Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wake up Singaporeans!

[A blog by Melissa Low, author and a film maker. Warning: this blog write-up contains obscene words. Readers be advised.]
My final standpoint is that Singapore is a great place to go on holiday to – sunshine, beaches, great food. But it is one of the worst places to work in (and thus live in, since you need to work to sustain yourself, duh) in the world.
I’ve had enough of this fucking parade of egos, moral righteous asses and self justified fucks.
I’ve had enough of job interviews.
Yes, I’ve been lucky. Yes I’ve aced almost every interview I’ve been to and been offered a fuck load of jobs. But no, I’m not happy about it. After this past fortnight of nightmarish interviews, I am now convinced the only reason I am here is because my family is here. Read more here!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dangerous power struggle in Malaysia between the Malay and the Chinese....

Lets us keep it that way!

Call it by any other name but it will still be a very intense power struggle between the economically strong and united Chinese and what appears to be the fragmented Malays.!
If the Malays lost it, it will spell the end to everything that institutionalised everything Malay from the rules of law, to which some was derived from the ancient Malay kingdom and to great extent the British rules of law.  Not Chinese, French or Arabic.
I am more concerned, to my observation, about the Chinese, especially under the DAP, that has somewhat managed a relentless efforts to de-mystify everything that is Islam, and Malays in this country.
Take for example the use of the word Allah, while even the conservative Malays know the word in Arabic means God-Almighty even used by Lebanese-Arab christian, but NOW it has been twisted around by the organised Chinese led by the DAP to manipulate the "true" meaning of the word.
The word Allah, to the Muslim-led Malay country is to tell everyone that this Malay-majority country is indeed being ruled by the Malay, led by the Malay-sultanate system and with Islam as its official religion.
Just like why the system uses "bin" and "anak lelaki, or A/L" just to tell the difference between the "original" inhabitants and to those who came later to make the Federation of Malaya as it was called then, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, their home.  Seriously for this one there was never really an issue until DAP rules Penang.
Just so to remind everyone those with  the A/L category, that they are no less loyal to the constitution and  to the King as those with BIN.
If Malaysians think they are having a hard life under BN rules they have to think again, for Malaysia is blessed with the successive governments that have been able to maintain a very strong economies, equal distribution of income, just sit at BSC, in Bangsar, on your free day and watch how many non-Malays being chauffeured driven by their Malay drivers, then cone to me and tell me they are being persecuted...hogwash!
Back to non-issue issue such as the meaning of the world Allah, I think the opposition must stop behaving as though the rest of peace loving Malaysians are stupid, we do know why in East Malaysia the non-Muslim there are allowed to use the word Allah for their Bible, because there are 0.022 percent chauvinist Chinese that live there to create confusion over the use of the word Allah, as there are many chauvinist Chinese led by the DAP living here in the peninsular.
As for the fragmented Malays, I don't think the government is bothered by other Malays who want to turned this country into another failed and doomed Muslim country.
And fortunately for us Malays, much more of them are now beginning to be aware that they will not be IDLE NO MORE! They want to maintain the status quo and bring back Malaysia to the original path...without Taliban like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz, and snake oil seller Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI),   pro-Kuomintang chauvinist like Lim Guan Eng and his very old father Lim Kit Siang!
Recent survey have shown Malaysians are all aware the kind of shenanigans the opposition are pulling and the good news is the majority want to live in peace in this country called Malaysia, a truly Asia environment where everyone can make a decent living!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This will happen to the Malays if they vote for DAP-Keadilan-PAS troika!

Native Canadian makeing noise after being a defeated nation, no one listens to them!

They will be dispersed by sundown

Futile effort of every defeated people or nation to talk to the victor!  Malays beware of the troika!

