Thursday, January 17, 2013

Below is how I decribed Patrick Teoh...Pukima!

Spastic Teo!

 Paralytic Polio

Poliovirus can also lead to paralysis if it is the strain that leads to paralytic polio. According to Medline Plus, symptoms include fever, muscle pain, sudden unilateral muscle weakness, paralysis, stiffness in the neck and back, and trouble swallowing. Trouble breathing, stomach bloating, constipation and sensitivity to touch are other poliovirus side effects. The Mayo Clinic states that less than 1 percent of people with poliovirus get this form of polio.

In the case of Patrick Teoh, he is still lucky that he can still walk, but still with that problem of his that he is having now, he blames it on the Malays that he hates, on the religion of Islam that he abhors, and lastly on the government that has given him the crutch (no pun intended) for the last 55 years, including working for BN sponsored television station.

I used to like him but now to me, he is just one ugly pathetic and sad descendant of Fuchow Chinaman and real nasty gammy-legs mother fucker!  

So there Patrick.....anybody can be loose with their uncontrollable mouth and thought!

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