Thursday, February 14, 2013

A sample of when chauvinist Chinese rules Malaysia!

Leong Pei Koe and his friend...kici kici tak mampos suda besar bagi orang susa!
Chauvinist DAP supremo Lim Guan Eng and his godfather from across the straits!  LKY wants to see PAP...oops DAP to rule Semenanjung Tanah Melayu sebelum dia mati!
You insult and fucked the Malay institutions but never fear the DAP and PKR will come to your rescue! A sample of when chauvinist Chinese under DAP comes to power....but then Melayu maseh bodoh betul lagi ye!

Malaysia has always been, by tradition, a power sharing country, we share power among the races and have always works.
Our founding fathers were represented by these major races, until Lee Kuan Yew instructed his minions like Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng of the making of the "100 years plan to take over Persekutuan Tanah Melayu" a complete chauvinsit Chinese-ruled country.
LKY may have his wishes before he dies, if we are not careful, after our 13th general elections to see BN led by Umno faltered, and faltered really bad.
But of course when chauvinist Chinese led by DAP aka Bintang Tiga aka PAP try to make this risky bid for the country, we will fight tooth and nail if any one attempt to usurp power is in motion.
Remember if they do come to power all traditions will be shoved aside, traditions that have been a pillar of this country's peaceful co-existence.
A sample of when chauvinist group like the DAP came to power, is when i n Penanf recently a chauvinist Malaysian Chinese youth showed his middle finger at our Queen at the airport out of disrespect!  The Queen is a wife of the Paramount ruler of Malaysia.
Later when asked by a policeman why he did it he said, to paraphrase, "Malay policeman have no power in Penang, Penang is a Chinese country rules by DAP".  Well for the clueless Melayus think again if you want a crude, chauvinist Chinese DAP to rule anything in this country, think again!!
As I said above, Malaysia has always been about power sharing,  but not power usurping.
Since DAP in Penang this party, whose order of the day comes from Singapore, have set this motion of  today is Penang then tomorrow the whole country.
My advise to all Melayus, especially, to think about your future since we all know that the other so-called Malay-based party like PKR and PAS are being made use of by the chauvinist Chinese DAP, here is a JOKE, they didn't even realise this!!

Back to this Chinese youth who fingered our beloved Queen, well he got it easy he was jailed for 30 days fined RM8,000 (which DAP will pay) and I hope fellow convicts will make his life more les miserable in jail.

Note: This news was printed on page 21 on the New Straits Times when such news should have been given a more prominent page to act as a deterrent to other Chauvinist people and to make the Malays more aware of the impending danger of when  and if chauvinist Chinese from the DAP takes power.

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