 There is this news about the defeated first nation people of Canada.  When the white men came they, the natives, were promised many things and now they only live in reservation, the poorest of all people living in Canada. Literacy rate is very low, mortality is high among them.  So once in a while they will make an attempt to bring out their problem to the open, the thing is no one cares, especially the Canadian government!  This is what will happen to the Malays in general in the country if they opted for DAP-Keadikan-PAS troika!  Malays will be reduced to nothing.  In Canada native demonstrators demand to speak with provincial, federal politicians, but that is all that they can do to their demand just to demand, but nobody gives two hoots about their problem!

"Since Wednesday, 14 protesters from the Nak'azdli Band have blocked Highway 27 at Necoslie Road over safety concerns with industrial traffic.

Highway 27 is the only highway through Fort St. James and the only route to logging sites and construction at the Mount Milligan mine.
Local vehicles are being allowed through, but RCMP Const. Leslie Smith said the situation has grown tense.
"Blocking down the entire highway is causing a lot of stress for that community," said Smith. "You know there have been heightened emotions from the drivers of these commercial trucks."
After late-night negotiations, the Nak'azdli protesters are now allowing two trucks through every hour. A three-hour detour around the blockade is in effect for other commercial vehicles."  Read more here!"

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Malaysians!

Pakatan Rakyat will be trounced, BABI will lose his deposit...2013 will be a good year for the country!!

They will not trick the Rakyat again ever!

Out of the 222 parliamentary seats BN will win more than a two-third majority of 148, possibly 178 (mark this number), and PR will win less than 44 seat, much less.
Penang will go back to the Gerakan-MCA control and back to BN fold, Kedah, Selangor and will be fully entrenched by BN rule led by UMNO.
Kelantan will be taken back by BN, and Nik Aziz will for the first time in his political life lose his seat, Kelantanese have now realised he is a charlatan an ustaz not even a full fledged qualified religious scholar.  Kelantanese also realised his wife have hold hundred of land titles owned by ordinary Kelantanese who use them as a collateral for borrowing money.  His wife is not as benign as she looks.
Hadi Awang is gone with the wind, he will lose simply because he has been branded as a charlatan and a fake, and relatives of those who died at Memali want more clarification on his edict for those who died as "martyrs".  One of the questions asked was were they properly buried according to the Muslim rites.
Yes, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) will also lose his deposit!  His daughter Nurul the same, so is Azmin Ali and many more PR so-called stalwarts.
Latest, finding has come to the conclusion majority Malays are beginning to realise DAP is only using PAS and Keadilan to win.  Over 89% interviewed in Permatang Pauh are convinced that was BABI in the sex video.  They, the 89% interviewed, said they will not be voting for him!
Also 90% of those interviewed in all of the opposition led states believes BABI has sold his soul to the DAP all in his pursuit, and with his evil obsession, to wrest power.  Perak will see a strong Umno  coming back to power more stronger.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bangsa Singapura dan Bangsa Yahudi ada lah bangsa yang pintar!

The first Zionist came in bullock carts trek across the hostile environment, and in less than half a century later they carved a country out of Arab land!  The same fate will befall the Malays...if they insist on being stupid and shallow!

Ini di petik dari The Unspinners:
"Mula dah agenda anti-status Islam sebagai ugama Persekutuan ... Dengar agenda Lim Kit Siang ada tidak kurang dari 34 agenda pemusnahan satu-satu sosio-politik warisan Islam dan Bumiputera khsusnya Melayu di negara ini yang dibantu rancang Singapura dan ejen Yahudi Israel."  Baca lagi di sini!

Ia tuan tuan dan puan puan yang berugama Islam dan berbangsa Melayu, terutama mereka dari parti PAS dan Keadilan.  Kalau sengit dan terdesak sangat kamu semua mahu memerintah negara jangan lah sekali kali berdekat diri denga syaitan yang berkulit kuning dan bermata hijau.
Kesimpulan nya jika pembangkang yang di terajui oleh Cina chauvinis dan Melayu hampas dalam parti PAS dan Keadilan masih berdegil lagi untuk menulung meruntuhkan institusi Melayu maka Tuhan juga tidak dapat menulung kalian semua....otak di beri tidak di gunakan kan, kampung di beri tidak di jagakan, maka jika kita kalah memang sah lah kita ni bangsa yang cuma cukup di hamba abdikan!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Others have excelled and we are still in a shit hole!

