Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He tricks Malaysian ex-generals into supporting him, then BABI met with rich and corrupt Nur Misuari!

BABI met with Nur Misuari, the top Moron of the Moron National Liberation Front (MNLF), this is a recent picture before the invasion of Lahad Datu by MNLF...

You can say that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) as somewhat a strategist but a mediocre chess player.  He will plan steps ahead and use some of his money to influence his targets then go for the kill. But he will always messed up his steps thinking Malaysians are really stupid
For example he somehow managed to talk few Malaysian ex-generals to come out in public to show support toward the opposition led by him (BABI).
Then he talked about the country's security that should not be compromised, then he added how these ex-generals served their country loyally.
BABI also went on saying the security of the country must not be compromised since the rakyat depends on the government to look after their safety and security.
My question is since when did the government has ever compromised the country's security?
Lo and Behold,  some weeks later this man (BABI) went to see his old friend Nur Misuari, a jaded and corrupt so-called  Islamic leader of the Muslims in Mindanao, in southern Philippines.
You can just easily imagine this:  BABI went to a night market with some disgruntled and dissatisfied ex-generals to talk about security of the nations.....the following weeks BABI tricked Nur Misuari,the leader of the ineffective Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) into sending armed men to attack the sovereignty of Malaysia.
Rest assured, after a lot of convincing, in the shape of money I am very sure of this, Nur Misuari ordered more than a dozen members of his MNLF men to attack Lahad Datu, in Sabah.
So now our home grown traitor BABI, the master manipulator can now rest his case about the security of the county being breached and blame the government of the day not giving security to Malaysians.
So like a snake with forked tongue, BABI will forever remains a snake and a traitor to our country, my only regret is how can a level headed ex-generals can be duped into supporting such a man.
May be it was money that did it to them, if that is the case I hope these men can live with their conscience!

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