologically and psychologically.
Physiologically is when there was not enough to eat, this can cause chemical imbalances in your body that can lead to erratic behaviour.
"Hitler was probably a diabetic when he made an erratic decsion that saw the death of six millions Jews but diabetic or not his action was dead wrong," said this psychologist.  Agreed!
Rwanda also saw millions massacred for what? Well, now leaders from both sides have recorder their remorse over their heinous acts. Still after the fact!
Jews and Arabs, I am very sure if they want, can still find hope for peace but yet both are too stubborn to admit killing is wrong, in any religion.
At least the "ethnocentric" Germans under Angela Merkel have found it in their heart to built a remembrance square to the millions Gypsies massacred during Hitler's evil regime, even though it was 50 years too late.  But better than never, right!
In New York today the city, as seen on CNN and other television stations, and as I was told by a friend was a scene far worse that 9/11.
Hurricane Sandy unleashed one of Mother Nature's powerful forces that saw millions at the mercy of cold and wet.  The city is totally out of commission, subways flooded and airports shut down, and people are struggling to keep warm, or you die from hypothermia.  The thousands of homeless people in NY, we have no idea what happened to them.
I was in Rakhine,Myanmar, early this year and managed to see this racially-strife driven isolated part of this country.  People are living in an organised ghettos. Scarce and limited natural resources, human beings living like hundreds of rats in a small enclosure eventually led them to killing each other.
In Peshawar I saw two million people, this is in the 90's mind you, living in squalid refugee camps; they fled Afghanistan because they do not want to be killed.
Back to me, I had a back problem the other day went and saw my orthopaedic surgeon and he fixed me really well, only in Malaysia.
Just to make me have a good night sleep I was given Xanax and I slept well.  My country is so good.
How I wish I can give some Xanax to heads of the warring factions, and to the unfortunate people around the world, so at least they can lighten up and sort out their problems in a better way, rather than killing each other!
I was so happy this morning when I woke up this morning because I wasn't dreaming and that I was really in Malaysia!
This country is so blessed and yet there are still many who are bent on screwing it up!
To these people you might want to try Xanax for a change, eh!

Happy Deepavali!