Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rest in peace Claudia Theophilus we shall miss you a lot!


A former colleague and a very dear friend, Claudia Theopilus, was shot and killed in Beirut  recently.
She was only 42 years old.  Hailed from Tiroi, near Labu in Seremban, Claudia was working for Al Jaazera when the tragedy occurred and her body has been take to a hospital there. Read here
No clear details were given out but from a newspaper report but she was in a mountain areas with some friends.
She was always driven by the idea of being a foreign correspondent and had said many times that she would like to be specifically a war corespondent.  A very good friend where we had few coffee meetings at KLCC and at La Bodega, she is now gone forever and may her soul rest in peace.
I love you Claudia and shall always miss you.

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