Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why couldn't DAP and PAS join BN, and go for nation building?

Well the answer to my question above is simple, they are both racialist party, one dominated by chauvinist Chinese and the other so-called Islamic-based party which was really an off-shoot of racist Umno people who left to form Pan-Malayan Islamic Party (PMIP) and later they called theemselves PAS.
PAS raison detr'e today, and everyday, is rejecting non-Malays participation in politics in this country.
DAP was a tall order from Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew who asked his young stooge then, Lim Kit Siang, to stay back and try to make a Chinese nation out of all cost!
PMIP was formed because the majority in Umno wanted to accommodate all races to be Malayan and opted for nation-building together, and these people (PMIP) just want to reject the Chinese in any government they perceived to be only Malay as a political back-bone and Islam as its official religion.
In real effect is PAS never wanted Chinese-Malayan to be part of the decision maker of the country and that is why a group left to form PMIP...which was changed to PAS.
So my reasoning is simple...DAP Chinese is just to superior to mix around with the Malays.
Remember the late Tan Chee Khoon, he was an unfliching Mr Opposition.  Anyway you can look it up in the internet to see how Tan Cheen Khoon rose unflinching as a Mr Oppisition.
Well the good thing he did was, while a keen Mr Opposition,  to support, to the chagrine of the other opposition DAP under Lim Kit Siang, the New Economic Policy meant to correct economic imbalances between races in the country.
My question is why after 46 years of existence DAP did not make an overture to join BN and go for nation building? My answer is:  DAP is a bona fide racialist Chinese party that bends on overthrowing anything perceived to be Malays!
I have sat with Ling Liong Sik for a conversation and interacting with him I never once realised that he was a Chinese, just a good old time fair dinkum Malaysian raised by the Royal Military College folks.
I had the opportunity to hear Tan Siew Sin spoke about the country and was full of admiration for a Finance Minister of Malaysia that guarded our country from any blitz attack on our country's economy.
But I cannot say the same when interacting with Lin Kit Siang and to have a conversation with his son Lim Guan Eng, they have this air of superiority about them and they are so arrogantly smug.  I do not feel as though hat I am sitting and having a conversation with my fellow much for that.
In conclusion, I firmly believe both DAP and PAS are positively a racialist parties with their own personal agenda.
DAP wants a a total Chinese regime change in Malaysia, and while PAS, a very simplistic PAS, thought it could trick DAP into a meaningful coalition so they can rule.  Truth of the matter both parties cannot see eye to eye with each other.
If DAP cannot see a friendly faces in within UMNO, a more moderate Malay party, I simply cannot imagine in my wildest dream that DAP can coalesced with a fanatical,, Talibanic and hypocritical Islamic party called PAS.
You decide!


joehancl/PRAY, it works said...

Here is the right answer, man. Is bn a nation building party? (hope this sees the light of day)

Anonymous said...

They are more interested in nation destroying.

Anwar Sodomi said...

"DAP wants a a total Chinese regime change in Malaysia, and while PAS, a very simplistic PAS, thought it could trick DAP into a meaningful coalition so they can rule". PAS trying to trick DAP???? PAS is too stupid and too naive to trick the racist DAP which has Singapore's PAP support and advice.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it.
Every peace loving Malaysian should open up their eyes and hearts after reading this masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

U gotta be kidding ! Dap is full of half past six lawyers, thugs, failed accountant while pas is full of narrowminded clueless lebais. These half-past sixers do not have relevant skill sets to become productive manpower in modern n competitive sectors. Thus its easier for them to be politician n hoodwink gullible supporters.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all keen on dap or pas. Cannot trust them. Moreover BN is doing ok. Say what you want. BN is the better party. 55 years of prosperity. What more can we ask for?
Never believed in this pkr talk about fairness or justice. We already have those things.

tebing tinggi said...

My reason is simple ,they the Chinese realize that that they have full control of the economic ,and what they are lacking is power that thy could further do with.
In DAP prospective it's don't do them much goods if they would join the BN knowing very well that they wouldn't get that "power" to achieve their complete control of Malaysia.
Knowing very well that PAS did not get the full support of the Malay and PKR too but it's enough to act as a "breaker" of the Malay votes that will weaken UMNO as the leading party of Barisan .
If UMNO is further weakens ,and the fact that most Chinese and Indian finding MCA,Gerakan,and MIC are no more relevant to them ,most of this vote will go for DAP and with the split's of Malay vote UMNO might not be able to form the next government.
Never to forget and cannot be denied UMNO did not get the right support from it's component is very much clearly seen and I supposed it was did on purpose and it wont be surprise those won seat on BN ticket will "lompat"making DAP a leading party to form the next government.
China bepolitik dengan stratigi ,Melayu bepolitik menabor air lior sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Dah lah susah nak kongsi kantung negara dengan MCA, MIC, Gerakan , PBB, PBS, PPP, Perkasa, Pekida dll, ni nak suruh pulak kongsi lagi dengan DAP dan PAS.

Gila ke?

Ali Baba & Forty thugs.

