Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rotten Tomatoes says...........!

A Minang boy Riza Aziz (right) rubbing shoulders with Hollywood...well done!

I was curious as to the brouhaha involving the "son" of "Tun Razak" who now joined the rank of Hollywood powerful movie producers.  And buying expensive apartment in New York so I Googled.
Well it turned out to be true except the "son" is Riza Aziz who is actually the son of the wife of the prime minister of Malaysia Rosmah Mansor's from her first marriage. 
This makes him the step-son of Prime Minister Najib Razak, and he is also very close to his step father. Riza, a very smart guy I was told, studied oversea and then later became a banker and now a Hollywood movie producer.
I don't know about you but when ever I see a successful Melayu who made a name for themselves I am very proud.
When Yuna became a celebrated name within the North American music industry and who has appeared in many famous US talk show  I said "well done".
Wait up, before you morons accused me of being pro--Malay, you wrong I am also very proud when Michelle Yeoh became an international movie star and  Jimmy Choo made a name for himself for making exclusive woman's shoes even the late Princess Diana adored his inventions.
No, I am proud of Riza because there are not that Malays that have become the world major players in many influential fields.
So when Malaysians just want to be negative without even giving Riza a whole credit of being a successful Hollywood  movie producer I think its unfair. Even the Malays are falling for chauvinist Chinese and chauvinist non-Malay Malaysians' negative propaganda to down play Malays' achievement and endeavour...now this to me is very, very sad.
You know what they say about the Malays having the highest holders of PhD...which stand for Perangai Hasad Dengki...it appears the Malays are the most easily dissuaded lot that they even  easily believe their enemies' propaganda to destroy their own race.
So what if Riza can afford to buy an expensive apartment in New York he probably works for it using his grey matter!
For the Melayus and Malaysians, we all should be proud of his achievement.  Let us acknowledge that!  Oh yeah! BTW how many of us Melayus can say " I know LeonardoDi Caprio and Martin Scorcese personally!" Do you?

Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie, Wolf of Wall Street, at 76% and thus far raked USD18million at world wide showing and placed on top ten of its box office list.

Rotten tomatoes
Web definitions
  1. Rotten Tomatoes is a website devoted to reviews, information, and news of films, widely known as a film review aggregator. Its name derives from the cliché of audiences throwing rotten tomatoes or vegetables at a poor stage performance. The company has been owned by Flixster, a Warner Bros. ...
Wolf of Wall Stree

The Wolf of Wall Street

release date:December 25, 2013
running time:180 min.
director:Martin Scorsese
studio:Paramount Pictures
producer(s):Riza Aziz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Joey McFarland, Martin Scorsese
screenplay:Terence Winter
cast:Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Jean Dujardin, Jon Bernthal, Jon Favreau, Ethan Suplee, Christine Ebersole
inspiration:Jordan Belfort
Current Tribute rating:

Current rating: 2.73

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A deterrent is a must to stop this nonsense!

A serious deterrent is needed in Malaysia!

I read every day about lies and outright lies told by people against others and smearing anyone they like and they appear to get away with it!
Recently, I also read Big Dog about Singaporeans who observed the laws and rules in their island republic, but yet they go berserk breaking the laws the moment the enter our country?!
May be they perceived the laws here mean nothing where in Malaysia everyone can break it and can smear anyone and know they will get away with it?
A good example is when PKR Tian Chua who accused the government of staging an invasion of our own country which took many lives of our own security forces!?
I am still waiting for when is he gong to be taken to trial and read his case and if found guilty he ought to be punished as a deterrent!
Perhaps our judicial system is not all that strong after all, and if it is how come any one can just say sorry after accusing someone of many insidious and cruel accusations!
The time must come very soon where a serious example to be shown to the general public that one cannot get away with slandering and accusing people and then apologise and then acted as though nothing happens?
Yes I am ashamed to admit this but in my warp and strange ways I would like to see our justice system to be as swift as Singapore.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gajan Kristnaskon........in Esperanto it means Merry X'mas!

I am somewhere in North America now and it is snowing. Walking through mall, I am not much of a mall person in Malaysia, is fun where people greet each other with nicety.
Writing this on X'mas eve where the sun suddenly shines and snow flurries dropping like dandruff from a sick head.
I wish joy and happiness to the world and to Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng, Nik Aziz, Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu, Tian Chua, Ambiga to name a few and many more idiots with their unhappy childhood, and may they repent their sins and to their racist tendencies and  from being ultra religious morons.
The thing to remember is those born in the 30s,  40s and the 50s will definitely all die before the end of the century, or may be even before the end of next year! So can we at least be more kinder to one another.  Try to enjoy life with each other as much as you can, while others around the world are killing themselves?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The path is now clear for MCA to re-join the government!

Well done!

