Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat will be trounced, BABI will lose his deposit...2013 will be a good year for the country!!

China chauvinis DAP, oge tuo tak pakai seluar dalam (confirmed by his close aide masa kencin ankat jubah je) dan sex pervert and battered woman.  They are just psychologically damaged and injured Hoi-Polloi....or a ridiculous Coalition of mentally battered riff-raff....not fit to rule anything...chaos if they rule the country!

 (I wrote this a while back and there is a need to reprint this again.  My prediction is as follow, and I stand by it)

Out of the 222 parliamentary seats BN will win more than a two-third majority of 148, possibly 178 (mark this number), and PR will win less than 44 seat, much less.
Penang will go back to the Gerakan-MCA control and back to BN fold, Kedah, Selangor and will be fully entrenched by BN rule led by UMNO.
Kelantan will be taken back by BN, and Nik Aziz will for the first time in his political life lose his seat, Kelantanese have now realised he is a charlatan an ustaz not even a full fledged qualified religious scholar.  Kelantanese also realised his wife have hold hundred of land titles owned by ordinary Kelantanese who use them as a collateral for borrowing money.  His wife is not as benign as she looks.
Hadi Awang is gone with the wind, he will lose simply because he has been branded as a charlatan and a fake, and relatives of those who died at Memali want more clarification on his edict for those who died as "martyrs".  One of the questions asked was were they properly buried according to the Muslim rites.
Yes, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) will also lose his deposit!  His daughter Nurul the same, so is Azmin Ali and many more PR so-called stalwarts.
Latest, finding has come to the conclusion majority Malays are beginning to realise DAP is only using PAS and Keadilan to win.  Over 89% interviewed in Permatang Pauh are convinced that was BABI in the sex video.  They, the 89% interviewed, said they will not be voting for him!
Also 90% of those interviewed in all of the opposition led states believes BABI has sold his soul to the DAP all in his pursuit, and with his evil obsession, to wrest power.  Perak will see a strong Umno  coming back to power more stronger.


Anonymous said...

Even non-Malays are turning away from PR. Let's be honest last time we were all very sick of the sleepy PM and his son-in-law. This time we will vote more rationally for peace and progress. This is why I feel that pro-UMNO bloggers (and even Helen Ang) should not antagonize the nons too much cos this sometimes causes people to react irrationally.

Anonymous said...

The Opposition Riff-Raff keep on saying that those above 40 years of age should die or be dead. They said it. Not me.

Jijan Mali.... said...

I will definitely vote BN this time around. In the last PRU12 I voted for PR hoping to see some changes. They are big time LOOSERS. Always blaming the other guys when things go wrong. Selangor with its never ending water problem and the straws that break the camel back is when the sorry excuse of the Selangor MB stated that manifestos are not promise. Say what?????….What a moron. I have learned my lesson well…..

Anonymous said...

Unite all Malaysians against this opportunistic DAP. A huge landslide victory awaits.

Grey Knight said...

hope ur right mr pasquale. hard to see it happening in Penang though.

1MillionCommunistinSingapore!! said...

Chinese and Indians should not vote in Tanah Melayu. They were brought by the British to work in tin mines and their rubber plantations.

Are Malays given citizenship in India? Are there malays by the millions given citizenship in China?

The Chinese govt in Singapore brought in more than 1 million Communist Chinese and give them Singaporean citizenships!

They also brought in 1 million Indians to destroy the Malay Muslim population in Singapore.

Singapore is part of Tanah Melayu. Why isn there a squeak from UMNO? From Pemuda UMNO?

Najib and the Supreme Council are so naive about world security, the mass movements of people in Israel and now in Singapore to neutralised malays muslim that they happily laugh.

They even have perkampungan dengan Kerajaan Cina Singapura yang diwakili oleh keling dan Cina baru-baru ini.

Ini semua Melayu bodoh dan tidak ada konsep kenegaraan. Melayu di Singapura sepatutnya diberi biasiswa. Dibantu untuk mengambil alik kerajaan Cina Singapura.

Bila LGE menang di Penang, LKY datang dan kemudian membawa 1 juta komunis Cina berkumpul di Singapura. Apakah implikasi keselamatan kepada Malaya dan Indonesia dengan jumlah komunis yang ramai di Singapura ini?

Melayu sepatutnya mengetatkan kawalan ke atas pulau Singapura supaya mereka tidak lepas lari masuk ke Johor sehingga mereka naik 30 dan 40 peratus.