Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Was being a suspected Nazi sympathiser a reason why Pope Benedict resign?

Was there more to Pope Benedict XV11, and his Nazi's affiliation that the world should know?
The last Pope to resign "voluntarily" while in office  was 600 years ago, the Catholic world now is  shaken by Pope Benedict XVI sudden resignation citing health reason.
We must remember his predecessor Pope John Paul 11, literally worked all his life as a Pope until his death of old age, and Pope Benedict left a cushy job citing health reason?
Perhaps there was more to it than meets the eye: Or may be the Israeli Mossad uncovered more evidence to implicate the head of one of the biggest religious denomination and Nazism?

While Ratzinger was not a Nazi in the past and Benedict XVI is not a Nazi now, there is more than enough reason to question his handling of his past. It appears that he hasn’t been honest with others — and probably not honest with himself — about what he did and what he could have done.
It’s simply not true that resistance was impossible at the time. Difficult, yes; dangerous, yes. But not impossible. John Paul II participated in anti-Nazi theater performances in Poland, yet there is no evidence of Joseph Ratzinger even doing this much. Read more here...

Hey Hollywood here is a good plot for a good movie, a Pope who hid his Nazi's past well until uncovered by the Israeli secret service!

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