Monday, April 22, 2013

Funny that LKS, a chauvinist anti-Malaysian unity guy, was praising Ghani Othman!

Tan Sri Dr Lee Boon Chim..a great Malaysian!

My father once said never tempt oneself to a conversation with the Devil (Syaitan).
"For the Devil will tell you all that you want to hear and that you will live forever and prosper and you will believe him and then you start to be arrogant," he said. There is a moral to this old story somewhere.
Of course Ghani Osman brought prosperity to Johore and the people are happy when he was the CEO of Johore!  LKS never have to state the obvious, and if he admits Johore is prospering under a tested and experience government why must he muck up things by contesting in what he perceived as a "Chinese Areas"!?
His chauvinism knows no bound, he is hoping the Malaysian-Chinese of Gelang Patah or Malaysian-Chinese is stupid enough to vote for chaos, if Chauvinist Chinese from the DAP rules?
LKS can never be a magnanimous person, I am not even sure if he is indeed a Malaysian in the true sense of the word.  No Malays of Malaysians in their right minds can ever bond with LKS, he is to chauvinist Chinese in his outlook and never Malaysian!
When my father's good friend the late Senator Lim Boon Chim helped me with some financial support my university education in Canada, upon graduating I went to see him in his office and introduced my self.
He stood up from his desk and went to me and put his arm on my shoulder and said: "No I you do not owe me anything but you owe our country something, please help Malaysia to be a great!" he said.
I had promised every single cent that he gave me  and he said no and I was touched and shed real tears, unlike some cheap politician.
To me Senator Lim Boon Chim was a true Malaysian of Chinese descent, and there are many more like him around and unfortunately LKS and his son LGE and the entire family are just a bunch of chauvinist sad people with a difficult and unhappy childhood!

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