They died because they believe in lies churned by Hadi Awang!
After the edict by Hadi the followers became agitated  and run amok killing!

Others have excelled to the point of conquering space, and have placed robot doing its walkabout on Mars.
Others have created more new frontiers to be explored, and have also on the verge of finding cure for HIV Positive and cancer, to name a few just to save mankind.
Others have gone beyond splitting atom and discover new matter to be studied and I can go on and on!
Back to us Malaysians, we have perfected only one thing that we can be proud of, and one thing only....telling convincing lies!
Yes, convincing lies,  because there is a market for it....the Malaysians, Malays especially!
Just take the most exclusive and most expensive restaurant in the world that serves thousands of dollars for a bowl of soup, and thousands dollars more for its main course and tell the world the wife of the prime minister was there to eat while plotting anything.....Malaysians will believe it!
Tell the world the daughter of the prime minister was in Australia and we all know there is a famous jewellery store there and tell the whole world the she bought expensive jewellery that cost a lot of money and Malaysian will believe without thinking....even though the prime minister's daughter was not even there.
Again write a story with a lot of suppositions and print a write up and picture of Paris most exclusive and expensive fine dining restaurant, Le Meurice, and tell the whole world Rosmah Mansor was there.....and the whole Malaysians, Malays especially, will believe.
While others have been to Mars, split atom many times over, discover the cure for HIV positive, and free jumping from the edge of space to earth....meanwhile we Malaysians we have become a nation of convincing liars!   We have to be better than that!
When Ustaz Hadi Awang lied 31 or so years ago in Memali that saw may death from that lies, it is still relevant today for discussion, even now if we want action can and should be taken on him.
Never for once should we accept his edict that made his followers went on a killing frenzy, killing people and then killed by the security forces, as not relevant for today's discussion.  He must be made accountable for his lies that saw may death after that!
Like the Nazi of 52 years ago, they are still being hunted where ever they are still today and like the rabble rousing Al Qaeda religious leaders of London who incite riots than led and can lead to death of many, what Hadi Awang said then that we now know is wrong, he must be made accountable for his action...for he is one of the most convincing liars that this country has ever seen....apart from Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).  Their action can cause serious political instability for Malaysia!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A polished con-man and possibly the devil himself...

Another attempt to trick the frail Malay minds into trying to make this rabble rouser fella  into being just another regular man does not work for me!

 Another attempt to trick the frail Malay minds into trying to make this rabble rouser fella  into being just another ordinary man also does not work for me!

Do not let this devil deceive you into thinking he is just a regular Joe!!  He has the abiluity to make his followers to get into a frenzy and kill people like he did  in Memali!

Only the simple minded Malays that can fall to the trickery and chicanery of a snake oil seller.
Those days when I was young I walked from Maxwell School to my house in Kampung Bar, but on the way I would stop at the ABC (Air Batu Campur) stall at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.
Apart from having my ABC whenever I could afford it, I would stop at the toddy shop behind a post office there to watch Indian men drinking toddy and they were rowdy and totally drunk.  Most of them mainly wore loin cloth holding their tin cups, rambling.
Then I would proceed to watch a snake oil man selling his product, namely snake oil, to mostly majority Malays who were hypnotised by the the seller's sale pitch.
Funny thing was these spectators were only buying coconut oil mixed with garlic in small bottle but what interesting was the ability of these snake oil men to trick and mesmerised men into buying nothing else but ordinary coconut oil mixed with garlic to make it smell medicinal.
The moral is if you can talk you can even sell ice to the Eskimos, or sand to the Arabs!
The only other men making money out of these snake oil men were the Chinese coffee shop fella, who would sell their kopitiam and roti bakar, every day, seven days a week.
The simple minded Malays would lose twice, one to the snake oil men and two spending money at Ah Kows' coffee shop drinking "regurgitated" or recycled  coffee or tea.  I have seen how tea and coffee being recycled to be re-sold!  Only those days hope!
Well, today things are no better for these simple minded Malays, they are easily taken in by a different version of the snake-oil seller.
Some even have the ability to incite riot and to go against the security forces only by their sheer rabble rousing ability, and got away with his crime.
Case in point is this fella Hadi Awang, the so called president of a Malay Islamic party.
The home affairs should have been after him right after the Memali incident in which many people died after being "prompted" by this man to kill "evil" government of the day under Mahathir Mohamed.
But this man is good, as the saying goes the hands the trwow the stones are seldom seen.