The recent MCA party elections saw Datuk Seri Liow Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong as president and deputy president respectively.
It is now clear the MCA Malaysian Chinese wants to be part of the country decision making by supporting leaders deemed to be moderate, and the path is now clear for Prime Minister Najib Razak to appoint Liow and Wee to the Cabinet as full minister and deputy minister.
Unlike belligerent former MCA leader Chua Soi Lek, whose defensive and offensive stance against BN leadership are quite offensive, both Liow and Wee are more easy to bond with.
BN leaders, within Umno especially, were not comfortable with Chua's leadership described as almost emulating the "opposition stance", and now are more likely to work in a spirit of comradeship with Liow and Wee at the helm.
I can see Najib appointing Liow as the new Transport Minister and Wee as minister or deputy minster in the Prime Minister Department, for a start. MCA must now look to the future in a  positive spirit, with Chua Soi Lek, and to help contribute towards nation building.
I personally know Liow, and helped him during last general elections, and he is a pleasant chap to interact and to talk with, and I have also had the opportunity of meeting Chua and he strikes me as an arrogant person who is very hard to have a conversation with, especially with his "holier-than-thou- attitude".
Come 2014 we need to discard arrogant party leaders and politicians within  BN and the opposition parties so we can strive towards the betterment of the country....especially in the eroding multi-racial department of Malaysia.  Read here: http://www.mca.org.my/en/mca-polls-liow-wins-presidency-wee-is-deputy/

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rosmah Mansor conferred an inspirational award!

A strong and an emancipated Minang woman!

True to her strong and emancipated Minangkabau woman spirit, Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor was rewarded and honoured with the conferment of a very prestigious award for her relentless job to provide opportunities for the development for women and children around the world, through her Permata programme.  She does not endure mediocrity and always strives for excellence.  Thus by doing so, she does not endear herself perhaps, making women and men threatened by her free spirit of emancipation.  In the Permata Program, children are celebrated and offered support in their life's endeavour:-


KUALA LUMPUR: Permata Programme patron Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor was today honoured with the 'Global Inspirational Leadership' award at the Africa-Middle East-Asia Amazons Awards Gala in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The event organiser, Centre for Economic and Leadership Leadership (CELD), said the award was in recognition of the high commitment, role and initiatives of the Malaysian prime minister's wife that had given an impact on women and children's development.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's strive to be honest, happy and better human beings next year!

Let's strive to be happy, if we can! For tomorrow we may die!
Everyday, I have been reading one or two or three or more blog sites that I fancy. I used to read this one blog site, after watching a Russell Peters video as my routine before I go out, and I thought this particular blogger was very funny, never failed to entertain me before I go out.  Suddenly this particular blogger became full of hatred and anger and his personality changed, calling people idiots (dunggus) and suddenly its like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
He is diabetic.  Initially I forgave him for I thought perhaps his glucose management or the drug was causing his personality changes from being a funny man to a one full if anger and hatred and sadness.
Nowadays, I do not get angry, I do not even get even. I just ignore situations and sigh at “friends” who believe that they know more than anyone else.  That they have that a God-given right to think sooo loudly in their blogs.
Sometimes our hatred for something that is beyond our control makes us into very sad people.  As for me, come 2104 I will strive to be a better person and I well  never pretend to be more than what I am.
I will just let fate do the job for me.  I suggest for some whose undying obsession with their religions must believe that something bigger than us will show us the way.
Meanwhile I am off to see my precious ones and to enjoy life while I am alive on this planet.
To hate and to pre-judge, and to be petty will not and can never be my reason for living from now on (never were actually).  I just want to enjoy life. (Hopefully another 20 years- that’s enough for me.)
I suggest my “friends” to take care of their health. As the modern adage goes “shit happens and then you die” and I would like to change it “let shit happen if you can’t stop it, but do not die miserably”. 
P.S.  My dentist again tells me at my age I still have my whole set of teeth free from cavity, and my doctors said my blood pressure is normal and I am not a diabetic, nor am I overweight nor having a secret heart condition that I am hiding from the world.  In all reckoning I think I am okay.  As for the country in future, I am sure it will still be in a good hands but definitely not under Pakatan or the DAP. Oh yeah. Five years from now it will still be governed by tested people and political parties that have been doing it for the last five decades. 

Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

For all intents and purposes......Tun Mahathir is the most proper rep!

Tun Mahathir and Mandela were very close friends.

Tun Mahathir, personal representative of Prime Minster Najib Razak, at Mandela's funeral.

A great man has passed away, I am talking about Nelson Mandela, and he is so great even his death has to be treated with dignity and respect.
I am glad Malaysia had Tun Mahathir Mohamad, the father of modern Malaysia, attend the funeral of Mandela also as the personal representative of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.  Anyone else would not do proper  justice to Mandela in terms of giving him final respect.
We all know the great history of Mandela, but not many of the younger generation are really aware of the special bond between these two men, and the two countries under Mahathir and Mandela were very close and helped each other.
If I were an adviser to the current prime minister of Malaysia, I would have advised him to ask Tun Mahathir to attend the ceremony, thus to represent Malaysia at the funeral.
Granted Najib is the prime minister and as head of state that would have warranted his presence at Mandela's funeral. I am sure he wanted the former prime minister, Tun Mahathir to be at Mandela's funeral because of their special bond.
The timing was such Najib then could attend a scheduled meeting in Japan with other Asean leaders and Malaysia was represented by a respected former prime minister whose name was also well known in Mandela's South Africa.
Just ask anyone in South Africa and any leader in Africa and they will mention Mahathir's name with love and respect.  He was ardently anti- apartheid and a friend of South Africa.
I believe Najib did not attend the funeral simply because he wanted the father of modern Malaysia to be in South Africa to attend to his very dear friend's funeral.  It is also nice to know that Tun Mahathir was a personal representative for the prime minister of Malaysia at the funeral, making Najib well represented.
I love the personal and finer touch involving the arrangement for Malaysia to be at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, a great man who defied the odds and gained the respect of the world.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Much Ado About Siti Aishah?