Anonymous said...

talking rubbish....
remove UMNO and racist is on it death bed.

Pasquale said...

"joehancl/PRAY, it works said... Here is the right answer, man. Is bn a nation building party? (hope this sees the light of day)January 03, 2013 5:39 AM"

Of course BN is a nation building party, or at least Umno now, the previous Malay administration gave millions of citizenship to stranded Indians, Sikh included,by the British and did the same to the Chinhese all in the name of nation building, without which Malaysia is not what it is today, just ask Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Jalan Loke Yew, Lebuh Tun H.S Lee, banyak lagi jalan jalan rays utama di nama kan dengan nama pioneer Malaysia. If you morons think DAP and the rest of the idiotic opposition parties, just think of Selangor with its highesr oer capita for massage parlour, prostitution rings, and the state has the highest percentages of Chinese prostitutes! In Penang th4e miment DAP rules tanah rizab Melayu kat balik Pulau habis keba kaut oleh China Kuomintang bawah Lim Guan Eng.
Yes BN is a nation building for everyone!

Anonymous said...

If Lee Kuan Yew with his starred Double First Law degree from the University of Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals London,failed in his creation of a sustainable Singapore with all his titanic mistakes, what can we expect from the 6 distinguished gentlemen from the PR of which only one is below the age of 62 and they have only 5 years to play around with no Domestic Policy and Foreign Policy.
Lee Kuan Yew failed even though it is a one man more than 50 year rule over the 75 percent racial homogenous Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I don't want those retards at Pakatan Rakyat anywhere in BN or anywhere near nation building.
4 years is enough to see.

Anonymous said...

5:39 --- you were born blind. enjoying BN rule and yet asking a stupid question.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:12

talk about malay rights and you shout 'racist'. so when is a person not racist? who gave your grandfathers citizenship? you must be one of those ungrateful bastards. recently the chinese govt made it compulsory for the young to visit their parents or else face punishment. maybe your kind ARE in fact never the grateful type.

Anonymous said...

in your dreams...they want their own school- temples in every fucking regard for the national language and cutlure - that kind of spirit is just not in these bastard expansionist yellow racists.

Anonymous said...


Before you ask something silly take a look at Bangladesh, Pakistan,Euthopia and a few african countries. Among all the former British colonies Malaysia is at the top 3 of most advance economy. Go do some research before you display your stupidity. And get out of the coconut shell.

Anonymous said...

see how clear the racist genes in DAP is finally revealed

they manipulate the votes to "elect" a pure chinese masquerading as a Malay Muslim

biaDAP father and son party are the true RACISTS in Malaysia

then they claim competency accountability and transparency

what a load of hogwash

Anonymous said...

these cinapek sepet sengkelet are like weeds breeding all over the world

and like weeds too they spread as they kill the high breed nutritious plants native to that area

chinatowns mushroomed everywhere

Anonymous said...

Stop the Lies ! Read Financial Times London. Gillian Tett 'Chinese lessons for America'. She proposes that the melding of the Chinese meritocratic and the Anerican democratic systems for good governance.

The BN as led by the UMNO has been practising precisely her proposal since 1957. We do not need the PR's proposal based on Lee Kuan Yew's failed policies and failed Singapore'

What we need is that DAP, PAS and PKR join the BN as led by the UMNO to create a shining example of compassion, tolerance and accommodation to resonate across the World even to the benefit of the embattled Palestinians, Syrians and the Israelis. Then, the BUMIPUTRAS and all Malaysians will stand proud, tall and strong in history.

There is nothing Lee Kuan Yew and the DAP can teach us. What is more important is what our parents taught us.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Pasquale. Everyone born in this country should have equal rights. No one gave anyone anything. Get off your high horse you bastard.

Anonymous said...

The MCA President should invite Khairil Khir Johari to be his Special Advisor (General Duties)as he is honourable and highly motivated. A rose amongst the thorns. He should also invite Tunku Abdul Aziz as Advisor for Specialized Duties. By these acts, the MCA would have thrown open its books to show its potential for the next 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Bangladesh? Pakistan? Is that how u feel good? Mat..mat...

Anonymous said...

DAP not permitted to join the BN because it was founded by Lee Kuan Yew to be the credible Opposition since 1968. Take note, all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Ish ish ish anon @ January 05, 2013 3:01 PM

Is that all you're capable of intellectually?

Typical pakatan DAP genes - “If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

― W.C. Fields


cinapek sepet sengkelet going down down down together with keling kasta

Anonymous said...

It is disturbing to note that the Penang State Government has proposed the formation of a Political Security Force like Hitler's Brown Shirts,armed and trained by instructors from Singapore. A division of personnal is 25,000. From a division to many divisions, there is no way to stop such future developments. In time, these will outnumber the Federal police and the army. And these Penang State Governmnet Brown Shirts can go anywhere in Malaysia. Heil Hitler.

It is better for the Federal Government to stregthen the police and the army and provide better facilities to the families. If Penang wants additional security, it can pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The truth is, anak muda don't know what the DAP had done in the past towards the Malays and their anti-Malay stance.