Another invisible stone throwing hands fella is BABI, that stupid and idiotic narcoleptic fifth sleeping prime minister (another con-man) should not have released him from prison.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Baling Con-Job of 1974 "commemorated"?

These  jobless "student activist" Hishamuddin Rais then, who is now a well to do rabblerouser raving and ranting and BABI, on his left, at the Baling incident of 1974, and the beginning BABI on his journey a sthe country top con-man.  To BABI and Hishamuddin, Baling was the the beginning of the biggest Sting job that this country has ever known.
The Baling Incident of 1974 commemorated and I read how a Malaysiakini spin doctor,Terrence Netto, tries to equate Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) with Martin Luther King, the American civil right movement leader who was later killed. 
Well, the comparison was pale and way off, because Martin Luther King was a real bona fide human rights movement activist whose fight for his oppressed black American was real, while BABI was just another con man, like the previous prime minister Tido-llah hmad Badawi who conned all the Malays in Umno that he was indeed the next nationalistic and good Malay leader, but instead others to rule Malaysia.
He even tricked and con me into believing that he could have made a big difference as a Malay leader.
The Baling Incident of 1974 is just another Pakatan or Pakatan supporter's weak attempt to a final futile putsch towards the general elections, when there was no other "issue" to play with.

My question to all the desperate Pakatan people is this: For a "leader" like BABI where did he gets his RM 3billion and how did he amassed it!  Where did this dear leader get his money to ruin the country?!
Like Tidor-llah Badawi, BABI also executed his con-job via his sheer demagoguery capability tricked the Malays and Malaysians to do what he is good at doing, from way back when he was a student activist:  Telling lies!!   Malaysians you decide!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Malaysian Taliban...we must stop them!

My archetypal beautiful Malay girl then!
My possibly Malay girls of the future!  Forced to be covered!!!
If we don't make serious efforts to stop our own Taliban from going on rampage in this country with their confused brand religious doctrine, our women will ended up like these in 20 years, or even earlier!

When I was young I remember a religious sect based in Gombak 8th mile where the women were covered from head to toe, in black.  They belong to some kind of a religious cult other wise known as the follower of the teaching of Tarikat, a deviant Muslim sect as I was told.
Whenever they board the Len Seng bus to town they were frowned upon by others, through the mental hounding of these sect they, after many years later, disappeared.
I was so happy, and we Malays were en route to progress where Malay movie were making good movies the female movie stars were beautiful women wearing kebaya and baju kurung.  Saloma, Zaiton, Rahmah Rahmat, Rosnani (she is still beautiful until now) Latifah Omar, and many more beautiful Malay women who were not wearing tight head scarf.
P. Ramlee  and his two stooges were even poking fun at religious deviant, and his movies acted as a social glue that bonded the different races together
I also remember how beautiful Malay women competing in beauty contest, I was so proud.
Today after the Gombak religious cult, Malays again are appearing to be regressing they are again being forced by the unseen Malaysian Taliban to "behave".
They have their head covered again, when knowing the hair is not your aurat to be covered.
It appears the Malaysian Taliban have deviated from the true path of Islam, and their raison detre is only  to control woman's body (menguasi anggota wanita) .
But Muslim women in this country, even though they are the majority, are too weak to resist these Malaysian Taliban.  They are too weak to even trying to find out what is a true Islam and what is Islam concocted by these Malaysian Taliban.
If PAS rules, it will impose all of the insecure Malay male behaviour and passing it as Islamic. If PAS rule Malay women in the whole country will be forced to be covered from head to toe.