 (This was sent to me by Mr Azlan Ramli and I decided to use it on my blogsite)
Could someone please tell me what's the big brouhaha about this Siti Aishah person? Why oh why are we giving so much attention to someone who has (willingly, I'm VERY sure) discarded her state, her ethnicity and even her family?

She can't speak Malay anymore and most likely doesn't practice any Malay custom anymore. No need for us to get into the subject of religion... those two are more than enough to make her a non-Malay anymore according to the Malaysian Constitution's definition of what a Malay person is.

She couldn't care less about maintaining her Malaysian citizenship. So, she's NOT a Malaysians anymore. What is she, then? I DON'T CARE!!! Yeah, it's because she is what & who she is now due to her own free will, for more than half her 69-year life! 

Nope, not because she was kidnapped and locked up in a basement or secret rooms like those three American women in Cleveland, Ohio whom were publicised about recently (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_Castro_kidnappings). Siti Aishah Abdul Wahab settled in England (never mind illegally), she loved it there and the way I see it, she probably wants to die in the UK... or maybe in China! Whateverrr lahh!

Also, she doesn't give a hoot about her family. No contacts, no letters, no e-mails, no Skype... NOTHING! And based on what her 73-year-old sister Kamar Mahtum told the media after that oh-so-emotional meeting at a 'secret police safe house', she never gave a rat's ass about her own mother!

Kamar Mahtum said Siti Aishah asked her about their mother, who died almost 20 years ago, by the way. Wait, Kamar Mahtum is 73 years old. And she is NOT even the eldest of their siblings, some of whom have passed away "long ago". Was Siti Aishah seriously thinking that their mother is still alive?? What a joke!

Yeah, Siti Aishah is a GONER - no different whatsoever than her mother and those deceased siblings. She doesn't want to have anything to do with her family anymore. Mind you, that meeting was arranged out of her family's (yeah, Malaysian family and not her adopted Marxist-worshipping gang)  request by the British authorities on humanitarian grounds. Had she been given a choice, she wouldn't want to have anything to do with anyone from Malaysia at all.

And she definitely doesn't want to have anything to do with Malaysia, her former country anymore! As far as she's concerned, she was born in Malaysia, raised in Malaysia and then left for England to be what she wanted to be, till her last breath. And that's that.

Her major concern now is what the British authorities have in mind for her, hence her super-secret meeting with Kamar Mahtum conducted and accompanied by many British security personnel. Decades of actively promoting Marxist ideology - and based on British soil, at that - would definitely make the Brits VERY interested to 'catch up' with her. Wink wink!

Either way - I DON'T CARE... and so shouldn't Malaysians too (other than her family members, of course!). 
No, I don't find this sad at all. What I find sad... wait, PATHETIC is Malaysians - the media, Government and the people - all getting so worked up and emotional about it. Wasting news space & airtime and resources to give coverage to something so stupid, even my Indonesian denim & leather tailor at Pertama Kompleks (Kuala Lumpur) found it amusing. During a chat with him yesterday, he laughed when expressing to me his take on the whole stupid issue. Yeah, he laughed at Malaysia... while fixing my leather bag's faulty zipper!

Just like Sufiah Yusof - the supposedly-genius non-Malaysian kid who rebelled against her parents (only her mother is Malaysian, for goodness sake!) and proudly became a prostitute later on - Siti Aishah means NOTHING to us Malaysians and Malaysia... but no, the Malaysian media had to give Sufiah Yusof lots of exposure as if she hasn't 'exposed' herself enough on the Internet for her sex trade! She spent a lot of money to get her glamour shots taken, mind you! I am very sure her business thrived after the Malaysian media inadvertently promoted her! Fools...

Siti Aishah is not a Malay anymore. She isn't a Malaysian anymore. She doesn't want to be a Malay AND a Malaysian anymore. GET IT??!!

And what has Hishamuddin Rais got to do in the Siti Aishah story? Why am I seeing this former-fugitive-nobody in my newspaper with Kamar Mahtum? What value does he bring to this already worthless issue to us? I am really wasting my time reading the newspaper, if this kind of news keep getting published.

Malaysians are really misplacing their emotions and sympathies. And the biggest culprit is the media. I'd understand it if tabloids do that, but the New Straits Times???

What we should do to Siti Aishah and I'm sure many other (former) Malaysians who have left the country and not giving a s#it anymore to Malaysia is simply leave them alone.

To pathetic-masochist Malaysians, I tell you this - GET OVER IT LAHHH!!!

And to the mainstream Malaysian media, the NST especially - stop publishing rubbish. You've already done it with that recent half-page apology. ENOUGH LAHHH!!!



Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nasty man made and an unfounded gloom and doom.....!

Just do you own caption of any member of the opposition having this!

The thing that the opposition, reads DAP and PKR, is most afraid of is Najib success and being able to bring this country around and out of the "dark political and economic ages".
Chauvinist Chinese opposition DAP led by a plebeian and uncouth Chinese family, and PKR led by a pseudo-Malay leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (his grandfather was a Malabari married to his Malay grandmother) who went all out to destroy the personal and political lives of Najib Razak and his family, did not succeed.
Already international political and economic pundit have already acknowledged Najib's leadership of multi-racial Malaysia as a nice success story to be emulated by countries that want political and economic stability.
Australia went out on its much watched television channel to hear an economic expert describing how the prime minister of Malaysia uses a good formula to weather any economic and political storms with wisdom and common sense. Read here...http://barkingmagpie.blogspot.com/2013/11/for-malaysias-prophets-of-doomthis-is.html
Unlike, gutter politics used by the insecure opposition to demean the country's institutions to the whole world, Najib back his words with deeds.
It is just a never ending and sad defeat for  the DAP and PKR to try to bring down and denigrate the country at what ever cost that have fallen to deaf ears of the world which know what Malaysia is all about.
When the Europe's Organisation for Economic C-Operation and Development (OECD) praises Malaysia's economic success recently, I am sure Anwar's and Guan Eng's blood pressure shot up, I just hope it will continue and may be just may that this will shut them up forever.  Read here....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Malaysia's Prophets of Doom...this is how others see us.....!

Chief Minister of Penang, and his kuching kurap bufoons, Anwar Ibrahim included, have been going around the country and the word painting bleak pictures of this country's economic and political situation. Others have all good things to say.
A Lebanese and a Senegalese who work here, and became my friends, said how blessed Malaysia is, but yet "your minority here are giving problem which is not good for Malaysia....I hope to stay here forever" said my Lebanese friend and concurred by the Senegalese.  Click here....http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-11-25/malaysia-set-to-weather-a-slowing-of-us-stimulus/5114578?section=australianetworknews

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I am apt to agree with him on this one.......!

Big territory but not enough resources and manpower and firepower to defend it...

We need to give more power to our boys for them  to do their jobs...

He may be a chauvinist Chinese of a Malaysian origin and a head of the most racially and chauvinistic inclined chauvinist party in this country, but on this issue of Sabah and Malaysian security I have to agree with him. I am talking about Guan Eng!
Consider this, invasion, kidnapping and abductions and murder of tourists and Malaysians on our territory committed  by foreigners appear to be occurring unabated.
It appears as though our very own security forces are unable, for some strange reason, to create a strong deterrent for foreign invaders to stop committing criminal acts in our own home.
Thus led to a statement made by Guan Eng that perhaps Malaysia should request the United Nations forces to patrol our own territory and be given a mandate to do what ever it takes to keep our shore safe from further invasion.
Guan Eng may have made a facetious remarks but underlying to this statement of his we must study his intended message.
When our very own members of the security forces tried to land on the island where the kidnapping that took place recently where a Taiwanese tourist was killed and his wife taken away, a group of foreign Caucasian diving operators of that island told our boys to "fuck off".
Now then, why do we allow this to happen to our very own given the mandate to maintain safety?
My question is: What are we doing about this?!
Guan Eng is saying, and many more Malaysians, ufortunately will agree with him, is that if we cannot defend our territorial integrity then for more certainly we must allow others to do it for us.
The thing is the last kidnapping was the sum total of the previous kidnapping committed by foreign invaders for know they can do it again and will succeed in doing it.....because they know they can and that our security flank there is as weak as a sick and an emaciated person trying to fend off a stronger opponent. 
My suggestion is to sincerely make our "sick" and "emaciated" person healthy and stronger again to fight.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Planet Earth is a Penal Colony? I am beginning to believe this theory!

We were banished to a penal colony called Earth?

I am beginning to believe this is the case.
According to a renowned ecologist, Dr Ellis Silver: "One reason for this is that the Earth might be a prison planer, since we seem to be naturally violent species and we're here until we learn to behave ourselves."  
Dr. Silver claimed and pointed out many numbers of psychological features to make his case as to why humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth, in his new book.  Read more here....http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2507377/Humans-NOT-come-Earth--sunburn-bad-backs-pain-labour-prove-expert-claims.html
Silver cited many hypothesis in the book as to why humans are not made for Earth such as we are prone to sunburn, we get back ache due to the gravity of planet Earth, and labour pain. Labour pain? Yes! He said babies heads are bigger, which made it difficult to be born.
About Earth being a penal colony, we will eventually will blow up or destry Earth because humans by nature are violent.
Consider for the last 60 years, millions of human beings have been killed in a multitude of fracases that we call war!
If Silver's theories are to be believed and to make sense we just have to do a mental summation as to what has happened during Earth turbulent existence.
We have countless wars and warlords since time immemorial. From the dark ages to current centuries we have the medieval marauders from Genghis Khan and his Yellow Horde, the Ottoman empires, the Crusaders, the Black Shirts under Mussolini, Hitler, the Jewish holocaust, genocides, massacres, American imperialism, British Imperialism, Conquistadors, the usage of Mustard and Sarin gases, dropping of atom bombs on city populations...  I could go on.
What if Silver is right that we are the most violent species from another planet, that we were on the verge of self destructing and that we got banished to penal colony Earth...kinda like Humans versus Wild being left to our own devices that have gone bad!?
The fact of the matter is, if  Ellis is correct in his thesis, we as a species are doomed to fail, we are doomed to self-destruction.
I wish the few of us peace loving humans that have been rehabilitated... we should try to make contact with the alien mother ships that sent us here to take us back to where we really belong.
I just wish!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan left 300,000 homeless and 12,000 dead!

