Monday, April 08, 2013

Beware! The Chinese Bintang Tiga is making its final putsch!

Chin Kit Siang!

Lim Kit Siang!

Chin Kit Siang or Lim Kit Siang, or whatever, they personify Chinese chauvinism!


As we all now slowly learning about the most racist, murderous and chauvinist Chinese group Bintang Tiga, it has now evolved into a different being and name!
The Bintang Tiga is now under a guise of what today is called the "Democratic Action Party", or DAP!
It is being led by another very chauvinistic Chinese leader by the named of Lim Kit Siang, like the Bintang Tiga of yore,  he will use stupid Malays as his tools in perpetrating a last attempt of a bloody putsch on this happy, well-balanced and multi racial country called Malaysia!
Of course we, the Malays especially, are not easily fooled.  The Malays are now beginning to understand the true meaning of the word Realpolitik of the DAP: It's aim is to seize power, and to overthrow the government of the majority by force, a bloody force if necessary!!
In the early 40's the remnant s of the Bintang Tiga may appear to have been "decimated", but little did we realise that they have quietly festered and have mutated and for example have succeeded in  taking over Singapore, and now Penang and soon the whole of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, if we are not united and not careful.
So, for law abiding Malaysians, Malays especially, please vote for economic stability,  and please reject racial and religious chauvinism and let us bring this country to a greater economic, social and political heights. I know we all can do it!

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