Monday, February 18, 2013

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim trying to influence ex-generals!

Two nights ago Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) met with four or may be five ex-general from the armed forces and also from the religious corp telling them they should go around the country to tell the people about corruption within the Defence Ministry.
The meeting took place at a venue in Wangsa Maju.  Those attended the meeting were charged up listening to BABI churning his lies to these ex-army generals and officers.
My only concern is what is Defence Minsiter Zahid Hamidi doing about this.  We are talking about a bunch of ex-army generals, who while enjoying their pension and driving in cheaply-bought  government cars upon retirement they are still not giving their full supports to the government of the day.
In Turkey such act is seen as a treason against the country.  In Turkey recently the government hauled in many ex-generals and they were thrown in the dungeon.
I am not suggesting we follow the Turkish way but merely puzzled as to why many ex-generals upon retirement they just went 360 degree spun. Read here
The meeting with BABI is pre-arranged and can the military intelligence, or is this term an oxi-moron, try to find out who these people are and can the minister to at least be concerned about this and to engage them.
Or perhaps these ex-gens were being given the gula gula by BABI who is now finally using his billions stashed to buy people, even paying money to foreign terrorists to occupy Malaysia, just to win an elections?.
Please may the truth be expressed:  Najib and Muhyiddin alone cannot be seen as alone campaigning for I have yet to see other cabinet ministers to visibly go on the road show at this crucial moment.

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