Beautiful coastal city of Tacloban, The Philippines, before Haiyan.
After Haiyan..
What the super typhoon had done...
So severe the catastrophe it is beyond words to describe..

I wish to retract my previous statement that Typhoon Haiyun should momentarily visit Penang and teach racist Guan Eng and others the meaning of humility.  Look at Haiyan, and think again about  plunging this country into a political chaos with opposition parties racist ranting and shouting  the Malays are bad and the country in turmoil.
A sheer moment of anger expressed on my part but I offer my my unreserved apology to the Penangites, Guan Eng included.
As much as I loath your racist rantings I do not wish bad things like Haiyan to hit you before you come to your senses about the importance of co-operation and living together in this country.
Its akin to wishing "atom bombs on Japan" before you come to your senses that your rabble rousing must stop and let us live together.
Malaysia is blessed and thus we far have been protected from any natural catastrophe, so let us all pray we are forever protected.
While at it, let us all pray to the people of the Philippines who have lost lives and property and may God help them find solace, in any way!
Again, I do not wish nor will I ever wish it that catastrophe like Haiyun will reach us, Penang included!
Thank you.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Haiyan will leave trails of death and destruction......

While small minds in this blessed country are bickering over power, money, sex, control and dominance, mother nature meanwhile is sending that ever constant reminder as to how small we are as an asinine human beings.
Mother Nature will soon unleashed Category 5 Haiyan Typhoon that will hit the Philippines and will super-super-zoom through Indo-China and where it will be exhausted and dies down in China, leaving trails of destruction
We, in Malaysia, are safe from the path of destruction but just to remind us and each other while we may be enjoying latte and life, others have to stand vigil and receive deaths from the impending destruction that Haiyan will unleash.
I pray for the people who will suffer along the path of destruction and I just hope that they are safe hope I can do more.  May Allah and God will keep then safe from harms way.

P.S. I was just having a bad thought that perhaps Haiyan could  just pass through Penang for a minute and teach racist Guan Eng some lesson in humility! Read here: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/super-typhoon-haiyan-a-serious/19561621

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Chinese versus Melayu is nothing new.......!

This man is a threat to multi-racial Malaysia...he must be stopped!

The chauvinist Chinese of the worst kind has been at it since time immemorial.
Now they are called DAP...metamorphosed  from MCP, MPAJA, and many more guises.
Today, the DAP is using the same tune as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, in assuming the majority Malays are so stupid as to swallow all the lies told.
Maybe many Malays are indeed stupid, but thank God the majority of them realised voting for Pakatan Rakyat would have been a disaster to the Malay race and the country.
DAP's Lim Guan Eng and his father Lim Kit Siang must be stopped at all cost or else it will spell disaster to our multi-racial set up. I have grown up with mainly non-Malay friends but nothing like the two despicable above mentioned I have come across.
Many still believe the DAP under Lim was grossly responsible for May 13th and the many deaths and yet we are prepared to forget of his possible role of taunting the Malays to balik kampung when they thought they had won the elections.
Today the DAP are again doing the same thing, telling lies and going around telling Malaysia and the world the Chinese in Malaysia are being persecuted....and this has to stop.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What if the Chinese ARE the majority!

The Chinese in this country do not want to share they just want more and more...

They will go to the extent of tricking you, even to wear a songkok, for your votes but will discard you after they win!

In his Budget speech Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said according to a 2010 census, it was  indicated the Malays and Bumiputras at 18.6 million (67.9per cent), Chinese at 6.6 millions (24 per cent) and India.  He also said: "This means there are about 27.4 millions Malaysian citizens."
My take is out of this equation, roughly my simple calculation is that the Chinese, at only 24 percent, control over 70% or the country economic pie or corporate equity.
More than 70% of the prime real estate of the country and in the capital is owned by non-Malays or non-Bumiputras, frankly speaking they are all owned by Chinese.
Back to the 2010 census, if the equations were reversed the Chinese would be making it a tradition whenever they can to remind the Malays that they were the minority and to shut up, never to complain and never to own banks luxury building, given lousy jobs and silently being discriminated upon every of their lives.
If you think what I said is rubbish think again.  Take Singapore for example, the Malays just exist as only a mere statistic, they can never own a tall buildings nor can they ever own a bank and have to put up with a racial outburst toward the Malays and Islam from their erstwhile and senile mentor LKY.
Yet the Chinese minority in this country cry foul over mistreatment and being victims of racial abuse from the majority Malays!?  We all know such mistreatment was never true but yet chauvinist DAP Chinese leaders would like to give the whole world the wrong impression.
If the situation is reversed the chauvinist Chinese will hound us for ever and ever reminding us to be thankful for being a minority.  Think Malays and Bumiputras, you are the majority in this country that was once called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.  According to the late Senu Abdul Rahman, to make the Chinese and Indian comfortable "we even changed the country name to Malaysia."
That sums up as to how accommodating the Malays are....and YET!.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Absence of Malice......!?




