Monday, January 28, 2013

If it is true then all his accounts must be cancelled!

He is the most oppressed member of this country's Indian minority..I feel sad for him and for this I say pundek to you bro!

If it is true about Tommy Thomas being a racist ingrate he must be dealt with swiftly, to begin with take way all the accounts that he has from the GLCs and from the government! 
First we have the Bank Islam chief economist rambling and giving away his bank "state secrets" to the opposition, NOW we have this brown guy with funny name like Tommy Thomas!!?

Stop the lies wrote: "Thanks to blogger OutSyed The Box, we have listed down here, all the accounts he has been given from the BN-controlled government, which includes numerous GLCs.
They include Affin Bank Bhd, Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd, Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd, Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd, Bursa Malaysia Bhd,  CIMB Bank Bhd, CIMB Investment Bank Bhd, Companies Commission of Malaysia, Felcra Bhd, Malayan Banking Bhd, Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation, Malaysian Building Society Bhd, Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Bhd, Prokhas Bhd, RHB Bank Bhd, Securities Commission and Sime Darby Group.
The list is from his own law firm’s website.  Not bad for a fella who claimed he suffered much oppression in Malaysia". Read more here....


Anonymous said...

He bites the hands that fed him rich, prosperous and ungrateful.

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is fantastic. Please continue with your good works.

Anonymous said...

what to do, a descendant of the caste system becomes an arrogant ingrate

cancel ALL his govt accounts and sponsor his trip back to india, land of his caste forefathers

Anonymous said...

Over these years it is UMNO that is overly and always overboard in defending the migrant race.
UMNO is responsible in making them ungrateful and kurang ajar.
Don't blame anyone else.
We do not have short memories.

Anonymous said...

Tommy should be remove from the panel lowyer of GLC.we must teach this Indan f...k lawyer

Anonymous said...

now that we know all the glc a/cs that TT has, let us wait for the CEOs or the government of the day is going to do. Do they have the guts ( balls lah) to withdraw the a/cs. ??? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

mebbe they dont have the guts

but they surely have the political means

dont play politics with the Malays

Anonymous said...

Them nons lawyers have been the fave of the umno gomen and glcs and banks to the detriment of the many malays lawyers in town who worked hard no string pulled no golf games no politics connections whatsoever n yet still we malays lawyers being loyal to the malay leaders and now, look at what all these ingrates are doing? we can't even afford a c 200 mercs men! honest men will never make it in the dog eats dog world!

agree with Anon above, lets wait n see whats them glcs etc will do.. do they have guts to cut all those accounts?!

Anonymous said...

Terminate all his accounts!

Backstabbing bastard!

He could be leaking everything he handles to the opposition!
Deal with this swiftly and sternly!

Anonymous said...

Your Blog is a Fantastic FANTACY!

Keep up the good work so we all can fantasice before reality of GE hits us!

Thats when your Fantasy will End!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Lee Kuan Yew and 3rd rate DAP look down on the BN for feeding the animals that bite them.

Anonymous said...

I also want to say this. Pundek you la TT!

Anonymous said...

Is he mat salah or just low class casta. Send him back where he come from..fuck him out of malaysia...

Anonymous said...

come PRU13 anon@January 29, 2013 9:47 AM will be rendered a foreign worker who has overstayed in Tanah Melayu after reaping wealth

The new ruling will be to confiscate all wealth accumulated off Tanah Melayu.

If anyone claim to be rakyat of Malaysia and later found not able to converse in BAHASA MELAYU, this fella will be labelled as PENDATANG.

Anonymous said...

Some lawyers can lie on either side.

Tanduk Dua said...

Pundek kutik asal usul pariah.. bila dah kaya tak sedar diri dari mana datang sumber kekayaannya...betul2 pundek..

Anonymous said...

Wei Anon 3:11;

Engkau pergi mampus laa.

Beginikah perangai orang yang menyokong BN semasa berdebat? Hanya tau menyerang status kaum orang lain?

Kalau macam ni, lebih baik aku undi Pakatan.

Anon 12:31;

"many malays lawyers in town who worked hard no string pulled no golf games no politics connections whatsoever n yet still we malays lawyers being loyal to the malay leaders and now, look at what all these ingrates are doing?"

Loyar macam ni ke?

Indians in UMNO said...

"malays lawyers being loyal to the malay leaders and now"

This is what happen when the Malays in UMNO are not prihatin of the black faces in UMNO supreme council.

The Indians in UMNO are making the other Indian Hindu/Christian rich. Vis a vis Ananda Krishnan/Tony Fernandes/Syed Mokhtar/Mydin.

This is not a illusion. The Indians are loyal to their race no matter hindus/christians/muslim. It is Indian first.

Thus Indian lawyers reaped the UMNO struggle because Malays are naive and ignorant of such Indians like Mahahtir or Subahan Kamal or Nor Yakcob in UMNO.

Its not wrong to say it is the Indians in UMNO that made the Malays today angry with UMNO.

The policies made by Indians only benefited Indians under the guise of "bumiputeras". Since when is Tamil bumiputeras in Sabah and Sarawak?

Anonymous said...

woii anon @ February 04, 2013 3:12 PM

gua punya suka lah komen, ooii

lu punya komen tarak pakai woootakk, pakai itu bengkok punya kota


Anonymous said...

Haiya indians anywhere should just learn to discard the caste system effect on their psychological self-identity

The only way is to "MASUK MELAYU"

habis problem solved

P.S. at least indians in Malaysia are not victims of public gang rape