Monday, March 18, 2013

PI Bala was used by BABI to death!

The late PI Bala was just another human victim of BABI's mad grandiose ambition!

Knowing PI Bala had heart problem the opposition still made use of this poor man until he succumbed to heart attack.
PI Bala was programmed to talk against the government day in and day out, 24/7, without considering his state of health. What a price to be paid for politics of mud slinging. 
Does BABI care about PI Bala's death? I think not for he (BABI) is so consumed by hatred for Umno that he will even employ the devil himself to do the dirty work for him.
The chauvinist DAP Chinese and Indians knowing what BABI is made out of, will still use him for their own goals to break the power of the indigenous Malays, and eventually take over the country.  Meanwhile, BABI thought he could use the chauvinist DAP Chinese and Indians for his own purpose, that is to be prime minister of Malaysia?!
The good news is that the Malay majority is fully aware of the shenanigans and knowing the fact that if the Chinese rule, like in Penang and S'pore, they will just be a mere statistic and a non-actor in their own country!
I know Malays in general will and have come to their senses, and come this general elections, they will once again be in control with the help of the BN component parties, of course!

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