[mal-is] Show IPA
desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness: the malice and spite of a lifelong enemy.
Law. evil intent on the part of a person who commits a wrongful act injurious to others.
Absence of Malice means none of the above is intended!
This is in reference to a series of articles  and write-ups on a guy purportedly to be gay and working for the prime minister. This article about this guy appeared on the day the Budget was announced.  
To be in a correct perspective here the affidavit that was posted about this "gay guy" is an old one and that could have been released, if it is a true or fake, a long time ago like last year or last month or months later after the budget or just wait until the outcome of the investigation.
But instead bloggers appear to be friendly decided to publish it now.
However, this purported "gay guy" said to be involved in helping the PM with the budget speech and those who know him know him as a competent thinker and writer albeit the accusation.
The attacks on him appear to be concerted effort and with malice.
Those who claimed to be a strong supporters of the PM had better make their stance clear whether to help the PM or downgrade him by attacking his officers.
Written without malice intended!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

It has always been about race - Chinese and Malay!

The younger Tun Ghazali Shafie and ardent Malay nationalist.

The armed wing of the Malaysian Communist Party (MCP), the Malayan People's Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) or the dreaded Bintang Tiga, upon hearing the Japanese surrender during the Second World War had emboldened to terrorise and kill Malay villagers.  MPAJA even tried to kidnap the late Sultan Abu Bakar of Pahang where they laid an unsuccessful ambush on the king.
Those were not my para-phrased words but those were the words of the late Tun Ghazali Shafie, who died in 2010, who sent me a letter in 1989 documenting the incident that almost got the late Sultan of Pahang and his entourage slaughtered by the Chinese MPAJA near Gambang, Pahang.
Ghazali was a member of the Force 136 at the time when Japanese surrendered.  I have the signed letter in my possession.  Similarly, the MPAJA or the Bintang Tiga ransacked the Seri Menanti Istana looking for the late Tuanku Munawir and his family to be slaughtered.  Luckily, Tuanku fled to safety and his son is now the ruler of Negeri Sembilan.
The thing is MPAJA or MCP or Bintang Tiga were set up with one aim and one aim only to snatch the Malay Peninsular and turned it into a chauvinist Chinese state.  They were never a nationalistic group they were just a bunch of chauvinist and racist Chinese out to usurp power from the existing Malay rulers.
Unfortunately, as a side note, for the Malays, and the ruling Malay households included, they tend to easily forget history in their quest to be "comfortable" and elitist in their nature.
Today, we may not have Chinese subscribing to the MPAJA, MCP or Bintang Tiga, but they come in a different guise, they come in a shape of a chauvinist Chinese DAP, a bunch of nasty chauvinist Chinese who want no part of  Malaysia as it is today, they just want a Chinese Malaysia. They even use religion to create chaos and havoc for their own grim end.
I wish these negative and bad people who have decided not to contribute to the success of the country to come to their senses. OR unless they are adamant in destroying this country's racial make up.  To this and to them I say good luck.  We will fight you!  Read more real truth here....


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

They came and they were genuinely impressed with the man!

Body language of leaders is mainly observed by political pundit and observer.  Kerry and Najib is good.

A Canadian said it was rare to see Harper giving a real smile...always that fake-y ones!

High five from the US Sec of State to this  Manchester United guy..way to go!

It is a known fact in a political arena that the guest will not bother looking at the boring host country's leader talking at any joint-press conference..Harper stared in disbelief at Najib and was probably thinking: "Damn, for an Asian, his English is good!"

I am talking about a recent visit by two North American leaders namely US Secretary of State John Kerry and Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper and how they interacted with our Prime Minister Najib Razak.
One Canadian officials with the entourage said Harper genuinely likes Najib demeanour and Kerry according to an American official likes Najib for his candour and sincerity.
Sources said Kerry was in Penang for R&R during his tour of duty during the Vietnam War and still have fond memory of Malaysia "although it was a long time ago".
Harper was a tad apprehensive about what he heard about Malaysia in the past, which part I was not clear, but after seeing Malaysia he was overheard saying "I should have come here a long time ago, a very beautiful country that I want Canadians to come and see for themselves".
Harper likes Najib and said Najib was a "superb and extremely polished Asian leader" that he had the opportunity to know. 
Coming from Harper the statement was unusual, considering he does not like that many people and Canadians that he found taxing enough when trying to convince them of his political wisdom.
I remember the condescending and a wee bit arrogant former US Secretary of State Clinton who appeared to being forced to do her job when she really thought she would better being a President.
The good news is bilateral trade between the two countries and Malaysia are expected to be increased.  And another good news is the Canadian Visa Section at the Canadian High Commission will be opened again in KL.
As of now Malaysians applying for Canadian visa have to go to Singapore or through the online, which is rather a drag.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Should not have been taken to court in the first place!

