Friday, March 22, 2013

Trickery...The Practice of Deception!

Sarawak Chief Minister's two estranged and disgruntled cousins...on the right Norlia Rahman is married to Sarawak Pakatan supremo Justine Jinggut, a good friend of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).

There is more to it than meets the eye.  Thus far this is what we found out!
The so-called secretly filmed "interview cum sting" when Chief Minister of Sarawak's cousins were secretly interviewed by an NGO which called itself the Global Witness bullshit!...Well it was just that -,a sham! A stupid make belief mission impossible attempt to convince the people!
The interviews were made to look authentic by placing the camera at a secret angle, if it was a real interview of one to one, no ones would listen to two of Datuk Patinggi Taib Mahmud's notorious cousins.  Read here for more..and here.
The fat one is a plunderer of the worse kind using his father's name,former chief minister and governor of Sarawak Rahman Yaakob, to gain land and timber concessions which at many occasions were stopped by her cousin, the present chief minister.
The other one of the two cousins is currently married to Justine Jinggut, a member of SNAP then jumped to another party and then finally a member of Pakatan.
This is pretty much the story.  Of  course no one cares about the UK-Global Witness which is funded by George Soros, the same way as he funded Suaram and Malaysiakini.
No one wants to know that Taib Mahmud does not really care about his two conniving cousins.
As we all very well know, Taib Mahmud and her cousins father, Rahman Yaakob do not get along well, politically and personally.
As we are also very much aware of the attacks on Sabah and Sarawak were indeed politically motivated, knowing these two states will and can deliver BN majority votes come this coming general elections.
One just could not help wondering whether Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) had anything to do with the so-to-make-it-appears like a secretly acquired interviewed to engineer the  downfall of Taib Mahmud?! I am not the least surprise if he does!
Or more so a question that needs to be asked: "How much are the two women being paid to star in the make-believed short porn video clip!?"

P.S. BTW..The so-called interviews were all made in KL. 

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