Sunday, January 06, 2013

Other people conquered new frontiers, Malaysians are still in a doldrums!

If I am in space now I would probably say "Oh wow all that shit like BABI, DAP, PAS and all the nasty people are down there? So Insignificant, eh!".. If I have the resources I would shoot BABI, LGE and Nik Aziz into space for ever and ever!
First human astronaut to Tweet from space, and to record a song for human kind...listen here!
A Canadian astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield, became the first astronaut to Tweet from space.  He also record a song in a space ship while twirling around the globe in space.  I always find a story of human endeavours to be very refreshing.  Like an Austrian dare-devil who recently free-fall from the edge of space from a specially made capsule lifted by a specially made hot-air balloon.
Meanwhile, back on earth, liar and hypocrite, and possibly a serial-murderer like BABI is getting more desperate each day trying to control this country of mine called Malaysia.  Unlike other more enterprising human kind  who strive for par excellence in science and technology, BABI who abused his political position when on government by squandering the country's largess and now using the money to destroy the country.  He is getting the help from chauvinist Chinese like LGE and his father LKS, and from  another Taliban and simpleton, like the bozos from PAS, like NikAJIS, and Hadi the sex maniac!
If you care to study the characters from the opposition parties none of them have actually been exposed to a multi-racial living.  Now PAS Islamist-members are now pretending to love the Chinese and Indian Malaysians, and DAP pretending to love Malays, while PKR Muslim-Brotherhood(MB) members are pretending to be liberal.
Like in Egypt where the MB is in power they are trying to change the country's constitution.  Like MB in Egypt, BABI must be stopped and level headed Malaysians must do everything in their power to stop him.


MeorUsa said...

We got to go beyond religion.Religion has been tested and had fail human miserably.
God is everywhere.
Let's go beyond this thing call religion.In Malaysia religion is becoming a test to survive and to be in office.A mean that can be easily abused.

Anonymous said...

And PR formed by the overpowering DAP founded by Singapore, keeps on showering freebies like confetti, like Hitler, Mussolini and the Perons of Argentina.

vinnan said...

Hei UMNO Puk;mamakthir asshole. You people have run the country for 56 years and yet you want to blame others for your faults. Malaysia failed because of your 'Ketuanan' rubbish.

Pasquale said...

Hei idiot at 9.04 who said Malaysia failed, if it weren't for UMNO you wouldn't be able to post this via the internet...we have advanced but the likes of you want to change things..opedn your eyes!

Anonymous said...

hullooooo keling vinnan is baaaaccckkk

with his usual kasta brand garbage

if keling vinnan was born in singapore he would be a road sweeper and if he was born in india he could be one of the 6 rapists who are now murderers cum rapists

Anonymous said...

Typical of the pakatan dimwits, the monkeys are always blaming UMNO for everything miserable in their pathetic life..Instead of blaming themselves, the monkeys are busy finger pointing at UMNO..These monkeys attitude are actually the same as their beloved leaders, such as BABI, ASSmin, LGEgg, LKSial etc..BABI for instance getting his kotey bengkok got caught in tape f**king a prostitute, but the brader still denied it..They say babis of the same feather flock together

Anonymous said...


Where has Malaysia failed? Are you eating maggots? No food to eat? Your kids not going to school? No house and living in the streets? Cant get a bank loan? Cannot travel freely? Never went to KFC Pizza Hut? No tv at home? Computer? You are using one, arent you?

Malaysia failed? Maybe you should go to Euthopia or Zimbabwe or Sudan.

What are you? Insane? Terribly insane?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:04--Is the gomen blaming others for its faults? Name me one instance?

BIGCAT said...

Hi Pasquale, why la you be bothered by that Pakatan troll? Let him rave and rant like a mad dog. Let your readers see what sorts of crazy people support the Pakatan gang. Don't waste your energy trying to educate idiots like that. Cheers.