Are we, in this country, seriously ready to die for our stupidity?

The word Allah in our Malaysian context...is for Islam to use and anyone other religion trying to be shrewd about attempting to use it for their own sneaky interest is doing it with a gross malice intended.
Lets us not fu%k around with each other's religion  unless if we want to kill each other in the name of each other's religion.   Just let us build this beautiful country and to improve our way of life and let our constitution be our guide. Read more here...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Malays are far from that concept of self-actualisation!

Laungan ini masih di kehendaki!

I still vaguely remember studying, for my introductory psychology multiple-choice test at my university, about a notable American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, who said:"The basic needs of humans must be met (e.g. food, shelter, warmth, security, sense of belongings etc.) before a person can achieve self-actualization - the need to be good, to be fully alive and to find meaning in life."
In general the Malays are no where near achieving that elusive concept of self-actualisation mentioned by Maslow above.  Malays in general need to feel fully alive, fully happy and must find that true meaning of life.
Achieving all of the above, the Malays must be very focus in what ever that they want.  Take the upcoming Umno assembly where leaders will be selected from within the stable, and they must choose wisely.
The Malays must be focused on the fact that only less than fifteen per cent, give or take, of Malays have succeeded in achieving that semblance of that much sought after concept of "self-actualisation" the rest are only pretending to achieve so and are unhappy.
Having a lifetime mortgage terraces houses and driving Proton product vehicles paying through their noses on monthly payment, does not make anyone happy.  They can only pretend to be happy.
Well, may be this upcoming Umno general assembly is the right moment for the Malays to ponder the meaning of life and how to change their real predicament that they are in now by choosing wisely.
Again in general, the Malays are not a happy lot, if they do they would not have broken up into three pieces, of course I am speaking metaphorically.
For the Malays who are in position to vote in a good future leader they must do so wisely.  They must choose leaders that are hell-bent in fighting for the Malay rights and of others genuinely.
Choose a leader with a good track record, especially a good employment record and history, and not to vote for pretty faces. Choose a leader that are not smudge with controversy.
Do not be fooled by their sweet talks come party elections, just do not be conned by their lies.
In other words Melayu, pandai pandai lah memilih calun yang betul betul berwibawa, bukan calun yang buat make-over dan recycle yang cuma mahukan kan jawatan kerana gila kuasa.
Pilih lah pemimpin Pemuda dan Wanita dll dengan fikiran waras.
Kalau saya ada hak mengundi, saya akan mengundi veteran saperi Sanusi Junid kalau nama beliau ada dalam kertas undi dan saya akan menolak Dollah Badawi kalau nama beliau ada dalam kerta undi.
Bedza nya bagi saya, saya yakin kepada Sanusi sebagai memimpin bangsa Melayu dan saya tidak langsung mengundi Dollah berdasarkan sejarah beliau yang menghampakan kan bangsa Melayu sewaktu di menjadi perdana menteri. Sewaktu di memerintah sebalik nya dia tidur dengan memberi padah yang buruk kepada negara dan bangsa.
Salam, Hidop Melayu dan Selamat Berjuang!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

If Ali Rustam really say this he should be voted in as Umno VP!

Mohd Ali Rustam
"I have yet to hear any one Umno vice-president hopeful to be as candid as Ali Rustam saying it as it is.  Certain issues are beyond good manners as they say, and yes the Malaysian Chinese have rejected BN under Umno and in the aftermath things need to be said and out of the chest befor it really fester.  What Ali said is for the Malays to take note on and for what he said involves the future of the Malays in their own coutry." BM .

(Reproduced from Malaysian Insider without permission)
In a move to whip up support in the coming Umno polls, vice-president hopeful Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam attacked the Chinese for allegedly being involved in all "illegal businesses" in the country.
"We can't have casinos, 4D, Toto, gambling, lottery, massage parlors, ah long. These are all illegal. And the Chinese are the ones dabbling with all the illegal businesses," he told an audience of about 100 people at an entrepreneurs event organised by Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (PUNB) today.
The former Malacca chief minister also said that although he worked tirelessly in the last general election, he was voted out by the Chinese.
Ali was recently elected as chairman of PUNB, a government entrepreneur development corporation with the aim to foster Bumiputera business owners.
"PUNB's work will only be considered a success when there's a whole chain of businesses, from suppliers down to the sale of finished products, all done by Malays," Ali said.
He then trained his guns at the DAP, saying that if the opposition was to take over the country, "the Malays will be living along the Gombak river".
He also said Penang would not maintain its standing as a tourist hub as the state has a "chief minister who is a racist".
"If he can, he'll suppress the Malays to the ground," Ali added.
He accused the DAP of acquiring Bumiputera land using their Malay members and then building tall apartments.
"Who knows what will happen five years from now," he said.
Ali also alleged that Kelantan, a state under PAS rule, has plenty of opportunities for logging but only DAP members are getting the conracts.
"DAP wanted to enter Malacca but the people there rejected the Chinese-based party and gave their votes to Barisan Nasional," he added.
"DAP wants to destroy the Constitution that protects the rights of Malays. As long as the Constitution is such, they will fight on," he alleged before adding that if politicians such as Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang and Mat Sabu, who had lost in previous elections, continued to fight on, so should he.
The politician, in his campaign to win the hearts of Malay conservatives, also spoke on the necessity to retain Malays in most government agencies, including the police and armed forces.
"The Chinese want everything. We've treated them well. The Malays have been good to them," Ali continued.
"When the Chinese want help, request to build schools, scholarships, the government gave it to them. But when election time came, they forgot all this. All that's important is that they take over the Malays and turn them into 'pendatang'."
This stirred the emotions of the audience with some of them shouting, "ask the Chinese to return home".
Ali also criticised Chinese schools, in particular the Dong Zong education group, for asking the government to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) and to allow the PMR and SPM examinations to be conducted in Chinese.
"This doesn't even happen overseas. If they want all their requests fulfilled, then fulfill our request and close all the vernacular schools and turn it all into national schools like in Thailand and Singapore," he added.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Is our Government monitoring cigarette manufacturers activity?!!

