Thursday, February 21, 2013

What if opposition had cheated during 2008 GE!

Najib signing integrity pledge of Transparency International!

It is possible that the opposition had in the past, in cahoot with people in charge of overseeing the general elections, stuffed ballot boxes throughout the country and won five states during the last general elections.
What if at that point in time the sentiment and lies propagated by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) was so strong even cows and water-buffaloes and monkeys also believe him?! 
On the government side there was no thought of the opposition going that far as to cheat with the help of the "insiders".
Looking at what the opposition is capable of doing now I am inclined to believe that the stuffing of ballot boxes by the opposition during the last general elections was possible.
Who would ever thought that the opposition resorting to such tactic? Nobody actually did until we thought of it carefully, and yes that it was possible.
So today, come the next elections we have to be very vigilant.
On the same note of honesty and integrity, our prime minister, sets the tone for clean elections as reported by the Star newspaper, Najib Razak has signed integrity pledge to be honest and corruption free in the upcoming polls.
Najib signed the Transparency International (TI) Election Integrity Pledge.  Witness by his deputy and other BN leaders, Najib made the public declaration to uphold integrity and reinforcing his commitment  to fight corruption in the upcoming polls.
Najib is one leader that has made many pledges of honesty. He also declared on the sanctity of the Holy Quran and in a mosque that he was not involved in many thing that he was accused of.
But I have yet to see certain opposition leader making the same pledge such as or for example to declare that he did not sodomise any young boys and that he has yet to complete his pilgrimage to Mecca, to which all of his life he never did.  Or swear at any mosque thatbhe is a saint!
To declare to the world that he is not a father to a little girl that he sired, with this married woman who is a wife of his best buddy!  I am bored I can go on and on!
Hey Malaysians you decide lah!

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