Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Was being a suspected Nazi sympathiser a reason why Pope Benedict resign?

Was there more to Pope Benedict XV11, and his Nazi's affiliation that the world should know?
The last Pope to resign "voluntarily" while in office  was 600 years ago, the Catholic world now is  shaken by Pope Benedict XVI sudden resignation citing health reason.
We must remember his predecessor Pope John Paul 11, literally worked all his life as a Pope until his death of old age, and Pope Benedict left a cushy job citing health reason?
Perhaps there was more to it than meets the eye: Or may be the Israeli Mossad uncovered more evidence to implicate the head of one of the biggest religious denomination and Nazism?

While Ratzinger was not a Nazi in the past and Benedict XVI is not a Nazi now, there is more than enough reason to question his handling of his past. It appears that he hasn’t been honest with others — and probably not honest with himself — about what he did and what he could have done.
It’s simply not true that resistance was impossible at the time. Difficult, yes; dangerous, yes. But not impossible. John Paul II participated in anti-Nazi theater performances in Poland, yet there is no evidence of Joseph Ratzinger even doing this much. Read more here...

Hey Hollywood here is a good plot for a good movie, a Pope who hid his Nazi's past well until uncovered by the Israeli secret service!


Anonymous said...

May be Lim Kit Siang can come out clean over his involvement leading to May 13 we Malaysians want to know...did his action led to many death Malay, Chinese and Indians and others if he was involved? He claimed to be in Singhapore when the incident happened but many attested he was not!!

Ordinary Mat!

Anonymous said...

A known sodomite like anwar ibrahim should do the same resign with what ever dignity left in him!


Apocryphalist said...


College of Cardinals
Poppadom Conclave, St Martha’s House
Vatican City,
Rome 123-666

Dear Excellencies, Holinesses, Doctors of Divinities and mere Fathers,

It has been brought to our attention regarding the necessity to choose a new Pope amongst y’all after the sad announcement by Pope Benedict that he will be resigning as Pope due to Wealt—I mean, Health reasons. As the holiest amongst you guys are retreating in St Martha’s this weekend before announcing Habemus Papam to the entire world, we, the people of Malaysia, would like to pitch in an idea or two on who the suitable candidate should.

Well, naturally being Malaysians, of course we would like to promote a few Malaysian names for your considerations. The first name that came to our mind would be our own Tapah-born Reverend Archbishop Tan Sri Father Murphy Pakiam, DD. This holy reverend father has managed to bridge a 2000 year-old gap between the muslims and the christians (at least in this part of the region) by insisting that the name ALLAH should be put in the bible.

Reverend Pakiam has done something which no pope right from the time of Apostle Peter has done: namely recognising that the name of the God that the Christians have been worshipping throughout these 2000 years is, after all, ALLAH, the same God as the muslims. Even though the Old Testament mentioned a few names of this God like Yehovah, Elohim etc etc, and that the new Testament do not even have a name for this God, Father Pakiam’s insistence that the name should be there shows the degree of conviction he has regarding Allah, and how much Peace and Tranquility there could be if 2 of the world’s greatest religions could somehow pray to this God.

If Father Pakiam is not your cup of Tee, I mean Tea, then could I interest you with another Episcopal Pundit by the name of Reverend Ng Moon Hing, West Malaysia’s current Bishop. The good reverend has recently stirred some commotion here in Malaysia when he called for Christians “RISING UP” against the current ruling government in Malaysia, insisting that Jesus would give a perfect example for good governance. This of course would virtually extend the global dominance and the theological ambitions of Rome with their “Gold, Glory and God” adage, but I am sure these conflicts will not be violent. How could it be when sharing the same ALLAH would also mean to believe in what this ALLAH says about christianity in the Quran, namely:

“Those who say, "God is the Messiah, son of Mary," have defied God” – (al-Maidah 72-75)
“In blasphemy indeed are those that say that God is Christ the son of Mary” – (al-Maidah 17)

Apocryphalist said...


But perhaps no other local Malaysian reverend worthy to be a good contender to the papal crown would equal the charisma of “Father Kumar”. Going against the local government ruling of proselytizing the malays (ergo, the ruling of Jesus Christ too), this illustrious “Father” does so much effort in converting 100 malay muslims PER MONTH. Now whether true or not, or whether this big-fish numbers are given only to appease you guys up there in the College of Cardinals, the “Father’s” efforts surely merit some attention, at least to the Papal Committee, don’t you think? “Father Kumar’s” name is inverted commas because, as I have mentioned here , his existence is rather shady, or at least he shouldn’t exist in real life. Or so he would like us to believe. Perhaps Father Pakiam could shed some light on these mysterious but illustrious luminaries, no?

So there we have it. Should it be that through these appeals and recommendations our suggestions are accepted, and that we DO have a Malaysian-born pope, we would do our utmost best to gesture the support by providing one year’s free supply of Durians for his holiness and gang. I mean, like, after all---they are MALAYSIANS first, for Pete’s sake. And Malaysians can’t be without durians TOO long, if you get my meaning. And oh yes should any one of the three luminaries above is chosen and that the name of Allah could be enforced to be printed in EACH AND EVERY COPY of the bible in the world (instead of just the ones in malay), we would also make a pledge to replace all Gideons in hotels with these newly printed scriptures, with the name “Allah” in it. And that too, done at our OWN expenses.

And lastly, good luck on your search.

Thank You



Pasquale said...

Apocryphalist.....you are seriuosly funny enjoy reading you trite comments...keep them coming dude!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Apocryphalist.

Very good letter, you have here. Please cc it to Lim Guang Eng. Is he an evangelist Christian'?


Anonymous said...

In your search for the utmost divine pope, may i suggests that ye all must include his excellency, the most sought after, thoughts from the western world and the eastern world , may i present , Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, aka BABI. The liberal of thoughts, the mankind who makes peace with the israelites and the muslim world, the man who liberalises and propagates LGBT's to all parts of the world. Please include this brother of ours into your fraternity , and above all who strongly believes that Allah's name should be included in all the Bibles of the world, not only in Bahasa Malaysia but in Latin as well.We Malaysians would love to humbly propose brother anwar as our candidate during the elections process. For referrrences please ask uncle sam, They'll approve it no time, pronto.!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL...Apocryphalist - yes please do cc the letter to all Jerusubang ppl as well..esp Holy Mother Hanna Banana. She can become Mother superior attending to the new Pope

PAShit said...


you made my day Apocryphalist and anon 5.10pm.

imagine Bro Anwar as the next Pope! ROTL!


Anonymous said...


Apo's letter should be circulated all over Malaysia ...

Anonymous said...