Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why Pope Benedict XVI, aka Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, resigned!

Setan, macam BABI, dan petualang bangsa Melayu!

Hypocrite is equal to an Evil reincarnates!

Why did he resigned? Possibly because to get immunity from being prosecuted for involving in many child abuse cases involving his close associates, that went unreported.
When the Pope waas just Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he was in charge of investigating cases involving, among other things, sexual abuse of chuldren among Catholic priests and he "failed" to investigate his friend and close associate's charges of child sexual abuse.
Documents from old cases that were put in cold storage revealed Pope Benedict XV1 had not pursued cases involving religious figures from the Catholic organisation who had sexually abused children!
"The release of court documents involving a Roman Catholic organization is fueling speculation that Pope Benedict was forced to resigned."
Safe to say that all these men of the cloth, here or Catholic respectively are just sex-starved hypocrites.....Read more here..

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