Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Iran or Pakistan he would have been killed and hung upside down!!

Similarity is there!

This little man was ordered to be killed for less by the Ayatollah!

Imagine Patrick Teoh saying what he said about Islam in Malaysia, in Iran or Pakistan?  He would have been killed at short notice.
Patrick Teoh had made Salman Rushdie looks like a comic relief, and yet Ayatollah Khomenei passed an edict to ask every thinking muslim in the world to kill Salman on sight..a death sentence on a man who denigrate Islam!
Well, Patrick Teoh knew he can get away with making such a statement cursing and belittling Malays and Islam knowing the Malays and Islam here are a docile bunch and to his mind are a bunch of coward!
Well Patrick you are one son of a bitch lucky man since you are not in those coutries and uttering those despicable lines and word denigrating my religion!

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