Sad story of the Marlboro man
You decide

More and more people are now smoking in spite of price increase on packets of cigarette from RM10 to more than RM12. I am one of the lucky person to have kicked the habit for good and not looking back for sure.
However, my own observation shows that more and more youngsters are now puffing away, more so than it was.
When I was growing up smoking, I remember the notice on cigarette boxes indicating the amount of nicotine and tar contents of every brand.
Today no such notice can be found.  Nicotine is bad enough it will stain you lung but the tar in cigarettes is the biggest culprit that will make you an addict in a short period time after the first puff.
Cigarette manufacturers, legal or illegal, have no qualms in increasing the tar content of their brand to create more addicts and more profit.
While the government sometimes gets carried away with the business of the day, like mega projects, that they believe is more important than reducing more people from being cigarette addicts, it must re-think about saving lives of those who are becoming silent victims of being tar and nicotine zombies created by unscrupulous cigarette manufacturers.
While western countries, like Canada and the Scandinavian countries are spending part of their annual budgets by making their population enjoy a cigarette-smoke free quality of life, we in Malaysia may have gotten our priorities screwed up.
In these Western countries smoking among the population has gone down drastically.  Even the Canadian Imperial Tobacco has moved out of the country and set up shop in some pathetic Third World region.
To begin with, if our government still insists on collecting cigarette revenue, at least monitor the tar and nicotine content of all cigarettes and to reinforce the legislation and laws pertaining the product.
Make these "nicotine and tar pushers" provide the nicotine and tar contents on labels compulsory AGAIN!
It may still  not save lives in a long run but will not make people become addicted to tobacco so quickly. Or they can get out of the habit if they do want to quit when they are not too addicted to tobacco that they can easily quit.

Friday, September 27, 2013

To the Malays: "Whither are we bound?"

I miss my beautiful Malay women and girls of yesteryear.
During Hari Raya I remember seeing Malay girls wearing baju kurung, baju kebaya with their flowing beautiful hair yang berikal mayang.
Alas, today my Malay girls are spotting that strange looking camel hump hairdo, and many of them covered themselves from head to toe.
Whither are we bound for!? To being Arab and discarding totally our beautiful Malay culture?
I wish to see, before I die the Malays to go back to their true root self of being a gentle race full of grace and etiquette and smile and not be as crude and self righteous as the race they are trying to emulate: the Arabs.
"Sheikh Mustapha Mohamed Rashed argued that Hijab is not an Islamic duty. He stated that Hijab refers to the cover of the head, which is not mentioned in the Holy Quran at all. “Nonetheless, a bunch of scholars insisted vehemently that the veil is both an Islamic duty and one of the most important pillars of Islam,” he added. Read here...


Friday, September 20, 2013

I was in Kota Kinabalu for Malaysia Day and I felt patriotic!

Prince Phillip Park Tanjung Aru venue for teh M'sia Day celebrations!

Sabahanas celebrate being Malaysians with gusto...

Sabahans are proud to be Malaysians!

When Sabahan sing Negara Ku, our national anthem, they sang with gusto and so filled with zest!
I was in KK for the Malaysia Day celebration and all the national and state leaders gave everything when patriotic songs were sang...Dari Perlis Sampai Lah ke Sabah kita sudaaah Merdeka, and Ini lah Barisan Kita Yang sedia Berjuang....and I sang along as though I was still at my primary and secondary  schools days.
Tanjung Aru Prince Phillips ground was filled with all sorts of Malaysians and Sabahans wearing their traditional costumes.
Unfortunately I did not feel the same when I tried to celebrate our Merdeka Day except for the expensive firework display.
Then there is this idiot from IDEAS propagating the abolishment of certain clauses in our entrenched Constitutions asking the Malay rights to be scrapped lest they want to be on social welfare mode.
This is what happens to a half-baked Melayu who studied oversea for four years and thought he or she is liberated enough to ask to change things, or the status quo, without studying the implications.