As it is now, my weak Malay women just succumbed to a strange order of instruction given out by Malay Taliban maleswho  laced their instruction with some Koranic verses, to legitimise it, and told the women to cover their head.
Even these insecure Malay Male religious zealots cannot define what is aurat.
Meanwhile my beautiful Malay women will waste their God-given beauty by covering themselves, why because our insecure Malay religious men are not all that well versed in their own religion, as to what is true teaching of Islam!
To the Malay women, I say to wake up and not allow these Malaysian Talibans to control your mind, body and a Woman!!
Read more here!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Anarchy reigns supreme under chauvinist Chinese-led opposition rule!

The de facto Mentri Besar of Selangor!

Reminiscent of Hitler Youth destroying no-Aryan property, 'cept these morons are from Selangor state enforcement agency, controlled by Mentri Besar Ronnie Liu aka Massage Parlour King!

Now Selangor Pakatan under Ronnie Liu wants to pull down the AES cameras and then withdrew the threat and now decided to cover the cameras.....what the fu%k is wrong with these puk% mak China dan Melayu gagap!!!! One day  I will tell you a story of how this gagap Melayu behaved at karaoke lounge hilarious...between being drunk and trying to grope GRO girl and stuttering!  We have video, let see how mean and piss off I am!

MIC Youth and several NGOs will protest in front of the Selangor State Secretariat building on Friday, tomorrow, 7.12.12, at 11am to stop the Selangor state government from demolishing more hindu temples ands altars.
They are asking for support from Malaysians of all walks of life to join demonstration to show to show the people are angry.
M. Muniandy, a taxi driver said today they destroy a Hindu altar and tomorrow we have no idea what they will do, but he is definitely not voting for the Pakatan under the rules of Ronnie Liu, the real Mentri Besar of Selangor, he said.
"Khalid tak ada kuasa semua DAP control...pelacur rumah urut pun sudah banyak ini negeri (Khalid has no power Selangor is controlled by DAP...under them more massage parlours and more prostitutes in the state now).
Muniandy is one of the many disgruntled and disillusioned voters from Selangor who will be voting for BN this coming elections.


Saturday, December 01, 2012

Konfirm Orang Melayu PAKATAN dan PAS Bangang!

Gambar Xavier Jeyakumar, exco PKR Selangor, memberi khutbah dalam masjid kepada orang Melayu bangang, yang pakai ketayap putih memang sedih di lihat. (Saperti di Singapura sabelum PAP memerintah dahulu kala)

Memang sudah sah lah orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang di Selangor ni bodoh, bangang,dan tidak mampu berfikir sahingga berjaya di tipu oleh orang pembangkang untuk membenar kan dia (Xavier) membuat putar  belit dalam masjid.  Read here!
Bangsa Melayu ni bangsa yang unik, bangsa ni lah sahaja di dalam dunia yang mempunyai sikap bodoh sombong, kalau mengaku bodoh makna nya ada peluang untuk belajar pandai, tetapi jika bodoh dan sombong pulak makna nya hati dah mati dan peluang belajar habis.
Kalau Melayu bodoh penyokong pembangkang ni belajar dari sejarah Singapura jatuh ke tangan oleh kerana Cina PAP pakai songkok dan juga pernah berucap, berkhutbah di masjid di Geylang, Tanjung katung dan banyak lagi kawasan kawasan Melayu berkempen sabelum PAP merampas Singapura.
Kalau Melayu bangang ni tengok Teresa Cock dan Hannah memakai baju kurung mereka paling ssyang pads kedua dua perempuan Cina yang tidak langsung ikhlas dengan tujuan mereka.
Oi Melayu Bodoh Bangun la! Sedar lah niat Ciana dan India pembangkang yang ghairah dan gian sekarang oleh kerana mereka sudah paling ingin merampas kuasa di Persekutuan Tanah Melayu ni!