Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nick Xenophon and John Malottt (remember this moron), are both profit motivated!

Malott and his Japanese wife, with BABI and his wife Azizah.
Australians all know Xenophony is addicted to gambling, especially slot machines!

If you think Nick Xenophon-y and former US ambassador, John Malott, are driven by conviction in what they believe in Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), well you have to seriously think again.
These two are being paid handsomely to lend their hands in "supporting" BABI's incredibly stupid quest in trying to be Malaysia's prime minister.
I am very sure these two are being paid a lot to show "credibility" in realising BABI's ambition to rule Malaysia.
it is highly unlikely that these two white guys, out the goodness of their hearts spent times and energy cheering and supporting a tarnished Malaysian politician, who is not only a convicted felon, but an adulterer, a sodomite and a pathological liar.
Surely both Xenophon=y and Malott are not that stupid not to really know about BABI, and that both are thoroughly consumed by hatred for Malaysia and to the ruling government of Malaysia that they could do all of these?
No they will not if it does not involve God Almighty dollars, in this case it would  be millions of Aussie dollar and US dollars, this is why they are doing it.  Not because they believe in BABI and his chicanery and lies!
So let us not give this Xenophon-y guy any more publicity since we know he, and Malott, is doing it for money!


mikey said...

I am with you 100%...!!

Gagak Rimba said...

Who is this moron that keep calling others BABI ???

Pasquale said...

Calling anyone BABI is nothing compared to being a traitor to one's own country. How can anyone encouraged one'e own country to be invaded?! Well, BABI did!
So calling him BABI is very kind already!

Anonymous said...

Agreed,a traitor is worst than a babi.

Anonymous said...

Xenophon is just a Greek masquerading in a 'roos clothing.The Greeks were walloped by the backside fellas known as Spartans, from Sparta. The Ottoman Turks walloped them 1492 to 1918. Hitler walloped them 1941. Their own King walloped them in the late 1940s followed by the Communists. The Turks walloped them again in Cyprus recently. Greeks hate Muslims.In the 1960s, the emigrated to OZ in droves and conned the Aussies with their Italian restaurants !

Anonymous said...

Klau masih hidupnya arwah president arafat babi mmg dah kena hukum pancong sebab pembelot negara. Senang lenang tinggal d negara sendiri tapi tikam rakyat bertubi. Elok baling anak beranak pada hyenas.. binatang ni saja yg makan bangkai.

John R. Malott said...

This is John Malott. For the record, I have never been paid one penny for anything I have done or written. It appears it is difficult for someone such as yourself to believe that a person can act on the basis of principle and not money.

Please be glad that I am in America. I understand that if I were in Malaysia, I could sue you for posting such lies.

And while you are at it, would you please reveal your identity to the world, and tell us who is paying you, and how much? Or are you doing it for the principle of the thing?

Anonymous said...

Ambassador Malott, we need more nad more leaders whose politics is governed by principles and less and less of leaders whose principles are governed by politics.