Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our children are colour blind!


Anonymous said...

Doctors like our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and all doctors are colour blind !

Anonymous said...

Where got mah. Of course lah nice-nice when filmed. The Apeks are thought since young and its in their culture only fair (they think lah but we all know its fugly jaundiced- yellow when u put next to a mat saleh) skinned people counts.

Anonymous said...

you wanna see a stinky cheebai declaring her *love+ admiration,is color-blind, wants to be a Melayu etc..bla..bla .. BIG BS * for a brown mamat Melayu -> only when she knows he has lots of $$$$$$$ to back up the ugliness. These brown ugly Motherfuckas, bcos of their low self-esteem,being brain-washed into believing that Chingkie=perfection just cant wait to make these their binis. Bini will bear him fugly kids( as usually is the case) and diam-diam take them to Church/Tokong later on. Ugly rich brown father will only discover when its too late- much later. HAHAHAAthe last joke will be on these dumbass Melayus. Filthy rich Apeks have lots of jokes about these mamats trust me.THey are the butts of their jokes everytime and these Mofos think they have made it...HAHAHAHAA. What an A-hole!!

Tanah Pesaka said...

Tun Dr Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty alias Mohamed is not color blind. he is Indian haha..

his economic adviser is Nor Yakob, the Tamil spekaing Indian, Ali Abul Hssan, Tamil speaker, his deputy AI has a Tamil speaking father. Syed Mokhtar Tamil speaking Indian father etc. Munir/kalimullah his spin doctors all Tamils.

The Malays thought UMNO was fighting for them, the only problem its riddle with Tamil fighting for their race.

Thus after 56 years of merdeka, the Chinese and Indians have amassed 400 billions of assets.

Anonymous said...

Tanah pesaka- another jeles APEK ah??

Anonymous said...

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